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Cheerful Light

Overcoming Rejection (Part 1) - 27th May, 2017 on Hit 95.9 Hit FM

‚ÄčChibuzor: Hello! It's such a pleasure to have you join us on today's episode of the show. This is the Sunrise Convo with Chibuzor and it's brought to you by the SunRise Youth Intervention Organization. To know more about our organization you can visit our website www.sunrisegospelzone.com. We thank you for the amazing feedback we got from the two-part series we had on Excellence Oriented Living and if you missed it visit our website to read the transcript. The website is still www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

Today I have Cheerful Light and Patrick Ndifon and we are here to discuss on a very important topic 'Overcoming Rejection' our phone lines are open for text messages only, so feel free to send in your questions and comments. The number is 0813 969 1344, I repeat the number again 0813 969 1344. Guys I wanted us to discuss on this topic because there is so much going on with young people in this regard - Rejection.

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