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The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders (Part I) - July 22, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

Patrick: Alright listeners! It's an awesome Saturday morning. Welcome to another episode of 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'. I am Patrick Ndifon and I'm going to be anchoring the show for today. Guess who we have here on the hot seat? Guess it! You guys will be surprised when you hear this, it's Chibuzor Agomuoh.


Chibuzor: Hello everyone, good morning!

Patrick: And then we have a regular on the show, the extraordinary Mr. Cheerful Light.


Cheerful: Good morning beautiful people.


Patrick: Alright. Remember, this show is brought to you by the friends of The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation, and some of our projects include:

·        The SunRise School Tour.

·        The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders.

·        The SunRise Skills Acquisition Training Programme.

·        The SunRise SMS devotional which reaches over 3,000 persons in six countries.

·        And soon we will begin the SunRise Prisons Outreach. This is our way of reaching out to young persons in prisons and reminding them that they can create a new future for themselves.

Now to know more about our work, kindly visit our official website - www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

Last week we had an interesting 2-part series on 'How to Make the Most of Your Single Life', and we had with us Pastor Peter Patrick. You'll find the transcript of that show and previous shows on our website - www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

Today we are going to be discussing about the upcoming SunRise Academy for Young Leaders for teenagers and young adults which is coming up in August.

This is very vital, I need you guys to tune in and keep your ears open. We have very vital information for you.

For now, we are going on a musical break, here is a song by Forever Jones - He Wants It All. We'll be right back.


[Music break]


Patrick: Alright, I hope you enjoyed it. That was Forever Jones' He Wants It All.

Welcome back. This is still 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. The transcript of today's show will be on our website next week, so be sure to visit www.sunrisegospelzone.com to read the transcript and previous episodes of the show.

I am here with Mr. Chibuzor Agomuoh who is the Founder and Executive Director of The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation, and Mr. Cheerful Light who is the Asst. Director for The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders. We are going to be talking about the upcoming training for young persons, by the SunRise Academy for Young Leaders.

Now, SunRise Academy for Young Leaders is a special programme formed by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation which is designed to equip young persons with essential life skills. So Mr. Chibuzor, can you tell us more about this? Why is it important for young persons to be a part of this Leadership Academy?


Chibuzor: Thank you so much, Mr. Patrick, for having me on. The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders is one of the projects of The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation, like you said. It is one of the projects designed to equip young persons with basic life skills that would give them an edge for success.

Now, if you look at the name of our Organisation, it is called 'The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation'. Why is it called intervention? It is called so because things are bound to go haywire, things are bound to take a downward spiral left under normal circumstance unless there is an intervention. For machines that intervention is called 'maintenance', for humans that intervention is called 'training'.

You look at young persons these days, people complain about them saying they are behaving 'this way' and 'that way'. This is so because some of the basic training they need to learn, they need to have, they don't have. So this programme affords young persons the opportunity to undergo training on Leadership Basics. Actually the SunRise Academy starts August 7. We'll talk more about the design we've made concerning this training. Some of the 14 courses we'll be looking at are:

·        Entrepreneurship

·        Social Graces

·        Public Speaking

·        Creative Writing

·        Leadership Basics

·        Web design and digital marketing, and a lot more.

So many things we are going to handle. It's an amazing course, it's life changing. We encourage parents to send their teenagers to this programme. We also encourage young persons between the ages of 12 - 25 years to be a part of this training.

By the way, this is not the first time we've had trainings like this. This is the seventh time we are having a training of this manner, and it's been amazing the feedback we've had.


Patrick: That's incredible...that's incredible. It's going to be packed!!! Alright. We've had previous trainings. I'm sure we've had feedbacks from parents of the participants of previous trainings. Cheerful, I would like you to talk about those feedbacks.


Cheerful: Yeah....personally the feedback we've had has been humbling in terms of the transformation that we see in the lives of these young people. We've had several people call our number and Chibuzor tells us how they reach out to him. They are like "Our children have changed." Some of them come to the Academy heady, stubborn, very difficult to talk to. After listening to us they are transformed, and probably because we don't just talk. There's a part where we share Christian values and minister to them, and so they are changed.

Now personally I have watched this people change before my very eyes. You know, you meet somebody two weeks after. His boldness, his audacity, the way he speaks. Some of them they come timid, but they go back bold. If they were shy talking to people in public, they go back excellent, and they can express themselves.

