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Radical Devotion to Jesus Christ (Part 1) - September 9, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

Patrick: Alright, good morning listeners,  welcome to another wonderful saturday morning. Its the SunRise Convo with Chibuzor. My name is Patrick Ndifon and I'll be your host this morning.

Now remember this show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organization which is a faith based organization doing an amazing work in the area of youth intervention and youth development.

Now currently one of our projects, The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders is ongoing right now, those of you who have registered, your class starts now, be there on time please. An also, registration for the October/November session is open, text in your name, your career ambition, and your age to 08139691344. I'll take it again 08139691344 and we'll get back to you.

Right here with me in the studio is Cheerful Light, the Asst. Director of The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders. Cheerful say hello.


Cheerful: Good morning listeners, so good to be here.

Patrick: I also have Evangelist Solomon of The Royal Army Mission Church. Say hello sir.

Evangelist Solomon: Hello, good morning everyone.

Patrick: And last but not least, Pastor Joseph Blessed of Insight Bible Church.

Pastor Joseph: Good monring Cross River.

Patrick: Now i'm sure all of you are wondering where Chibuzor is. Well, he's currently out of town; he's undergoing an advanced training in an advanced course in leadership, but he'll be back to round up the remaining two (2) parts of the show.

Alright, last week was awesome, we had Barrister Chuks Alilonu, who spoke on the topic 'Leveraging the law to fight back victimization', and we also had three(3) lovely ladies on the show from the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) to talk to us on sugar craft. Alright, That was awesome!

Today we're gonna be delving in to a very, very important topic. A topic that is very dear to the heart of our organisation, and that topic is title 'Radical Devotion to Jesus Christ'. It's really important, so i'd like you to join in the conversation. The number to text in to is 0813-969-1344. I'll take it again 

But right now we're gonna go on a short musical break, enjoy this song by Israel Houghton - Jesus At The Center, we'll be right back, thank you.




Patrick: Alright! Welcome back! welcome back! Today, like I said earlier, we're gonna be discussing 'Radical Devotion to Jesus Christ'. To join the conversation, text in to this number 0813-969-1344.

Alright, so let's get into the discussion. These days, when you ask people: 'Are you born-again?' Most of them say 'Yes, yes', everyone's a born-again Christian, everyone's a believer', but what does it mean to be radically devoted to Jesus Christ, especially in today's world where there's a lot of distractions. People are no longer God-minded, they are now more about themselves; they are now self-centered, self-focused. What does it mean to be radically devoted to Jesus in today's world, Pastor Blessed please.

Pastor Joseph: Okay, let me read from the book of 1 John 5:19 -21. It says that "We know that we are children of God and that the whole world is  under the control of the evil one. We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true, and we are in Him who is true, even His Son Jesus Christ. He is a true God and eternal life. He says 'Dear children, keep yourselves from idol.'".

 This is the NIV version of 1 John 5:19-21. Why I read this portion of scripture is because, when people become self-minded, they lose focus of being God-minded, now they've started serving idols. Idols doesn't really mean you have a wood or something in your house that you are worshiping. Once you lose your focus from God and become self-centered, you've started serving idols.

To understand what it means to be radically devoted to Jesus, you don't need to have a t-shirt on yourself that has 'Radical for Jesus' before you say you are radical for Jesus, or you have on your car a sticker that says 'Radical for Jesus' , that does not mean you're radical for Jesus.

They are three (3) definitions to the word 'Radical', but I'll just pick one. It says 'Arising from, or going to a root or source or relating to the origin.'. In total what that setence means is: you go back to basics; you go back to the fundamentals. And, if you look at that definition properly, you'll understand that Jesus in His time was a radical person. He was representing the Father here on Earth, He's the original, and He came to show the people the original person; original God who He was.

And, if you look at our world today, or around our African culture precisely, you get to see that people do things in a way they think that it's Christian, it's not Christian, its more American culture that they are transporting to Nigerian - that they are radicals. When you see all manner of dressing, you are not radical for Jesus, you are bringing American culture into our culture.

