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Photo Story of the 2016 SunRise School Tour: G.S.S. Akim

Government Secondary School Akim was our next stop, and we had a fabulous time from June 8 - 10, 2016.

We had so many students willing to attend the event, so much that we had to request for a certain number to prevent the hall from getting overcrowded.

The first day started with Mr. Cheerful Light's powerful talk on the 7 Scriptural Laws of Academic Success. This session opened the eyes of a lot of students to reality. They began to understand that success is not a happenstance, there are laws that govern it and you have to recognize those laws and act on them to experience success.

The second day had me speaking on Sexual & Reproductive Health, and an introduction to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had more in attendance. In fact several of the students met us after the second day's seminar and admitted that they've had several groups come to their school to hold seminars, but they've never experienced one like our event.

In fact, a particular student who was ill on Thursday morning and couldn't come to school had to defy the ill health by afternoon and paid her way to school to attend the event on the second day

My university background in Human Physiology, and my experience volunteering for a few health organizations helped me talk exhaustively on the need for young people to abstain from premarital sex and to honor God with their bodies.

On the last day we had a fun quiz segment. Several dozen won prizes. We had to let those who couldn't win understand that it was a game and that they shouldn't take it personal. We had mutual understanding, and the students never wanted the seminar to end, but we had to say goodbye after spending 3 days with them. We also selected a few students whose parents have financial difficulties paying their fees, and their joy knew no bounds.

Thank you to every single person whose support made this divine project possible. I am so grateful. If you are reading this and you were one of those who gave support in a resource way or in a moral way, I want to say a million thanks. You have just changed the lives of these kids. Thank you.

The 2016 SunRise School Tour will resume in September. In August we will bring you reports on the 2016 SunRise Leadership Academy for Teens. If you are in Calabar and you are a teenager, you need to get registered. Contact +2348188676099for more details.

I love you for reading.
God bless you!

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