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Re-positioning Yourself For Success (Part 2) April 22nd on Hit 95.9 FM

Chibuzor: Hello... Good morning and welcome to a beautiful, cold Saturday morning. It's 'The SunRise Convo' and I am Chibuzor Agomuoh. Welcome to another edition of the Show, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone of you who sent in your feedback in response to last week's discussion.


This show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation and our work is focused primarily on Youth Intervention and Youth Development.


Some of our projects include:

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This programme is carefully tailored to provide information on personal, business, career and spiritual development.


I am excited to be in the studio not just with my co-host- Patrick Ndifon, but also with some of the students who graduated from our just concluded April Edition of The SunRise Academy for Young Leaders.


Hello guys!


Covenant Nsa: Hello!


Chibuzor: Okay, I'm just going to do a quick questioning. I'll ask them about their experience at the Academy and some of the things they learnt.


I have here Covenant Bassey and Wisdom Asuquo.

How are you doing doing Covenant?


Covenant Nsa: I'm doing fine, thank you.


Chibuzor: You know you have been a part of our Academy training for about 3 editions now, and your mom keeps allowing you to come. You have about 3 certificates so far.


Tell us how the experience has been.


Covenant Nsa: Okay, good morning listeners. The experience at the SunRise Academy was very fascinating. I learnt a lot from the life transforming programs and topics like: Excellence Oriented Living, Leadership Basics, Social Graces, Success Habits, and several other topics.


Chibuzor: Okay, let's hear from Wisdom. Wisdom, how was the experience the first day you came?


Wisdom: Good morning listeners.

The first day I was at the SunRise Academy I experienced a lot of things. The first thing they helped me do, which I am grateful for, is that they gave me an opportunity to speak to my fellow colleagues.

I learnt about Success Habits, Social Graces, Financial Management, they even taught me about the Word of God.


Chibuzor: Amazing! So Covenant, what are you going to do with the information you've gotten from the training. It ended yesterday and 3rd term starts soon. Tell us.


Covenant: Okay. I have a lot of things lined up for me to do, but I'm going to start with the basics on Success Habits. We learnt about the S.M.A.R.T. approach, and I'm going to put that into work. They are:


S- Set clear goals.

M- Meditate on your goals at least 30 minutes daily.

A- Act on your goals daily

R- Read daily

T- Time management.


Chibuzor: So with these you are going to ensure that you chart your life on course.


Covenant: Yes sir.


Chibuzor: I really want to commend the students who participated in the training.  We were very strict with our 100% attendance. We had to make sure that the certificates were given to those who complied to our '100% attendance' rule.


About 30% of them were given certificates, and the rest were asked to come back by the next session.


They did well. The aerobics training, the drilling and everything, you did well. Well done guys, well done.


Covenant and Wisdom: Thank you sir!


Chibuzor: So, today we are going to continue the part two of the topic we discussed last week, which was: Reconfiguring Your self for Success. Last week we talked about Self Image, we had several text messages from you our listeners. Thank you to several of you who sent encouraging text messages and calls. Today we are going to look indepthly at the topic: Reconfiguring Yourself for Success, but first we are going to take a short musical break. Here is a song by HillSong, it is titled 'Like Incense'.




[Musical break]


Chibuzor: Thank you for joining us. We've been talking on 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success'. Cheerful is not here to join is in the conversation, but will be here in subsequent weeks. Today we'll be talking on 'The Mind' and I am here with Patrick Ndifon.


To join in the conversation please send your tweets to @TheSunRiseConvo @HitFMCalabar, or you could send your SMS to this number: 08139691344.


This conversation is based on the article: 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success' which is found on our website- sunrisegospelzone.com.


The mind is a blessed tool God has given us. You think about how efficient our minds are. It is a gift God has given us to channel and propel our lives in the right direction. Scientists say that if the mind is to be constructed like a building, it would be as large as the Empire State building in New York. They also said that if it needed power supply to power it, it will need the power supply for the whole city of Los Angeles. That's like Abuja. Yet, they say that with all of these, it won't still be as efficient as our mind. That's really amazing!

The mind does basically two things: It learns and it strategizes. Every second it is learning and strategizing. It is very important that you are mindful over the things you let in into your mind.


The mind is divided into two: The conscious and the subconscious. If you are not mindful over the things you let into your mind, your mind could be filled with a lot of garbage. Today we'll also be looking at the dangers in exposing your mind to the wrong information. There is no person born intelligent, no person born dumb, the only difference is a trained mind. The difference between the one who is an expert and the one who is not is: the one who is an expert had taken time to train his mind by exposing his mind to adequate information. When one's mind is exposed to wrong information, terrible things are bound to happen.