But this is what it means. We need to read and study and learn our bibles again, and not depend on what we see people do on television. But the basis of this is this, that we are God-conscious; you go back to the basics, understanding that you read your scriptures, understand what it says and you live what the scripture says, you become radical for Jesus.

It's not your t-shirt, it's not your t-shirt. When you read your bible, you know what the bible says, and you live out the life of Christ, you are radical for Jesus.



Patrick: So, it's not about the t-shirt, its about the God-conciousness, being God-minded. Alright, Evangelist, please tell us why is it important today that we as believers need to be radical in our work with Christ. How is it relevant today?

Evengelist Solomon: Looking at what you have just said. The importance of being radical for Jesus. We are talking about Jesus here, and what we are referring to now has to do with actually exhibiting the life of Christ. You take a look at the way people are living life today, you can easily tell who they are, but if you are a radical type like Jesus, they are some characteristic or some lifestyle that will be seen in you which will actually tell the type of person you are and by that you will be able to actually touch your world; touch the life of people.

If you look at the life of the apostles, if you look at their character. They were actually, as a result of their life, called Christians when they were in Antioch.  Christians meaning 'Christ-like', that is to say, when you live the life of Christ, the fruit will be surely seen in you.

Patrick: That's powerful! And there's one awesome thing about Jesus,wherever He went, He always did good.

Pastor Joseph: Always!

Patrick: Because of the way He was because of His life, He could make an impact, just like you said. He made an impact in His world, and the same way the disciples did, they were God-conscious, and they were able to also make an impact in their world as well. I believe that's why its relevant today.

Cheerful Light, alright, now I'm sure they're a lot of young persons out there, young believers, who are going through one peer pressure or the other, especially because of their faith. You know your friends are having sex, doing drugs and all kinds of stuff, and then you're like, 'no!', you're keeping yourself for God and they're like 'huh, look at you', they are mocking you. Or, you're an employee in an office and your colleagues are doing something on the side, they are doing some shady business on the side, I mean, what would you advice those kind of people? What would you tell them? How would you encourage them?

Cheerful: Well I've been there.

[Everybody laughs]

Cheerful: My advice is very simple: BE THE PEER PRESSURE!

[Everybody laughs]

Patrick: Turn it back on them.

Cheerful: There's how you can develop yourself spiritually untill you become and influence, you understand. Be the one mounting the pressure. How? By the way you live. Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you won't face tough times, you'll find yourself in situations where you feel like compromising, okay, people may not like you; you get into trouble, but, it's part of the package, alright. Your gonna resist it, fight for your salvation with everything you've got. Fight for your relationship with Jesus. After all is said and done, I'm performing for an audience of one, which is Jesus.

Okay, so it's not gonna be sweet, they'll be times when you have opposition. Resist it with everything you've got, alright, it is your responsibility to keep what you have. And then, you know the bible tells us 'My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.'.


Patrick: Absolutely. This reminds me of the story of Shedrach, Meschach and Abegnego, who, despite the threats, despite everything the king had said, they said 'No! Throw us into the fire.'. [Laughs]

Cheerful: This might cost you some relationships, it might cost you something like a job. Ok, but anything just to hold on to what i've got.

Patrick: Yea, absolutely, that's incredible. We're gonna take a short musical break, here's a siong my Johnathan McReynolds - Christ Representers.




Patrick: Alright that was Johnathan Reynolds - Christ Represented. Welcome back,  the conversation is still radical devotion to Jesus Christ, the number to text in to is 0813-969-1344.

Alright, so Pastor Blessed now, let's get into this deeper. They are people who, they say they are Christians, they are believers right, but they are very judgemental, they have a pious appearance; a pious look, you know the bible calls it the form of godliness but they deny the power thereof, like Jesus said. 

They are quick to judge, they are quick to criticize, they are quick to put people down, if you make a mistake, if you fall, they don't waste time, they tell you you're wrong, they're law preachers, i'll call them that. I don't believe that's how a Christian life should be or anyone who is radically devoted to Jesus should be. What are the evidences? What are the attributes of a life that is radically devoted to Jesus?

