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You Will - A Poem by Mfonio Urua

‚ÄčIf you will, you will

If you believe you will

If you see it you will

If you pray it, you will

If you reach for it you will

If you stretch you will

You can scale new heights

If you will

Mountains become small if you will

Chains break if you will

If you will the ocean will smile apart

and you will walk on dry ground

Even the sun and moon will stand still

If you will

New frontiers will open up

If you realize here is not enough

Darkness will flee for light

If you will light the candle

For if the heart wills

Then a highway will open up

The dust of depression will be blown away,

If you will embrace the arms of joy

If you hand the olive branch,

We can take hold of the sweetness of peace

If you will you can be more than this

For where there is a will

There is indeed a way

Mfoniso Urua

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