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Paul On Instagram: My Trip Back To Jerusalem (Episode 3)

Hey people!

I am currently in Tarsus. These past few days have really been quite solemn. I was in Damascus for several days. Last week I went to a Synagogue in the city and taught that Jesus is the Son of God. Everyone present at the meeting was astonished. I could tell by the look on their faces. I saw many of them whispering to each other while I spoke. Several of them were asking,

“Isn’t he the man who caused a lot of trouble in Jerusalem?” 

“Didn't he make trouble for those who worship Jesus?”

Hasn’t he come here to take them as prisoners to the Chief Priests?”

I have been preaching in the Synagogue almost on a daily basis in recent times and more persons are beginning to hear the message I have to share. The Jews living in Damascus are still in shock over what is happening.

Just a few days ago, I got information that the Jews had a secret meeting against me. They planned to kill me. In fact, they kept spies at the City gates to keep watch closely in order to kill me.

When I desperately needed to go back to Jerusalem, the new believers I had led to Jesus Christ helped me escape by night. They lowered me in a basket through an opening in the wall.

I returned back to Jerusalem two days ago. I went to Church in Jerusalem to attend service with them, but they were all afraid of me. The ushers ran away. The protocol ran away. The row I wanted to sit in, the people just cleared away. They thought I had pretentiously come to arrest and kill them.

The entire service felt tensed till it ended. It was brother Barnabas who reached out to say, “Hi....I’m Barnabas, how are you doing?” Then he took me by the hand to the apostles. He told them about my supernatural experience on my way to Damascus, and explained to them about the assignment I had been given by Jesus Christ. I never knew this guy knew a lot about me. He further told them about how I preached with boldness in Synagogue declaring the name of Jesus, and how my life has been under threat ever since.

The believers in my new Church decided to quietly move me to Caesarea, and later I was sent off to Tarsus because my life was in danger. Now,  I am spending more time praying and studying in a sequestered location. I have since deleted photos of me arresting Christians and putting them in jail. Instagram warned me about Stephen’s dead body I posted the other day. It’s been put down. Thinking about Stephen’s death brings grief to my heart and tears to my eyes. I killed an innocent man for what I now believe in.

I am openly telling everyone that I am truly sorry. I give a shout out to some of my followers for the encouraging words sent to my DM. Thank you for your support. Watch out for my next Instagram post on Friday.


- Paul

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