• Radical Devotion to Jesus Christ (Part 1)

    Radical Devotion to Jesus Christ (Part 1)

    Patrick: Alright, good morning listeners, welcome to another wonderful saturday morning. Its the SunRise Convo with Chibuzor. My name is Patrick Ndifon and I'll be your host this morning. Now remember this show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organization which is a faith based organization doing an...

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  • Maximizing Your Talent (Part 1) - August 12, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

    Maximizing Your Talent (Part 1) - August 12, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

    Chibuzor: Welcome to the show!My name is Chibuzor Agomuoh and this is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

    Today we are talking on the topic 'Maximizing Your Talent'. We all know that a talent is a natural ability to do with ease what others consider as difficult or very hard. I believe that every single one of us have talent. We are talented to do one thing or the other.

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  • 5 Hindrances to Success (Transcript)

    5 Hindrances to Success (Transcript)

    Chibuzor: Wherever you are in Calabar, Uyo, Ikom, Umuahia, Abakiliki, at a filling station, at a restaurant, at home, welcome to 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

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  • The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor

    The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor

    Tune in to The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor every Saturday at 10 am on Hit 95.9 FM Calabar. We will be giving out practical information on career, business, personal and spiritual development.

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September 2019

Paul on Instagram: My Trip To Damascus (Episode 1)

Follow me on Instagram @KingSaul_thePersecutor.

Stephen died at the hands of a mob — men who were “enraged”.

He was no friend of mine. I took care to unfollow every one of those derelict followers of the way and I persecuted them every chance i got.

I am not a docile minion, blindly carrying out orders issued by higher authorities. I am the most active agent of persecution, moving it forward and prosecuting the matter myself.

Click the link for more...

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SunRise on Social Media - HitFM

Harnessing The Power of Social Media

Transcript of the SunRise Convo with Chibuzor, June 24, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

Chibuzor:...So today we are looking at: Harnessing Social Media For Your Optimal Benefit.

Social Media has come to stay. You know, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the rest. It has now become a part of our lives.

To me the positive benefits outweighs the negative. Yeah...there are some crazy things that have happened and people are saying how bad Social Media has become, but to me when I look at the positive impact and how it has grown businesses and organisations, I don't know what they are talking about.

Cheerful I would like you to say something in that regard.

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Overcoming Rejection

Overcoming Rejection (Part 2)

Transcript of the SunRise Convo with Chibuzor, June 6, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

Chibuzor: Welcome back, that was 'Give Me Faith' by Elevation Worship. This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' and it's brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

The topic we'll be discussing today is 'Overcoming Rejection.' This is the conclusion of the two-part series which started last Saturday. We had lots of reactions like I earlier said. We had lots of text messages.

To join the conversation, if you still have questions you want us to handle, send your text messages to the number: 08139691344.

The topic once again is: Overcoming Rejection. We have some questions here which we didn't treat last week.

Please, our listeners, text don't call. This one says: Here is a text message from someone who responded to last week's conversation:
"Frustration is a disease, I am being frustrated in my academics just because I know no one. I don't have connections. It's better I die than to be alive and be withdrawn from school."
So this is a case of frustration out of..... I don't know what I'll call it!

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Pastor Benny Hinn To Serve As a Vital Advisor

Pastor Benny Hinn To Serve As a Vital Advisor For The Newly Launched LoveworldUSA Channel of Christ Embassy
Exciting plans for LoveWorldUSA - a new evangelical Christian television channel has just been unveiled by world-renowned television evangelists Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn. Telecasts begin across the United States this summer (2017) on the Charter/Spectrum cable In over 10,000,000 households in the US. As more and more Christian media networks and programs in the United States target a more millennial-responsive, positive-lifestyle audience, LoveWorldUSA is being launched with a decidedly different emphasis. LoveWorldUSA will focus on the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural demonstrations of God’s miracle-working power and its application to its viewers.
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