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Re-positioning Yourself For Success (Part 1) - April 15th on Hit 95.9 FM

Topic: Reconfiguring Yourself For Success


Chibuzor: Good morning and welcome to another edition of 'The SunRise Convo'.

I am Chibuzor Agomuoh. This programme is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation, and our work is focused primarily on Youth Intervention and Youth development. Some of our projects include:


1) The SunRise School Tour

2) The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders

3) The SunRise Skills Acquisition Training Programme.

4) The SunRise SMS Devotional which reaches over 3,000 persons in six countries.


Interestingly, our work is made possible that the donations of well meaning persons in Calabar and beyond. This programme is carefully tailored to provide quality and practical information on personal, business, career and spiritual development.


Once again I have with me Patrick Ndifon and Cheerful Light.


We have a lot lined up for you today. The topic is: Reconfiguring Yourself For Success.

To join in the conversation please send in your tweets to @TheSunRiseConvo @HitFMCalabar, or you could send in your question and your comments to the number: 08139691344.


Here is a song by Sinach, it is titled: 'I fly.' We'll be right back. Enjoy!


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Chibuzor: Thank you for joining us. Before we begin our conversation for today, Patrick I would like you to tell what the experience has been like at the ongoing SunRise Academy for Young Leaders. We started on Monday. Share with us what it's been like.


Patrick: Well... thank you for asking....the Academy for far has been really exciting. It's been great and awesome. This week we've had some interesting topics with them. We had topics on Leadership Basics, Success Habits, Excellence Oriented Living, and others. One thing that has really impressed me has been The enthusiasm and the interest of the young persons that have attended the Academy. They've been really excited, and every review session we've had the following day, these young persons come in, and they are able to recall what was taught them the previous day, and even add more. They've been learning, they've been improving, it's really amazing. I am really looking forward to next week. Next week we have really interesting topics like Goal Setting, Personal Transformation, Dynamics of Vision. Next week is a whole new level, and to every young person out there: You need to attend!


Chibuzor: Yeah... the Academy is an incredible experience. A whole lot is being taught. The special thing about our Academy is, we will always leave you with the jewel in every session of our training.


Our conversation today is based on an article on our website: www.sunrisegospelzone.com. I know the site is still under construction, if I may use the word, but we still have articles there. Patrick Ndifon you've been doing a good job on the site, thank you so much.


The title of the article is: Reconfiguring Yourself For Success.


This is going to be a two-part series. We'll continue the discussion next week.


One of the things highlighted in the article is Self Image. A lot of persons are finding it difficult to press forward in life because of a damaged Self Image, maybe because of something someone said about them. Cheerful, I'd like you to elaborate on how a dented self Image can serve as a limiting factor to one's success in life.


Cheerful: Alright, thank you. You see, your self image is a set of ideas that you have about yourself. Professionals tell us that this begins between the ages of 0 - 6 years, you have a pretty cool self Image about yourself. And so this is where it gets interesting, your self image, being your perception about yourself comprises your appearance, performance, and importance. It is what you think about yourself in terms of what you look like, how you perform, and importance.


You cannot outperform your self image. Your output in life, your result will always be in direct proportion to the quality of your self image. Let me put it this way: Your self image puts a kid on how high you can rise as a person in all of your endeavours. It sets a limit on how far you can go. This how it works, it is formed based on facts or affirmations, facts being you looked yourself in the mirror and said "I don't look good enough", or how you actually performed, or what people actually told you, that's the affirmation part. Whether it is based on facts or affirmations, sometimes it's not always real. But this is it: whether it is real or not, it actually creates your reality. It soon becomes your experience. So if you believe you are bad at something or good at something, it turns out like "ya....I told you you're good" or "ya... I told you you're bad".


So this is where it gets interesting: the Word of God is important in this regard because the Word of God is like a picture collage. It shows you pictures of who are, what God thinks you look like, what He thinks about the abilities He's put in you, and you results(what those results should be like).


So in a nutshell, you cannot outperform your self image. It will always be in line with the way you think. So if you are listening to me and you are unsatisfied with your result, you are unsatisfied with your output, you want to raise your game, it will begin, not by trying to change people( because sometimes we think we can change people), but by changing that self image that you have about yourself. Thank you.


Chibuzor: This discussion reminds me of something that happened 3 years ago when we were still very much vibrant with our SMS devotional. We were contact by a certain young girl from Namibia. You know, our SunRise SMS reaches hundreds in Namibia. The message we sent for that day was on depression, and how the Word of God can help you overcome depression.


