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Wendy Williams’ Life Experience Should Teach Us All A Vital Lesson

American TV Show host, Wendy Williams, is known to be a successful daytime TV host with her show- “The Wendy Williams Show” which airs in over fifty countries of the world.

Ms. Williams is popularly known for a segment of her show known as “Hot Topic”. She uses the 20 minute time frame to dissect the lives of popular American celebrities, and many times gets to spill details of their personal lives in an amusing way as she sips her tea. Talk about gossip served on a silver platter with a cherry on the top of it, that’s the experience with the Show.

It’s entertaining for guests and viewers, but not for the individuals who are being talked about. Many persons have been left with a bad taste in their mouth by Wendy Williams because she went to extreme lengths to dig up stories about their lives for her audience, stories they wanted to keep private. As a result, many people still haven’t forgiven Ms. Williams for some of the things she has said about them.

Wendy Williams prides herself in being a “straight shooter” - telling it as it is, withholding nothing.
But this was not the case when news about the split with her husband, Kevin Hunter, was all over the news early this year. The news must have left her so embarrassed that she went on a hiatus for three months, leaving people asking questions about her well-being while the tabloids served her trending stories in quick succession.

She allegedly threatened to take legal action against a popular blogger who wrote details about her husband’s mistress and delicate information surrounding the reason why Ms. Williams had to file for a divorce against Mr. Hunter.

When she resumed her Show in March 2019 after having several persons cover for her in her absence, she still found it difficult to be upfront with the truth about her marriage and many of her fans were disappointed.

It took a while for her to open up about the mess that had been going on in her life, and many times she would cry whenever she was asked by journalists or the paparazzi about her ex-husband. But she’s learnt to put on a straight and smiley face to make us all believe that all is well in “Wendy’s ville”.

From this we draw a lesson.
It is easy to criticize other people, to talk about their problems with reckless abandon, to sound high-felutant with the way we analyze their choices and speak as though we have all the answers to their life’s issues at the back of our teeth. This is usually so until the table is spun and we are the ones sitting on the hot seat.

Jesus said, “Take away the log from your eyes before you take away the speck from the other person’s eyes.”
I usually paraphrase it to this: “Take away the Highway electric pole from your eyes before you take away the saw dust from another person’s eye.”

What does that mean?
Does it mean we should not call out wrong doing when we see it?
Does it mean we should not correct others when we are faced with the opportunity?
Does it mean we should not condemn bad behavior?
Of course not!

What it means is that we should look at other people’s situation with the eyes of empathy. You should sincerely ask yourself what you would do and how you would feel if you went through similar occurrence. The other individual may not know what you know to make wise choices, meaning you might have a certain advantage over them which would have helped them make better choices, but sadly they do not have it.
This is why criticizing constructively with love is so important.

No one would want to take your advice, especially when you make them look like a fool.

A certain woman met a Pastor at a bus terminal. She had someone with her. After sharing pleasantries with the Pastor, she asked, “I heard a young child in your church was sick and died. Why did you all allow this to happen?”

The Pastor tried to explain exactly happened. He explained that the boy died was in hospice and died after battling the ailment. He also explained how the Church had rallied round his mother that same morning with prayer and words of comfort.

The woman went further to ask the Pastor with a condescending look “So none of you were able to call forth the spirit of the dead child to life?”

The Pastor was disappointed at this woman and asked her, “How many person’s spirit have you called forth to life?”

It was pathetic to know that this woman showed no sign of empathy towards the Pastor who lost a young child a month prior to that conversation. She never extended her condolences at that moment, even at the time she heard the news.
She felt like a Samurai on a high horse and considered the Pastor weak and ignorant. This was painful for the Pastor who had witnessed the power of God heal a lot of people through his ministry, and the sad thing is that she had benefited from the ministry of this man of God, but now is condescending towards him just because of a tragedy that had happened.

I don’t think that woman would like anyone to say that to her if she was in the same shoe.
It was disgusting, to say the least.

We should learn to empathize and offer counsel with wisdom when needed. We should treat others with kindness in the same way we would like to be treated. Stop gossiping and tearing other people down because you don’t have a full idea of the situation surrounding their predicament.

Do well to understand why they made certain decisions and be wise enough to give your response to their choices with knowledge and Christ-like understanding. This would enable them hear you, to receive your empathy and to receive your correction.

Look at the way God treats us. He doesn’t go about gossiping about you from one angel to another angel and to  another human. He understands your weaknesses and limited wisdom and he wants you to grow in his wisdom so you would make right choices the next time around. He doesn’t want us to fall into temptation and He is always present to deliver us from evil when we reach out to Him.

This incident has really changed the way Wendy Williams reports peoples stories, and I hope this life lesson changes the way you report other people’s story too.

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