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Photo Story of the 2017 SunRise School Tour @ GSS Lagos Street

Happy New Year everyone. The SunRise Youth Intervention Organization kicked off its activities for the year with the SunRise School #2017SunRiseSchoolTour at Government Secondary School (G.S.S.) Lagos Street in Calabar, Cross River state.

As usual, we spent three (3) days at G.S.S Lagos Street – started on February 1 and ended on February 3. The first two (2) fun-packed with engaging seminars and presentations, and the last day is reserved for handing prizes and scholarship award for school fees for one student. Below, is a brief summary of each day spent at G.S.S. Lagos Street.

Day One @ GSS Lagos Street

The crew was really excited to be at G.S.S Lagos Street.

On arrival, we met with the principal and vice-principal who gave us permission to organize the students ahead of time for the day's activities.

After the usual opening prayer and national anthem which was anchored by the Programs Director, Pastor Chibuzor Agomuoh, Ms. Mirabelle Morah - a member of the crew, thrilled the students with a special song themed "Choices" admonishing them to really think about the choices they make today, as they will have an effect tomorrow.

After Mirabelle's wonderful performance, Mr. Patrick Ndifon took center stage to speak to the kids on academic excellence using the principle of "See, Be, Do: The Three Ways of Academic Excellence". The students listened with rapt attention and were excited about the new things they had learned.

Pastor Chibuzor later rounded the day by taking a few comments from the students. Announcements for the next day was made, the national anthem sung and a closing prayer said to end the day's activities.

Although the students were rowdy at first, they became settled once the presentations began. After the day's event, some of the students came to talk with the crew.

Day one went well, day two held greater promises.

Day Two @ GSS Lagos Street

The crew arrived quite early the second day of the tour.

We began the day's activities with an opening prayer by one of the students and the national anthem was taken – as is customary.

Immediately after that, Pastor Chibuzor took a moment to review the previews day's activities. He asked questions. The students answered.

Next on the agenda was a seminal talk on "Sexual Reproductive Health" delivered by Pastor Chibuzor Agomuoh. This culminated into an "altar call" for those students who wanted to re-dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus.

The students displayed a greater degree of decorum than they did the previous day.

After prayer, announcements were made and day two was ended with the national anthem and closing prayer.

Day Three @ GSS Lagos Street

Alas! Day three, the last day of our tour at Government Secondary School (G.S.S) Lagos Street was exciting.

Attendance had surpassed the previous two days as the students anticipated the day's activities which include prize giving and awards.

After the opening prayer and anthem were taken, we kicked off the last day with a song from Ms. Mirabelle Morah – who sang several songs, the students joined in as she sang "Chosen Generation" by Sinach. Day three was off to a great start.

After Mirabelle's performance we got into the Quiz (Q&A) session with the students. Some of them were asked to make presentations on what they had learnt. It was exciting to see how they performed.

Our special scholarship award for school fees was presented to Joseph Akan Ekwere.

Those who answered questions correctly in our Quiz Session also went home with something.

In summary, despite several challenges experienced during the 2017 SunRise School Tour experience, it still turned out to be success. All glory be to God. Thank you to the principal, staff and students of G.S.S. Lagos Street for having us.

We will like to sensitize our readers and all our audiences on taking responsibility for our future leaders. If we can nurture and raise them up in the fear and admonishing of the Lord, teaching them to sound, responsible and excellent individuals, then surely there will be no cause for worry tomorrow.

Every child has great destiny and they deserve to know it and be empowered to fulfill it.

A big thank you to all our supporters and donors.

See post at https://web.facebook.com/chibuzor.agomuoh/posts/1193643377379723?pnref=story

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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