When you pick up a young person who lives in North Korea and you pick up one who lives in the United States, they don't think the same. They don't think the same because the environment is different and the information they are exposed to is largely different. As a result of the information each has received through deliberate learning and exposure, they are both wired differently to live life towards different directions.

So Patrick I would like you to talk to us on the dangers of exposing one's mind to wrong information.


Patrick Ndifon: Thank you very much. The mind is a powerful tool as you said, and Joyce Meyer said "Where the mind goes, the man follows." Everything we do in life (our actions, our habits, our character) it all stems from our mindset, it all stems from our belief system, which is in the mind. The mind is structured in such a way that whatever we give attention to, whatever we spend our time meditating on, whatever our beliefs are, that's how we act, that's how we live, those are the things that will manifest in our day-to-day lives.


So why is it important that we keep things around us that would orientate us on the right path to success?


The mind works like this, there is a part of your brain called the 'RAS' (Reticular Activating System), this would have us go into a little bit of science here. What the 'RAS' does is that, the things you keep in your mind, the things that you meditate upon continuously, they become a part of your mindset, a part of your belief system. So what happens is, your body begins to push you in the direction of those things that are in your mind.


If you are someone who likes football, for example, you think about football all the time, you talk about football all the time, that forms a belief system in your mind. So what happens is that, in an environment you will also take notice of things that concerns football, that's how the mind works. So whatever is in your mind will definitely manifest in your actions.


Chibuzor: This is one of the reasons why God told us in His Word, "Do not conform to this word, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...."


Our mind is where the issue lies. If your mind is not engaged with the right information, to are bound to have a lot of problems. The mind learns by the things we hear, by association, by exposure.


Let me talk a little bit about association with regards to the mind, the more you spend time with a thing or a person, the more you pick up certain traits about them. You could pick up the way the talk, the way they do things, for example I have little cousins who would spend the entire day watching and listening to Barney and other cartoons, of course this is a holiday so the have ample time for that. Funny enough they've picked up an American accent, they've not been to the US. They picked up an American accent, why? Because they have been listening to this cartoon for a long time, and their minds picked it up. It's fascinating.


This is why the Bible says, "Do not be deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners." When you keep associating with the wrong friends, the deceive yourself by saying, "My friends behaves in a certain way, as for me, I don't follow them." Don't deceive yourself, overtime it will rub off on you.


A lady told me this, this should be sometime last year. She wanted a certain job overseas. A man working in that establishment promised her that he was going to help pave the way for her so she could get the job. But you know, like some of these crazy men do, the man was asking to sleep with her.


She told her friend that this is what this man is asking for, I don't know how to go about it. I will be upfront. Her friend said "No...you don't tell a man 'no', just play him, just keep telling him 'later.. later.. later... later".


This is her friend of course, and friends tend to have a strong influence over our choices.


So she began to play along using her friend's strategy, she began telling lies and was just playing the man, playing the man, playing the man, playing the man.


At a time, the thing was now reaching a point of no return, then she began to pray and say "Oh God, I don't know how to go  about this." Then the Spirit of God said to her, "You've been telling lies, and you've taken the entire responsibility on yourself, so what were you expecting me to do?" She now said, "Please God I'm sorry. I'm just going to come out straight and tell the truth."


She politely told the man she wasn't interested in any sexual relationship with him. She said the moment she did that, she felt peace come on her mind.


You can't be associating with that friend of yours who keeps telling you how she spent the weekend in Abuja with a married man, and how their next outing will be in Dubai. You are listening to everything as she is gisting you all the time, and you are sitting there listening. It's entering your mind, subliminally you are going to respond to that. Sooner or later, you will find yourself moving in that direction. This is why you must be mindful of the people around you if you want to succeed.

You shouldn't allow people that would plantain garbage in your mind. This is why we are being given the Word of God.


The Word of God is God's material for us to meditate on. I know some of you are very busy with a lot of things and may not have so much time to read your Bible. Try to get a CD bible, you can play it in your car as you drive. The same thing if you have gospel messages, you play them in your phone as well. You keep listening to things that would inspire you, things that would push you forward.


Also, you associate with friends who are successful, friends who want to be successful, not those who are lazing around and who have no ambition whatsoever, not those who are willing tear you down. You association is very important, and your exposure, the things you expose your mind to.


The mind sometimes can be really crazy, maybe there is a song playing in the background, one crazy song. It has happened to me before. I was at an office all day, and they were playing a certain song in the background. It was a nice song really. When I got home, I was washing the leaves to cook, and I found myself humming the song. And when I came to myself I was like, "Huh... what are you humming?"


Next time, it repeated itself [laughter].


I remember what a corper friend told me at one time. She was teaching in class. You know about this 'good... better... best.'?