She contacted us that morning saying she has suicidal thoughts. She's been contemplating suicide for some time now. I asked her what the problem was and she admitted she was depressed. I got to find out later on that her parents were divorced. Her mom had been verbally abusive, the dad has a drunk, and the worst part of it is what the mom has been telling her: "You are useless, as useless as your father..." and she is 15 years old. You know, young people, (children, teenagers) believe what authority figures like parents and teachers say to them. So this was echoing in her mind and affected her feelings seriously. Thank God we were able to follow her up over the phone, of course we couldn't go to Namibia. We followed her up over the phone for about 3 months, and she's been fine. She did her prom last year and we thank God for her.


Patrick, I would like you to help us understand the impact parents can make in building or damaging their child's self image, because some parents are World Champion Destroyers of Self Image [Laughter].


Patrick: Sad to say, but it's the truth. First of all let's start from the beginning: One thing we need to understand is that words are very important in n the character development of a young person, especially when those words come from an authority figure like a parent or a teacher. Words are important. When you use the right words, you will help build a character of excellence, use the wrong words and the reverse is the case, I tell you.


Here is how this works: our minds are, especially our subconscious mind, is designed to take anything that is said to it repeatedly as a habit, as a fact, as part of our belief system, as part of our mindset, you know. Some parents have used this to their disadvantage, in the sense that in an attempt to reprimand their children they use harsh words like "You are a fool, it will never be well with you, you are terrible, you are mad, you are ugly... " and those kind of things. You know, you find out that with constant repetition with the use of those words on a child and on a teenager, the child begins to accept those things as their reality. They'll accept those things as their mindset. You find out that as they grow older, with certain conditions, under certain circumstances, those things begin to manifest.


So you find out that a kid is doing terrible in Mathematics, he's not relating closely with friends...he's shying away, if you look deeply you'll find out that his parents must have been saying things to him, things like "You are a failure, you are bad, you will never make it in life", or "You are ugly, you are a monster... those kind of things.


You know, the Bible says "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." The training there is not just the training of a child to do what is right, but also to think right because in reality your thoughts determines your actions.


Chibuzor: Yeah... you have some parents say crazy things like "Your head is as big as your father, you are as foolish as your mother," what kind of nonsense talk is that one? And you are a parent, is that one a parent?


[Everyone laughs ].


To join in the conversation please send your tweets to @TheSunRiseConvo @HitFMCalabar or preferably you could send your questions and your comments to 08139691344. Please do not call, just send in your questions via SMS. We would like to hear from you.

Cheerful, a lot of persons have had their self image damaged because of something their parents said, or because of the caustic attitude of their boss, or because no one really believed in them while growing up. How can they mend this dented self image, how can they correct it?


Cheerful: Well, I rounded off by sharing with you the importance of God's Word. If you are listening to me and you have a problem with your self image, now this is what you are going to do: you are going to delve into God's Word for yourself. You need to find out what God says about you. What does it say concerning your appearance.


For instance, God's word says you are the glory of God, you were created after His image, what could look better than the image of God! Concerning your ability, He says you can do all things through Christ that energizes you. And concerning your performance He says nothing is important under you. So you are going to get this, get that picture. Internalize it. Set it before you. Refute every negative thing your parents, teachers, friends, must have said about you while you were growing up. Put all of that away. Take all of God's Word and put it into you. The next thing you've got to do is to affirm that Word, declare it. Say what it says about you "I've got an excellent spirit, I've got a sound mind, I am super intelligent, I can do all things, I'm good, I'm successful, I'm prosperous."


Stop talking yourself down. We've got a lot of persons who talk themselves as down and expect to be better.

Then finally, you've got to act accordingly. You are going to take in n God's Word and begin to act on them. The principles is: Your thoughts control your words, your words control your actions, your actions control your destiny. So those are the things you've got to do.


Chibuzor: We have a text here. Once again the topic is 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success'. The text has no name, but here is what it says:


" I'm beginning to be a drunk because my dad repeatedly tells me I am worthless, I am stupid, and all that because I didn't graduate with my mates. I feel like leaving the house. What should I do?”


Cheerful I want you to answer that.

Cheerful: Like I said, first, the Word of God should be your last resort. Secondly, I think you may have to leave that house because your association matters. You can stay in an environment where you are out down always.

