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Paul on Instagram: My Trip To Damascus (Episode 1)

It’s been a few years since Jesus of Nazareth was killed by the Roman Government. Many believe he rose from the dead on the third day after his death. I consider that a rumor, never believed a single word of it. The man was arrested and executed for spreading politically incorrect ideologies. I thought the Roman Government did a good job when the news of his sentence came to me the day it happened.

But now, I feel something worse is going on. His followers are multiplying at an alarmingly exponential rate. My goal is to kill as many as possible and break their influence. I do not want to have these nonsense teachings infiltrate our religion of Judaism and the culturally relevant teachings of our ancient prophets. This is a battle to conserve our tradition. I will strike down anyone who dares to stand in my way.

Just recently I raised a mob to kill one of their elders- Stephen- by stoning him to death.

I wish the sight of his smashed skull, broken bones, and the oozing of his blood will dissuade many from following the teachings of this crazy sect. I have destroyed many churches, and have begun to imprison many men and women, as much as my vigilanté group can apprehend.

Right now I am sitting in my office and I feel I am not doing enough to stop this “Christian plague”.


An idea just came to me, I will go to the High Priest and will ask for a letter of permission which would let me travel to Damascus, find men and women who belong to the way of Jesus, arrest them and take them as prisoners to Jerusalem.

In a few hours I’ll pack my bags and mobilize my men for action. I hope the High Priest won’t delay in releasing the letter. I actually don’t think he would. Instead, he would hasten the process as fast as possible seeing that he understands and appreciates my disgust towards these “Christians”.

Anyway, let me drop my tablet for now. I’ll keep you all posted. Don’t slide into my DM, I may not respond in the next few days. For more updates follow me on Instagram @KingSaul_thePersecutor.

Catch you later!

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