Now I would like to note that most of them did not come to the academy intelligent. Most of them are not the best student in their classes. But when they go back, we have report about how they begin to top their classes. Their WAEC results are excellent. Some of them were here, those of them who did the last edition were here in the studio, and I'm sure our listeners heard them. It's been amazing. The transformation has been moving.


Patrick: It's more like a holistic improvement. It's something that every young person needs to key into.

Now if you have questions concerning the upcoming Academy, and you would want to make enquiries, someone is on the phone right now, you can call this number: 08139691344.

Someone is right on the phone to answer your questions.

The Academy that is coming up, you have the Green Certificate Course Work and the Blue Certificate Course Work. Can you explain what these colors are meant for?


Chibuzor: We've had this training over time. Our approach towards our training is not static, it has to be progressive, and it has to evolve over time.

You look at the lifestyles of these young persons, their work, their daily schedule and routine. We looked at it, some of them help their parents during the holiday, you can't stop them from helping their parents. So we decided to split it into the Green Certificate Course Work and the Blue Certificate Course Work.

Now, the Green Certificate Course Work is the training holding on weekdays (Monday - Friday) for two weeks, that's practically ten days. It starts 8:30am and ends by 12 noon. Very intensive and very straight to the point.

Then the Blue Certificate Course Work is for weekends, i.e. on Saturdays. 7 Saturdays and it starts by 11am and ends by 2:30pm. This begins from August 12 to September 23, 2017.

The Blue Certificate will be convenient for the JSS 3 and the SS 2 classes. We are very much aware of the school system because we interact with their principals. The JSS 3 and SS 2 are having their exams this August, and it's going to be quite challenging for a lot of them. So this affords the opportunity of taking advantage of the Blue Certificate Course Work for weekends.

Now the difference between the two, there is no basic difference actually between them because it is the same course work, 14 courses. The difference is that it is on weekends and in different locations. Maybe later on we'll talk about the venue and all of that. The venue for the Green Certificate Course Work is going to be at 3 Saint Mary Street, off Ekpo Abasi, Calabar. This is for weekdays.

For the Blue Certificate Course Work which is for weekends is going to be at 65/66 Ndidem Isang Iso Road, Calabar (Same building as UPS Express, near Glo Office).


Patrick: So basically, people out there mehn, you have no excuse. If you are busy during the weekdays you opt for the weekend classes. That will help you out a lot.

Green Certificate for the weekdays, Blue Certificate for the weekends, same content.


Chibuzor: Let me add this, for the Blue Certificate it is going to be on Saturdays for 7 weeks.  August 12- September 23.


Patrick: Alright you have it there. Take advantage of this opportunity. We are going on a short music break. Enjoy this song by Matt Redman. It is titled 'Ten Thousand Reasons'. Enjoy this, we'll be right back.


[Music break]


Patrick: Wow! That was Matt Redman's Ten Thousand Reasons. It's still 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' and it's brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. Now remember that you can read the transcript of this conversation on our website by Tuesday.

So be sure to visit www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

So far we've been discussing about the upcoming August training of the SunRise Academy for Young Leaders. We've gotten some very important information concerning the Academy, some of its content, and the two packages that are going to be offered. So if you have questions, the number to call is 08139691344. 

We have someone on the phone who is going to answer your questions concerning the Academy.

So let's talk about the registration. Cheerful let's talk about the registration for the Academy. What does it entail?


Cheerful: First I would say simply put a call through to 08139691344. There is somebody on standby to attend to you. I would want our listeners to know that the cost for each participant is N3,500. Whether you are doing the Green Certificate Course or the Blue Certificate Course. N3,500 is very affordable. So if you are a parent, an uncle, father, mother, big sis, and you are listening to me, this is a critical point in this teenagers' life. It is better somebody help raise them. They need to be trained. The Bible says "A child left to himself will come to ruin". So for N3,500 you have a leader already. So put a call across to 08139691344 and somebody will be there to attend to you right away. I think you should do it now. Thank you.


Patrick: If you want to register, you can get registered right now. Text in your name, your age, your gender, and your career ambition to 08139691344. And when you do that, we are going to send you a link to our website which will give you all the details you need regarding the training.


Cheerful: Let me quickly add this, because of the size of our facility, there is a limit to how many students we can take right now, I think you should make the call right now. The earlier the better.


Patrick: Okay, we have the Green Certificate Course Work taking place at 3 Saint Mary Street off Ekpo Abasi. Now, some parents in the Calabar Municipality area might feel uncomfortable to allow their children to participate. You know how people talk about different areas in Calabar and all that, what do you have to say concerning those thoughts?