Pastor Blessed: Ok, quickly, let me first of all address that part of being judgemental. As believers, we have a responisbility to other believers and even sinners. I heard of a quote that says "a saint has a past, and a sinner has a future.", so when you begin to judge people, tomorrow, this person might be the one that would even help your faith, that you don't know.

But, the bottom line of it is this. To be able to know, have an evidence of who this person is as a radical Christian, Jesus says in John 14:24 - "If you love me, you will keep my commandment". The moment you keep the comandment of God, it's a clear fact that you are a radical for Christ.

When you say love, it's not when you go to church, and when they start singing praise and worship, you lift up your hands, you start crying, That is not love. [Everyone Laughs]. You can be singing the subject of 'I love you! i love you!', but when the rubber hits the road, the best way we know that you love Christ is when you keep His commandments.

And finally, we express our radical devotion to Jesus Christ, through - i tagged it - radical actions. Quickly, maybe, i'll just take two of those, three of those actions.

The first one says: a real radical for Jesus is a kid who honors and obeys his or her parents and doesn't drive them to an early grave with a life time of grief and disobedience.

[Everyone laughs]

Cheerful: Yeaaa.

Patrick: That's true.

Pastor Blessed: A radical for Jesus is a couple that abstains from sex until they get...

Everyone: ... married. 

Pastor Blessed: A radical for Jesus is the politician that will ensure commonwealth doesn't become personal wealth.

Cheerful: Wow!

Patrick: Yea!

Pastor Blessed:  A radical for Jesus is a student that refuses to cheat or sort that exams. A radical for Jesus is a law enforcement officer that doesn't demand a bribe. A radical for Jesus is the one who tries to avoid even the smallest of lies. A radical for Jesus is the one who would rather go to a Friday night bible study rather than the latest Friday night release at the movie theatre or the club. 

A radical for Jesus isn't ashamed to say no to ungodly things of this world when everybody else is saying yes. A radical for Jesus is the one who chooses a life in the reality of the bible and not by what is seen on reality tv. This is what I call radical.

Cheerful: Wow!

Patrick: Wow!

Patrick: What I get from there is basically just being different from the rest of everybody else.

Pastor Blessed:  ...and Jesus is the standard for your difference.

Patrick: Exactly. I'd like to add one more thing though. In respect to the judgemental and critical nature of people at times. The thing is, Christ showed love, He expressed love, even when people made mistakes, He didn't condemn. The woman caught in adultery, who was about to be stoned, He forgave her. Those are the attributes that we as believers should express.

I think, I believe actually, it's a fact, the bibls says that 'the greatest of all these is love', and the commandment that God asked us to obey is love. Love!

Cheerful: Yea, and sometimes that may just be a reflection of your own insecurities.

Patrick: Alright, Evangelist, being radically devoted doesn't happen overnight. How does one get there? What does it take to get to that point of radical deveotion to Jesus Christ?

Evangelist Solomon: Just like you said, being radical is not actually something that happens over night. For instance, if you take a look at when a child is being born, you realise that the life of that child is progressive, take a look and see that the later life of the child will not actually be the same as when the child was put to birth.

You realise that there is this process that will go on in the life of the child, and there are a lot of things that the child will actually need to go through. You can see that it is a process of life, it's just not overnight. Which is to say that, they are key points that will actually help one to grow in that direction. 

Talking about the Word of God, the Word of God is what will actually help you to grow. You realise that, it's not just actually reading the Word of God, it's not reading the Bible, it's to study it, because when you study and meditate on it, it becomes part of you and then you'll actually see the outcome. 

You realise that it will actually bring you up to maturity - state of maturity. You look at Apostle Paul who said that when he was a child, he did things like a child, he talked like a child and so, and then he talked about becoming a man, that is to say a state of maturity, and what helped him was his walk with God, his walk with Christ that helps him to actually grow to that point.