But apart from leaving the house, you have to connect with what God's Word says about you and work from there forward.


Chibuzor: We'll still take in more questions after this musical break. I'd like you to sit back, relax and enjoy this song by for King and Country.

It's titled "It's Not Over Yet".



[Musical break]


Chibuzor: Alright! Thank you for joining us. We have several text messages here. Someone said:

"In a situation whereby you are physically molested by someone related to you, what comes in my mind is committing suicide, please I need help."




This is really troubling. We've met a lot of young persons with this kind of story. I think it's better you get one-to-one counselling. We need to see you in person. If you are facing similar issue, please you need counselling. The one or two minutes we have left here in the studio will not be enough to the matter. If you need help, the number to call immediately after we are done with the programme is: 08065821693.


You here several of these cases. Some people need to be reported to the police. It doesn't matter if it's a member of you family. You keep hiding these things, dying in silence. Please call the number, we would live to speak with you. There is nothing to be ashamed of.


And then we have someone else here saying:

" I grew up in a family where parents abuse themselves verbally. Now there is so much disrespect amongst us the children, and personally I've found out that I have a bad temper and kinda disrespectful. How do I overcome this? I find myself being that rude person."


You see, that is where Cheerful and Patrick talked about the mind.


Today's conversation is based on an article on the website: www.sunrisegospelzone.com, and it is titled: Reconfiguring Yourself For Success. Be sure to leave your questions. We will treat all of your questions.


Patrick, a lot of persons have issue. For example right here we have lots and lots of text messages coming in. Let me throw this straight, some friends feel worthless because they feel their friends have gotten ahead of them in life. Today is Saturday, for example. We have have lots of weddings going on. Some ladies are crying their eyes out right now because a their mates are getting married today, but they themselves are still single. In a way it has demoralized them. Some of them no longer want to pursue growth in their career anymore, and they are like,  "What is the use of success when there is no husband?"


What do you have to say to this people concerning this issue that has built up in their minds, and they've allowed it to drag them backwards?


Patrick: Personally I have experienced a situation like that especially when it comes to school. Most of my mates I had finished secondary school with had graduated even before I started University, and I started University late. So I can relate to that kind of situation.


The thing is:

1) You shouldn't give up on yourself.

You shouldn't give up hope. You should encourage yourself. Believe that you can change, that situations can change for you. It's really very important that you encourage yourself. Be determined that the success you're looking for, you're going to achieve it. I’ll refer you to a story in the Bible where David had returned back from war. He found that his camp had been robbed, his wife and children were kidnapped, and his goods were carried.


David was discouraged. But he later encouraged himself in the Lord. You can find that in 1 Samuel 30.


2) You need to search God's Word and find out what God's Word says about your circumstance. It's very important.


3) Seek counsel. Talk to people you can trust. Talk to people who can advise you, and don't give up. Be determined knowing that whatever you are trying to achieve, you can achieve it.


Chibuzor: We want to thank Hit FM calabar for this amazing platform. This programme airs every Saturday on Hit FM by 10am. Please don't miss it.

Right now we have a few announcement to read out.


Cheerful: This discussion continues up until next Saturday. The article is on our website and it is titled 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success'.

The website is: sunrisegospelzone.com.


Patrick: We would like to say thank you to several blogs that featured an article on our website. Thank you to:




We would also like to say thank you to:

www.wundengba.com, and



Chibuzor: If you need counselling, please call the number : +2348065821693.


Right now we have received dozens of text messages. We would like to speak with you.


Over the years we have been successful at mentoring troubled teens. So if you have a teenage child who has issues, we can help you. Call the number.


Cheerful: For effective bulk SMS service, the place to go to is: www.solidrocksms.com


They have a beautiful service, so you may want to take advantage of their service.


Patrick: In case you have any event you want to publicize on the show, it could be a wedding, a business, or any celebratory event, please call the number: 08085075518.


Chibuzor: The transcript of last week's conversation is currently on the site, so you could read it.


We want to thank our financiers and everyone that has been a blessing to us.


Cheerful: Hook up with us via our social media platforms.

Facebook: The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

Twitter: @TheSunRiseConvo

Instagram: @sunrisegospelzone.com


Chibuzor: [ A short prayer in Jesus name]

We'll be here same time next Saturday. Enjoy this song by Nosa, it is titled: Always pray for you.

I love you for listening.

Bye bye!


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