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Stop the Competition

Some persons have chosen to put their lives on reverse just because they don't have what others have. Why have you chosen to be depressed, desperate, and delusional just because you don't have a husband? Just because you've not had a baby after several years of marriage you begin to cry at the mere sight of another woman carrying her baby. You've become so obsessed about having a baby that you can't think straight at work, and you've even short-circuited your flow of attention towards your spouse.

Just because you don't have a job you've chosen to place the scarlet mark on your friends who own a job. You think they are wicked, proud, and what...what...what... just because you are bitter with yourself. When are you going to let all these end? When? Stop it!!!

Yes, you don't have a husband. Does that mean you are less of a woman? Come on, don't let the mentality of ignorant, archaic, low-thinking people control your life. Get up in the morning, get beautifully dressed, smell nice, go to work, earn your money, and live happy with yourself. The right husband will find you when you are in your 'happy place' resting and trusting God to perfect all that concerns you.

I read about a woman who lived a simple life. Had no husband, had no children, but she raised over $100,000 as a Scholarship fund for brilliant students who can't afford to pay fees. This was in the early 20th Century.

A lot of persons were able to have a good life because of her, but she never had a husband or a child of her own. She lived happy with herself and was able to make meaningful impact. What impact are you making as a single woman? I know why I am addressing women because they are the ones who come under a lot of pressure when it comes to these issues.

If you don't have children, why can't you adopt? There is no crime or sin in doing so! Yes, I have heard people say, "I want to have my own children".
If so, then stop soaking the pillow at night with your tears just because you don't have children? Stop living miserably in self-pity? I consider not wanting to raise an adopted child as selfish, especially when you don't have yours.

I know of several couples who had no children but went on to adopt. A year after, they had their own children. It's a miracle! Most baffling is the story of a couple who had no children for 12 years. They adopted a baby. Eighteen months after, the woman became pregnant with triplets, and gave birth. Adopting a child is not faithlessness!!!

Life can be simple, stop complicating it for yourself. You may not have a thing now, but don't let it limit your life. Soon it will come. But while you are in the waiting process, enjoy your life. Make a decision to be happy!

God is not impressed by your self-inflicted misery. Make the best out of your life. Grow your personality. Be a blessing to every one you know.
We will not care if you had a husband or a wife. We will not care if you had children. We will only care the level of profound impact you had on lives, and how happy and confident you lived.

Your life will not end in misery. As you trust God for greater things in your life, always remember that your divine process for advancement is already in progress.



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