So, the Word of God is the key, and also a prayerful life which will actually affect or actually have something to do  with your mind. Because when your mind is actually built up by the Word of God, you'll be abe to live that life.

Patrick: Thank you very much. We have a text message here, somebody says 'To be radical for Jesus is to stand all out against sin in all it's ramifications.' 

That's absolutely true, absolutely true. You know, Joshua 1:8, meditation gives you the capacity to do, when you meditate on the Word of God, it allows you to be able to live out and manifest God's life.

Cheerful Light. Being a lukewarm Christian is bad, we all know that. Jesus says He will spit you out himself.

[Everyone Laughs]

I like the examples Pastor Blessed gave in terms of the attributes, so lets's get some pragmactic about why we should not remain, or why it is dangerous for us to remain as lukewarm believers.


Cheerful: Well, you said it first, you'll be spewed out by Jesus. You don't want that to happen to you. And then in John 15, he talked about the branch that does not produce result or bear fruit. He said you'd be cut off by the vinedresser which is God. You don't want to be cut off by God.

And then, there's nothing like stagnation really. People talk about stagnation, it's either you're making progress or you're retrogressing. Do you understand?

And then, I watched a movie -  War Room, I don't know if you've seen that?

Patrick: Yea, I've seen that

Pastor Blessed: I've seen it.

Cheerful: Beautiful. I don't her name right now, but the lead, the old woman in the movie, she gave a beautiful analogy of lukewarmness. She had a realtor come in to her house, and she asked her 'How is your prayer life?' And the realtor was like 'I'm just there, not so hot, not so cold.'. So she gave her coffee, the realtor asked for coffee, so the old lady gave her...

Patrick and Cheerful: ...lukewarm coffee!

Cheerful: It wasn't cold, it wasn't hot. And she was like 'Do you take your coffee in room temperature?'. And she was like 'No, I take mine hot!'. And then she got the message. She said that God loves us hot or cold, He doesn't like us lukewarm. It's the same thing. It's either you're cold and God is walking on you to become hot, or you're hot walking alongsing with God to turn cold people to become hot. You understand?

So it's a dangerous place to be. You can easily loose your Christianity at that position. But let me say this, it is your responsibility, the onus is on you to be ablaze. Romans 12:11 says that 'We should not be slothful in business, bur fervent in spirit serving the Lord.'.

Lastly I'd like to tell you what happend in the old testament. The Priest was the one to put the fire in the temple, in the tabernacle. You are the Priest of your life. Through meditation, through studying, through prayer, fellowship. These are the ways that you can keep that fire burning, and its so important that your fire is burning.

Patrick: Wow! That's incredible! That's incredible! Alright, so we've come to end of the segment. We're gonna take some announcements right now.




1. The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation in collaboration with HardCodedNig is organising a Web Development Training for those who are interested in learning how to build websites. The number to call is 0813-969-1344.

2. We have Sunday Service at The Royal Army Mission, it's gonna be a power packed service at 8:30am at No.3 Saint Mary Street off Ekpo Abasi, off Howell. The number to call is 0806-077-1460.

3. Those of you who are interested in using a bulk sms service, solidrocksms.com is offering interested person bulk sms at a very favorable rate. You can call 0818-867-6099

I'll also like to announce that the website is back up: www.sunrisegospelzone.com. Be sure to visit it. The transcript of this show will be up on the website this Wednesday. You will find other transcripts of previous episodes of the show. Alright!

I would like evangelist to please say us a short prayer for our listeners.


[Evangelist Solomon prays]


Patrick: Alright. Just  a quick reminder. Chibuzor is out of town for a training. So he will be back to complete the two remainder episodes of the show.

I'd like to also remind us again that the registration for The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders October/November session is up, so the number to text in to is 0813-969-1344.

Please visit the website www.sunrisegospelzone.com for the transcript of todays shows and other shows.

My name is Patrick Ndifon, and it's been a wonderful time with you. 

I love you for listening and do have a wonderful day.

Thank you.




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