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The Evolution of Sinach and Her World Changing Artistry

With over one billion views on YouTube and a myriad covers of her music on the internet, this multiple award winning Nigerian songstress has become a remarkable force of inspirational music. Her name is Sinach.

The second child in a family of nine, Sinach grew up with an affinity for reading and writing. She loved writing so much that she said in one of her interviews that if she wasn’t a singer, she would have pursued a career in writing. But there was a point in her life she was indecisive about what career path she wanted for herself. As an undergraduate of Physics, music was an integral part of her life. She had been singing from a young age and wrote her first song at about 12. She was already singing in Church as a Christian who was raised in God’s Word.

Her life took a different turn when she became involved with the ministry of Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. It has always been Rev. Oyakhilome’s nature to promote Christian music by giving young talented artistes the enabling platform to harness their gifts as they begin a lifetime journey of blessing lives through music and the inspiration of God’s Word.

Sinach began to understand that there was more to music than the melody. It is connected to a force greater than anything we can think of. Music is a creation of God serving as tool to convey a message of hope, love and joy to the world. The message which He longs for all men to experience.

Sinach only wrote and sang in Church for many years, a personal decision which she said made her grounded and steady in the truth of God’s Word, which can be perceived in the lyrics of her songs. It seemed like a self-sabotaging attempt to restrict one’s self to a home church as a gospel artiste, especially in this generation were many young gospel singers are lobbying for platforms and hopping around like grasshoppers from one location to another just after having written a verse of a song. In fact, the rush to release a gospel album which, many times, have poor content and is highly plagiarized, is something that is intensely nauseating. The motive for many is self aggrandizement. But with Sinach, that was never the case.

In 2008 came her first album- “Sinach Chapter One.” It was an audio recording of a live performance. In one of her interviews, she said she had to make the album because there was a strong demand to have her music recorded. Her songs were already sung in Churches across Nigeria before the release of the album.

It was a grand success as it introduced the world to some of her iconic songs such as “Awesome God”,  “More of you”, “This is your season.”

Sinach’s music was different from a lot of Christian music heard in Nigeria at that time. Her music had the familiar effect of Panam Percy Paul- a legendary gospel icon in Nigeria, whose songs have strong, beautiful lyrics with rich spiritual content.

She wasn’t singing about emotions, she was singing about the Spirit of God and His effect in the heart of man. She sings about the Word of God.

This resulted in the success of her second album in 2010, “I’m Blessed”. Listening to the studio work of her second album( which was also an audio recording), you would know that Sinach was beginning to give attention to her artistic delivery. It sounded different from the first which was of course beautiful, but was evidently a recorded concert.
Many of her songs not excluding “I Stand Amazed”, “Jesus is Alive,” once again echoed to the world that truly a star is born.

Then came her third album released in 2011 titled “From Glory to Glory.”
It was probably the first major “Sinach Live In Concert” event. With the collaboration of several Christian artists from Christ Embassy Church she was able to put up a reverberating worship album birthing the signature song, “Great Are You Lord.” As always, it was less of showmanship and more of heart-felt worship.

Sinach’s song began to gain strong international acceptance as she joined Rev. Chris Oyakhilome during his special “Night of Bliss” and “Higher Life Conference” in countries like South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

She took a bold step to record her fourth album “Shout It Loud”. It was probably Sinach’s first major worship concert outside of Nigeria. This took place at the Lyrics Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. It witnessed a change in Sinach’s musical sound. With the understanding of a growing international audience, her music artistry experienced an evolution. This was the first time Sinach began to infuse reggae and carribean music flavors to her songs. This is evident in her songs “You Are The Same”, “I Know Who God Says I Am”, the later eventually becoming a humongous international success beyond what she had imagined.

It could be that the success of the song- “I Know Who God Says I Am” came as a result of her performance of the song on the 2012 New Year’s Eve Service where Rev. Chris Oyakhilome declared the year 2013 to be “A Year of Favor.” A line in the song reads “I’m working in power, I’m working miracles, I live a life of FAVOR....”
That made it an anthem in Christ Embassy Churches around the world, perhaps resulting in its global success.

Next is her fifth studio album. It’s a special Christmas album titled, “Sinach at Christmas” released in 2013. Not much is heard about this album.

