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What You May Not Know About Pre-marital—— In Conversation With Dr. Joy Osazuwa


Dr. Joy Osazuwa is a Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Alternative Medical Practitioner.

She is the founder and CEO of Global Naturopathic Center—a Health Consultancy company registered in Ghana.

She is also a fertility Consultant and a Certified Relationship Coach and Facilitator.

Dr. Joy is a Minister of the Gospel with a passion for youths and Women.

She is the Founder of Joy Osazuwa Love Foundation, an NGO that provides help and support for young ladies and widows.

She is the African Regional Representative of Global Impact For Africa— an organization that trains Christian business owners and church leaders.

Dr. Joy is married to Pastor Victor Osazuwa, and they blessed with Four Lovely Children.


Chibuzor: Thank you, Dr. Osazuwa for obliging to this interview which I hope will benefit a lot of our young readers. 

I have a number of questions to ask you. I’ll start with my first question. Many people believe that abstinence from pre-marital sex is so overrated by Christians. They are of the opinion that sex between two consenting adults does not hurt anyone. Teenagers are beginning to adopt that idea that they are at liberty to explore their sexuality since it doesn’t hurt anyone. Doctor, I want to ask, does pre-marital sex have the potential to hurt anyone?


Dr. Osazuwa:  Premarital sex doesn't only hurt the destinies of the two people indulging in it, but it also hurts generations unborn.

When you look at the Bible, you will discover that sexual immorality is beyond two people.

When people engage in sexual immorality, they are joining themselves to all the ancestral curses and covenants following the sexual partners, and also establishing a covenant with all the people that their partners have been with before.

It's such a deep spiritual bondage.

That is how people pick up demonic characters.

And they establish a pattern in the family line that generations unborn will have to battle with.

So premarital sex does hurt other people.


Chibuzor: What do you have to say about two individuals co-habiting, unmarried and having sex with each other. They say that as long as they are faithful to each other nothing is wrong. Does that bear resemblance to the actual truth of their actions?


Dr. Osazuwa:  Engagement or declaration of marital intentions is not marriage.

The Bible says that marriage is honourable by GOD and the bed undefiled. 

Cohabitation and premarital sex brings dishonour to a marriage even before it is started.

You want to be able to go to God in times of difficulties and lift up holy hands before Him and ask for His help, if you had committed sexual immorality before marriage, the devil will use it against you.

There will also be trust issues in the marriage.

One partner will be saying, "if you could do it with me before marriage, you can do it with any other people".

Most of the red flags in individuals are easily missed the moment the relationship becomes sexual.

So you discover after marriage that your spouse is unfaithful, is a cheat, is given to all manner of ills, but by then, it's too late.

Courtship is a period to talk, pray and prepare, not to explore each other's bodies.

So if you're a Christian, you should honour God with your relationship by keeping it pure.


Chibuzor:  As a Doctor you have successfully provided health support to a wide range of individuals needing help with Cancer, Prostatitis, Diabetes, etc. With the insight you have into Sexually Transmitted Infections, kindly share with us why pre-marital sex might be a dangerous hobby to adopt.


Dr. Osazuwa: Careless sexual relationships can destroy your life before it starts.

I have counselled couples who are HIV positive very early in their marriages. 

I have seen cases of infertility caused by sexually transmitted infections.

Sometimes it's staphylococcus, low sperm count, fallopian tubes occlusion etc.

All these are caused by poorly treated infections. 

A lot of couples can no longer have a child due to some sexual mistakes they made when they were younger.

So I advice every young people to maintain a high level of sexual purity in their relationships.

Some things are better avoided.


Chibuzor: Some persons reading this would say to themselves that they always have their condoms with them so nothing can ruin ‘the party’. Are condoms as dependable as some would think?


Dr. Osazuwa: Condoms are not a complete protection.

Many women have become pregnant even with condoms. 

And apart from pregnancy, viruses are 100 times smaller than the tiny pores on condoms.

So there are some viruses that can pass through condoms freely.

And understand that condoms don't protect against heart break, shame and demonic oppression.


Chibuzor: Why is it damaging for a Christian Leader to be involved in unrepentant sexual sin?


Dr. Osazuwa: The easiest way the devil destroys great men and women is through sexual immorality.

It takes away your story, 

It kills your message,

It destroys your confidence in the Truth.

And understand that as a Christian leader, we cast spirits upon people when we minister to them.

So if a Christian leader is living in sexual immorality, the congregation will be influenced by that spirit.

The Bible admonishes us to flee sexual immorality.

Every other thing can be rebuked, but when it comes to sexual immorality, we are told to flee.


Chibuzor: What would you say to a young person who is sexually active with a partner and is repenting of such actions, but does not know how to end such illicit relationship?


Dr. Osazuwa: I believe that it all begins with a Will.

If you want to stop sexual sin, it's very simple.

Get away from the environment.

Keep a good distance from the person or persons. 

Get a mentor. Be open to your mentor and be accountable.

Stop creating tempting environments.

Avoid meeting inside rooms.

Keep your hands off and your clothes on.

Surround yourself with like minded believers.

Fast and pray to destroy the yoke over your soul as well as soul ties.

Replace alone times with creative activities and studies.

With a little effort, sexual sin can be overcome.


Chibuzor: It’s been an interesting conversation. Thank you Dr. Joy Osazuwa.


For regular updates for Dr. Osazuwa, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram 

Thank you for reading.



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