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Support the May Edition of The 2017 SunRise School Tour

​And they that be wise shall shine as the

brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars forever and ever.

- Daniel 12:3

​Over the years, the SunRise School Tour has been a beautiful platform for thousands of young persons to learn about God and about themselves from a higher view of life. For me, the Tour is characterized by a profuse effusion of wisdom and information, from Cheerful Light's session which causes the teens to listen with ra​pt attention, to Patrick Ndifon's session which brings them to the edge of their seats, to my session with them which stirs a deep desire to serve Jesus Christ, it has always been an inspiring and life changing moment.

​We are excited to inform you that SunRise is planning an iconic event: The May Edition of The 2017 SunRise School Tour, taking place in Obubra, Cross River State from May 22nd - 25th, 2017. We plan to visit some schools in the area.

It promises to be like one we've never had before. Our 10-man crew is working really hard to make sure it is the best outing we've ever had.

Out of all our projects which include:

1) The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders,

2) The SunRise Skill Acquisition Training Programme,

3) The SunRise SMS devotional which reaches over 3000 persons in 6 countries,

4) The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor on Hit 95.9FM ( every Saturday by 10am).

The SunRise School Tour happens to be the most expensive project to run.

We have given away thousands of Bibles, textbooks, and dictionaries. We have also paid school fees for dozens of students who are excellent in school but were at the verge of dropping out due to the financial incapability of their parents.

We plan on doing the same in our next outing to Obubra, BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. We want to give away more textbooks, more Bibles, we want to pay school fees for more students, and you can be part of this.

You may not have the time or the energy to join us as we travel from school to school, but you could make your impact felt.

From our experience over 85 percent of those who give for the first time to our work, make another donation because of our transparency and how visible the impact of our work is.

We would like you to stand with God as we snatch the lives of these young persons from the fires of eternal destruction. We want you to take a decision that will make heaven proud.

Our work is not funded by any organisation in Nigeria or beyond. Faithful men and women like you have been the champions fighting the cause of heaven.

The United Nations (UN) will never be involved in the spread of the gospel, neither will the European Union (EU) nor the American Government. The gospel will only be pushed forward by true believers in Christ, young men and women like you and me who have chosen to ignore every other cause, to fight for the most important cause in the world: The salvation of the souls of young men and women.

Many of you came to know Christ as a young person, you can help others to have the same opportunity that you had.

God is counting on us. We can make an impact. SunRise is not a church, it is a gospel Project.

An ATM or an online transfer of N500, N1000, N5000, or more, will do so much than you can imagine.

We would like you to make that donation today to:



First City Monument Bank

Savings Account.

Purpose of donation:

1) Provision of Books

2) Payment of School fees

3) Transportation cost

Please send a text to +2348188676099 telling us for which of the above reasons you are making your donations.

We will be glad to receive your response. 

Please do not close this page without making a decision to be a blessing towards this project.

If you do not have anything to give for now, please do not stress yourself. God knows your heart and will be faithful to meet your needs.

As many of you who would respond, our God who gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater shall multiply your harvest and bless your seed sown towards the advancement of His work.

A million thanks and God bless you.

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