About Us

Who We Are

The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation is a volunteer-driven social development organisation operating in Calabar, Nigeria.

With emphasis on young people, the organisation is working to curb youth violence, youth delinquency and drug addiction through specially tailored counselling programmes geared towards youth intervention and youth development. The organisation has been working significantly in that direction since 2011.

Some of our signaures include:

  • The SunRise School Tour

    Which has covered over 35 Schools in Cross River State has directly impacted well over 30,000 young persons and thousands of educational materials have been given as gifts to students. The program was designed to provide young persons with quality information to make proper lifestyle choices for productive living.

  • The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders

    Having graduated over 300 young persons, this project was designed to equip young persons between ages of 13 and 25 years old with leadership and interpersonal skills. With these, they can live as positive change agents in their respective communities.

  • The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor

    This radio talk show on Hit 95.9FM is designed to provide young persons with quality and practical information on personal, business, career and spiritual development through interesting and exciting conversations.

  • The SunRise Skills Acquisition Programme

    This was designed to equip young persons with vocational skills for self sufficiency and sustainable living.

  • The SunRise Prisons Outreach

    In partnership with the International Bible Society, this program was designed to provide relief materials and counselling to prison inmates in The Calabar Prison.

  • The SunRise Sessions

    This is a youth-centric web series tailored to provide educational and inspirational content for productive living. Our videos are on the Facebook page - SunRise Transformational TV.

  • Hand Of Compassion

    This is a special project designed to encourage and support individuals who would love to organize a charity event to benefit disadvantaged individuals, but do not have the opportunity to do so as a result of their busy schedule. The organisation helps these individuals organise projects on their birthdays, or any other special day.