Patrick: Yes.


Chibuzor: So she asked the students, "Bad...  dash... dash", with the expectation that they'll fill the dash with the right words. One of the students confidently responded "Bad, Bado, Baddest".

[Laughter in the studio]


Chibuzor: This really happened. Why is it so? Because of the songs they've been listening to. They keep singing "Bad, bado, baddest" and it registers. During exams, you find them writing 'Bad, bado, baddest'.


[Laughter ]


Patrick Ndifon: I would like to say something about exposure that is relevant like you rightly pointed out. You see, you really have to be conscious and alert with what you let into your mind because if you don't take control of your mind, you're going to see that all manner of things would just flood in. And those things will direct your life in the direction that most likely you would not want or like. I remember what I use to do in NYSC, I did my service in a community that didn't have light for about two or three years plus. I only saw light like 7pm till 9pm, and that was generator. I had to keep myself busy, I had to keep my mind engaged. You know what I did? I took scriptures, I took motivational stuff and put them all around my wall so that every morning I wake up, I'll be motivated and stirred up by those things.


The community I stayed in was very boring.


Chibuzor: [Laughs] You served in a village, didn't you?


Patrick: Yes, I did. There wasn't much to do, really. Doing those things kept me alert, kept me alive, kept me going, kept me driven. It is important that you expose yourself to the right content, to the right messages, to the right images, to the right music, or else the things you allow in would direct your life in the direction that you wouldn't like.


Chibuzor: Training your mind for success takes a deliberate effort. It is something you have to work on, you don't have to relax over it, it is a responsibility you have to take charge of. Take charge to protect your mind. It is a tool. If you do not protect it, if you do not oil it with the right information, it will get rusted.


We will go on a short musical break. We would love to receive your feedback.


Send your tweets to @TheSunRiseConvo HitFMCalabar  or you could send your text to 08139691344.


Please, text messages, no calls. Thank you.


Enjoy this song by Nathaniel Bassey. It is titled 'Wonderful wonder'.


[Musical break]


Chibuzor: Thank you for joining us. We've had several of you trying to call, please do not call.

Someone sent a text. It says:

"Thank you so much for this series on 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success',  it has really been a blessing."


Thanks for your response.


Now we continue in the conversation, you mind was designed by God to create solutions to whatever challenge you might be faced with, so you don't need to give room for wrong information. You don't need to give room to worry.


Many times we are tempted to worry. One thing a lot of us don't know is, worry short-circuits your mind from getting the solutions we need. Our mind is designed to create strategies, to create solutions. But when you allow worry to fill your mind, when you become oppressed or suppressed by worry, it blocks your mind from getting the right solutions that should come forth. So one of the ways you can make your mind very much productive is to de-stress.


How do you de-stress? You expose your mind to the Word of God either through reading or through listening. You play it on your phone, you play it in your car, you play it in your home. And also, very importantly, you listen to inspiring music. Music that would build you up, music that would encourage you, music that would stir you to serve God, music that would stir you to be a success, not music that would encourage you to lust, or encourage you into wrong vices.


So the article on the site is 'Reconfiguring Yourself for Success', you can get everything we've discussed today on that article.


There is also another article on the site titled: How To Unmask a Hypocrite.


I think we have some text messages…


Patrick: Yes, we have a text message here. The person didn't send in their name, but here is what they have to say:


"So what if you are surrounded by the people doing this impure habits. How are you going to get out of it?"


Chibuzor: You have to get out of them. You have to leave them if they are your friend. You have to sever such relationship. Of course there is no how you can't separate from such people even if they are family members, you have to leave that environment. There is nothing wrong in doing so. If you keep staying there, you will keep polluting your mind.


There is a certain young man who hates his Dad because he maltreated his mom. He doesn't want to see him. But do you know what happened? When he got married he too started beating his wife. You see, because he has stayed with his dad over a long period of time. Hating his dad wasn't enough to stop the mindset that was building up on him. He didn't treat that issue, it had already sunk deep in the inner recesses of his mind.


So please, the best thing you can do for yourself regarding the question is to end your relationship with those persons. Separate from them completely or else your mind would get heavily infected.


We have a few announcement here:


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Venue is: The Royal Army Mission,  3 Saint Mary Street off Ekpo Abasi, Calabar.

Time is 6pm.


Those of you in UNICAL and CRUTECH, please make time to be there. We'll be praying for those who are preparing for exams. You are highly welcome.


Next week we'll have Glory Ekanem of Penzrah School of Fashion on the Show.


Be sure to tune in to Hit 95.9FM every Saturday by 10am for 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.


I am Chibuzor Agomuoh.

I love you for listening!

Bye bye!

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