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God Is A Tyrant

The very first time I heard the word 'tyrant' was in the late 1990s. my parents were discussing with a visitor about the late General Sani Abacha, - the Head of State of Nigeria, 1993. They spoke of the atrocities he committed directly and the ones he allowed to be committed in his regime. I remember seeing a news bulletin filled with pictures of dead bodies whose genitals had been cut off, and without asking, I could deduce what the word "tyrant" meant.

I've heard it said over and over again, especially by Christians, that everything that happens on earth is allowed by God, that nothing happens if He does not permit it. So, God has the ability to stop the rape that kills a 3-months old baby, the accident that cripples a hardworking father of two, leading to loss of work and poverty. This belief puts God in a position like Sani Abacha, Nigeria's Tyrant Head of state who allowed the killings that took place in his regime.

Let me ask you a question; if you were in a room overseeing two toddlers playing, and watched quietly as one picked up a knife and stabbed the other, wouldn't you be as guilty as that toddler? So, if God permits the evil that happens, then He must be as guilty as the cultist that tears open the womb of a pregnant woman and leaves her for dead.

But No! God is not "in charge" of the earth and all that happens in this world the way we understand the phrase "in charge". No, not all of God's will come to pass. Yes, in scriptures, we are made to understand that it is not God's will that any should perish, but daily, sinners die and go to hell, people who refuse to accept Christ die and perish forever.

See, neither God nor the devil can do anything on earth independent of man. God is a Spirit and spirits need humans to work with. Without God, we can't do His will, but without us, He won't.

That is why He calls us to pray and assigns us responsibilities. In prayer, our words spoken with God's authority changes things and defeats the devil, enforcing God's Will.

With the understanding that we have a part to play in seeing God's will come to pass, The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation is organizing a Special Day of Prayer - a time to pray over Cross River State and Nigeria at large.

We seek youths that have a passion for the state and the Nation. We believe with our voices raised in one accord, we'll see God's Will manifest - businesses and industries booming and positive change in the lifestyle of young people and a free flow of the Gospel.


To be a part of this prayer meeting holding on the 22nd of April 2018, kindly fill the registration form by clicking this link:…/1FAIpQLSfNWxKJjzgsKljbJO…/viewform

Remember, seating is limited to 45 persons.

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