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The 7 Myths Of Success

Latent in us all is a deep seated desire to succeed, to give vent to the amazing deposits of potentials domiciled in us. We all want to be all we were born to be, go where we were destined to go and have all we are capable of. However, for most people the problem has been in the eventual metamorphosis. Moving from where they are to where they want to be. After years of studies and observation along these lines, I’ve discovered that self-limiting beliefs has paralyzed and hindered most people from achieving their dreams than any other single factor.

These beliefs are most times buried deep down our subconscious mind, it’s very easy to miss it. These self-limiting beliefs are formed from things we heard, and saw while growing up. Gradually they become the codes on which our life runs. Today, I’ll be sharing with you seven of them; take this journey through the horizons of your mind and consciously reconfigure yourself for success.


  1. Success is for a select few:

ANYBODY can be a success! So many people may mentally accent to this and still don’t believe it. Somehow, people tend to think that success is for that other guy with a rich Dad, or Jonny who is so smart in class, everybody else except themselves. Therefore, they unconsciously refuse to take responsibility for their lives. Success begins with a choice, choose to believe in yourself, dare yourself to go all the way. History is replete with stories of men and women who rose from oblivion to prominence, you are inexcusable!


  1. Success is dependent on the country you reside:

This is probably the basic reason for migration of all kinds. Many people have migrated to frustrations and untold hardship because they were conditioned to think that ‘the pasture is greener somewhere else’. Well, Dubai proved them wrong when they turned their dessert country into an Ultra-modern wonder, Malaysia, Botswana and China did same. People make places, places don’t make people.


  1. Success is a function of where you hail from:

It doesn’t matter whether you are French, German, Nigerian, Dutch or Chinese. Whether or not you were born into royalty or the elite class does not count. Success only responds to laws not race, ethnicity or skin color. Jerk out of it!


  1. Success is a function of the kind of work you do:

If you still think the reason for your failures is because you aren’t a doctor, lawyer or the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar enterprise then you are mentally helmed in. Today, people are creating wealth faster than ever selling cookies online, blogging, coding and even creating You Tube Videos. Quit whining!


  1. Success is measured by what you have:

Success is not in possessions; they have no eternal value. Success is primarily your legacy to the world, how has your presence made it better? Stop asking ‘what is in it for me?’ and start asking ‘what’s in me to give?’ Life is not just about you, focus your energy and talents on blessing others, that is success.


  1. Success is measured at the end your life:

I was taught to measure success at every level of my life. You can know whether or not you are successful now. Don’t wait till you are 60 or when you leave this world. Find out now, what problems are you solving?


  1. Success is an event:

While success can be defined as the achievement of a predetermined goal, it is important to understand that it is not a one-off. Success is a life, so don’t beat yourself over the head when it seems nothings is working. Some things take time, stick with your dreams.


Hold on, don’t just shrug it off, look at your life, which of the above myths is holding you back? Now go to work rewiring yourself to think, talk and act differently. If you do this long enough, your life will take a dramatic turn for good.




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