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Handling Rejection (Part 2): Making the Most of Rejection

In the first part of this series, we saw that rejection can be good or bad. We settled that rejection is good when it is God's will for us and bad when it is thrown at us by the devil, but that whether good or bad, God turns all things for our Good, as His Children.

Rejection, whether good or bad, still hurts. It is painful to be denied the things we desire, even if it is bad for us. Just as it is painful for the one we love to leave and choose another over us. So, when friends walk away and take their love with them, when the jamb score is low, when promotion picks everyone in the office but us, what do we do? How do we thrive in such painful experiences and not just survive it?


People often say that “time heals…”, but time on its own has no healing power. I have seen a bitter adult who stayed bitter from what was done to him at childhood. Time passed but the pain stayed the same. Healing, wholeness and thriving amidst a rejection experience is a conscious effort.


First, you must decide that you will survive. Then back that decision by choosing to believe words that empower you. When rejection screams "you're not good enough" don't just keep quiet and accept the thought. Remind yourself that you are created by the master, which makes you a master piece. You might be flawed physically, but then who else isn't? Keep an environment of friends, movies, songs, anything that communicates to you in a way that is empowering.


While the pain lasts don't let it blur the truth. Remember that you are what you think, so, see positivity ahead, see yourself desired and loved. While it still storms and the world of your life looks messy and broken, keep an imagination of a perfect world (of your life I mean). See yourself successful where you failed and desired where others rejected you. See the people who looked down on you apologize when they realize their blindness. See it all turning for your good.


Use you experience of rejection to learn. If you look closely, you'd see what you could have done better, choices you shouldn't have made, and ways to handle things better. Rejection can also strengthen us and make us BETTER equipped to handle life or it can weaken us and make us BITTER. Choose to be equipped! Choose to stay positive! This didn't happen to you because you're a bad person, or less than others.


The greatest people in the world today have faced rejection at one point or the other. What made them stand out is that they never stopped believing in a better future. The key to winning is never allowing any single incidence discolor your view of yourself.


Pray. I mention it last, but it's the anchor. The peace that God gives cannot be gotten in any self-help or motivational book. He gives strength to us as we lean on him.




2 SAMUEL 22:29-30

“You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.

With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.”

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