Chibuzor: First of all, some people think that Calabar South is a war zone, it's a place for the 'land of the living dead', please that mindset is wrong. We've had parents who have shared their thoughts saying "Oooooh...I don't want my child to come to Calabar South," and that's why we are giving you an option with the Blue Certificate. The Blue Certificate is going to happen during the weekend at Marian- 65/66 Ndidem Isang Iso Road, Calabar.

If you are feeling uncomfortable for your child to come to Ekpo Abasi for the weekday trainings, you could make them come for the weekend training at Marian. 

It's very important that you register in time like we talked about. The Green Certificate is starting on the 7th of August, the Blue is starting on the 12th, and usually we have parents show interest early. We've even had parents show interest for this August training, so like Cheerful said, we try to make sure that the facility is convenient enough. We are also considering the distance as well because we have some of you living at 8 miles, Highway, Ikot Ansa, around this axis. It will be easy for you to come to Marian for the Weekend training if coming to Ekpo Abasi is going to be a lot more tedious for you. So we've tried as much as we can to make it really convenient for the participants.


Patrick: Wow! That's cool. There's going to be a competition during the Academy session, and there is a cash prize. I'm sure our listeners will want to know more about the competition and the cash prize.


Cheerful: Yeah! This is the fun part. One exciting thing about the Academy is that we are dealing with teenagers and we are young people ourselves, so it's always fun.

One of the things we always do at the Academy is allow them the opportunity to express themselves. It's not all about talking and they listening, that is not our style of teaching. So there's gonna be a competition, yes, in creative writing and public speaking. Now it's not for people who can speak, it's for people who are coming and want to be taught how to speak, write creatively, and manifest what they've been taught. So don't say I cannot speak, I cannot write. Come and be taught how to speak and how to write. We will help you, we will train you so you can have the opportunity to compete. The cash prize is N10,000. I mean, that's nice. A teenager wins N10,000 from a competition, at least it will help his self-esteem. Who knows where you can go to from there?

So if you are listening to me and you have a young person, or you are a teenager yourself, get ready, come to the Academy, and take part in what we are doing.


Patrick: Wow...wow...wow! This is going to be incredible men. This is exciting. This is an opportunity that young persons out there should take advantage of. Don't miss out on this. We are teaching you so you can apply, not theory. The competition is really a good avenue to show those skills that you've gained. I won't miss this if I were you.


Cheerful: We’ve had young persons who wanted to start businesses after the Academy, so with N10,000 you can get started with something.


Patrick: Yeah! Absolutely. Get registered for this, okay! Text in your name, age, gender, and career ambition to 08139691344, and we will send you a link to our website which has more information for you.

So for now we are going to take some announcements:

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For D.J. services, for generator rentals and excellent laundry services, call them on: 08069372354.


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Service starts by 9am. Come and be blessed.


5.   Mbaise for Christ is inviting you to their next monthly meeting taking place on August 6 at Number 39 Bassey Duke Street, Calabar. Time is 2pm prompt.
For more enquiries call Chuks on: 08030734147.

Alright guys, before we go we would like to say a short prayer for our listeners.


Chibuzor: Before we pray, I just want to say this very quickly: Parents, we are using this opportunity to tell you that this training is very, very important for your teenager. Some of you have been complaining, "Oh my child is very heady, my child is joining bad cliques...my child is this, my child is that..." And when you hear the training is N3,500, you say "No, I am not going to.... there is no money."

Well, you stand a risk of having a child who would be a torn in your flesh for the rest of your life. There is a saying that goes this way: It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a lot of people joining hands together.

Now our approach is that we don't come up looking like stoic people, we relate like their friends. We jump, we sing, we put a little bit of seriousness to it, and they come out really inspired and influenced by the information they get.

Maybe you are in a taxi right now, or you are at the filling station, or maybe you are at home listening, don't say "Well, they've finished talking, anyway", I want you to take this serious by calling the number: 08139691344.

Let's say a short prayer:

[Chibuzor says a short prayer in Jesus name].

Patrick: Amen! Now guys remember that the transcript of the show will be ready on our website next week. Be sure to visit it. The website is www.sunriaegospelzone.com

You find the transcript of all our previous episodes. Also we have interesting articles including reports of our work. Read them, like them, and don't be selfish, share!!!

Drop your comments as well. We would like to hear what you have to say, your opinions.

And also if you would like to advertise in the show, call us on 08065821693.

My name is Patrick Ndifon. It's been pleasurable talking with you. We leave you with this song by Forever Jones.

I love you for listening.
Have an awesome day!

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