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The August 2016 Session Of The SunRise Academy For Young Leaders

From August 15th to the 26th, The SunRise Youth Intervention Organization organized a 2-week intensive training on Basic Life Skills for Young persons from Age 10 - 20.

The 2-week training included courses on:
1) Leadership
2) Social Graces
3) Financial Management
4) Relationship Management
5) Excellence Oriented Living
6) Health Management
7) Success Habits, and 6 other subjects.

Pastor Chibuzor Agomuoh, Mr. Cheerful Light, Ms. Smart Abia, were the facilitators for the training.
The training ended on the 26th of August with three excellent talk shows.

‚ÄčThe first session was with Godwin Egba.

Godwin is an inspiring young person involved in various Social Impact projects for young persons. He spoke on the Responsibility of Young Persons towards Nation Building.

The second session was with Emmanuel Ikpeme. Emmanuel is a Masters Student at Kingston University, London, studying Computer Animation. He also has interests in Sports and Modelling. He spoke on Humility and Tenacity in the Pursuit of Success.

The final session was with the Enterprising Ms. Glory Ekanem. Ms. Ekanem is the C. E. O. of Penzrah Global, and the Founder of Penzrah School of Fashion.

She spoke on Entrepreneurship.

The event ended with a special moment of prayer and issuance of certificates.

It's been nearly 3 months since the special training was held, and we've received a lot of positive feedback from the parents of the teens on the behavioral change noticed in them.

On September 1, some of our trainees at the Penzrah School of Fashion graduated. You could see them display some of the dresses they made.

SunRise is committed to inspiring and transforming the lives of young persons.
We love you for reading.
God bless you.

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