Sinach made another bold step when she released her sixth album- “The Name of Jesus”. It was a live recording of her concert in Houston, Texas in the United States at Christ Embassy, Houston in 2013. The album was released in 2014. This witnessed a lot of improvement in Sinach’s artistry. A lot of professional hands were involved in setting a world-class concert, and it is believed by some that Dee Jones contributed to the emergence of Sinach’s beautiful musical signature.

Amongst her strengths, Sinach is a great worship leader, but less of a performer. In a 2005 video were she sang “Simply Devoted”, you could see Sinach almost standing stiff as though she were a palm tree waving side to side by the waves of the sea. For a long time she has been somewhat uptight on stage, but this time it seemed as though a new Sinach had broken free from a cocoon. She was vibrant, and more eclectic. It marked the beginning of Sinach breaking in into the United States.

For years Sinach has been noted internationally, but this was nothing compared to what might be termed as a supernatural meeting with the world renown healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn. Rev. Hinn is known for appreciating good talent and giving them a broader ministry platform. In fact, Pastor Benny Hinn seems to have the midas touch when it comes to musical and ministry gifts. Singers and ministers who are loved by him, go on to become world renown successes. The likes of Don Moen, Juanita Bynum, Micah Stampley, Alvan Slaughter, Donnie McClurkin, and a host of others were deeply cherished by Pastor Benny Hinn and ministered at his Crusades which held around the world from Milwaukee to New Zealand, to Singapore, to Italy, with multiplied thousands in attendance in each meeting even in remote places like Fiji.

In June of 2015, with great excitement Sinach posted a screenshot of an announcement made by the official Facebook page of Benny Hinn Ministries announcing that she would be ministering in Miami, Florida at a 3-day event which marked the end of a 40-day fast held by the ministry of a certain Haitian Church in Florida. Pastor Benny Hinn was scheduled to minister at the event.

Sinach came with her A-game as she led thousands during the meeting in some of her previous songs like “Awesome God”, “I Know Who God Says I Am,” and a never-before-heard “Only You Are God.” This divinely orchestrated meeting with Pastor Benny Hinn eventually led to Him visiting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and has led to a blessed partnership in ministry.

Sinach’s consistency in churning out spirit inspired music proved her to be a dexterous and prolific singer and songwriter.

In 2015, she released a worship music on YouTube which turned out to become a major global hit, and is the most watched and sung worship song she has ever written. “WayMaker” currently has over 125 million views on YouTube. Sinach is the third Nigerian to achieve over 100 million views on YouTube, next to Yemi Alade and Davido.

The sung has been covered by popular American Gospel singers like Travis Greene, Maranda Curtis, Benita Washington, Harvest Music, Lakewood Church Music Band, and the legendary Michael W. Smith. Multiple Grammy award winning gospel artiste Erica Campbell has as well covered the song and once expressed on Instagram in response to Maranda Curtis how much she loves the song.

A cover of the song in Spanish was uploaded on YouTube a year ago, and currently sits at over 116 million views. This shows how much her song is embraced by Spanish speaking regions.

With the success of the song came her seventh worship album titled, “WayMaker”.
The album was put together from a Sinach Live in Concert tagged “He Did It Again” held in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Mosaiek Theatre on August of 2016, and released in November 2016. The attention to detail given to the production of the live recording, was evidence of the fact that Sinach has made concerted effort to stand in her place as a world renown gospel icon.


This was the beginning of a musical world tour to Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Martini, Barbados, U.A.E., Antigua, Suriname, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and other parts of the world.

In March of 2018, Sinach celebrated her birthday with the recording of her eighth worship album titled, “There’s an Overflow” recorded at the Loveworld Arena in Lekki, Lagos. The videography wasn’t as polished as her preceding albums from 2014 to 2016, however it introduced some of her powerful songs like “Sing Hallelujah” and “There’s an Overflow.”

In early 2019, Sinach announced the release of her ninth worship album, “Great God” which was recorded in London in January of 2018. The album features Christian artistes like Mahalia Buchanan, Sharon Oyakhilome-Frimpong, etc.

Sinach’s honor for her ‘office’ as a worship minister and her cordial relationship with other gospel artiste, has helped with her rise in the music scene, earning her lots of awards and accolades, including being recognized in the 2019 list of 100 Most Reputatable People in the world, alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Pope, Oprah Winfrey, Reinhard Bonnke, etc.

Her active years in the music ministry spans since 1994 to this very day and has witnessed a steady rise in influence and impact. Inspiring millions to know and worship God through music has been Sinach’s major goal, and we anticipate to be blessed by her art as she grows significantly in that direction.

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