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Overcoming Rejection (Part 2) - 3rd June, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

Chibuzor: Hello!

Welcome to the first Saturday in the month of June. This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' and it's brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.


To know more about our work please visit www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

I am here with my favorite guys in the studio for the concluding part of last week's discussion which was 'Overcoming Rejection'. Cheerful Light and Patrick Ndifon, hello guys!


Cheerful: Hello guys and welcome.


Patrick: Hello guys and happy new month to you guys.


Chibuzor: We had a lot of reactions from last week's discussion. We are so sorry we couldn't prepare the transcript of last week"s conversation, but we promise it will be ready soon.


But first I would like us to talk about the just concluded SunRise School Tour in Obubra. Unfortunately the strike action made it difficult for us to have much students from Community Secondary School Adun. But we had a marvelous time with the students of Elder Oyama Memorial Secondary School, which happened to be a private school.


Cheerful, let us have your perspective of the event.


Cheerful: Hello...well for me it was a knock out! It was a hit! considering that this was our first ever SunRise School Tour outside the city of Calabar. We had a very beautiful outing with them teenagers.


First thing I handled was the 10 Unbreakable laws of Academic Success. It was powerful. And then we shared with them Sexual & Reproductive Health, we also had a time where we had to minister the gospel to them and we had an impartation session also on the second and the third day.


We did that because we know success is spiritual. There is a spiritual aspect to it, and if you want to be successful in life you need the supernatural element, and for me it was a 10/10. There were lots of challenges but it was successful. I had a nice time in Obubra.


Chibuzor: Yeah... Patrick?


Patrick: Yeah, absolutely. It was phenomenal. Like he said, it's the first time out of Calabar, you know, I had some expectations like ah...but it turned out very well, the hospitality, the way we were received, it was exceptional and I really give God thanks for that.


The students where very organized, the teachers, the principal, they made sure everything was in place. Our first day was great, second day was even better, it just kept getting better and better towards the end of the tour.


I'm really impressed with the changes I saw in some of the students. I'm really impressed with their reception towards us. They were excited. I believe that this is an experience that they will never forget. You could see the joy and excitement on their faces. During the impartation service [Laughs], the kids were excited. There were cases of healing and deliverance.


It was a great time.


Chibuzor: The funny thing about this outing is that some things almost made us not to go on the journey.

[Laughter in the studio] We heard that there were fighting somewhere around Nkó, and at that point Godwin felt like dying [Laughter in the studio].


Finally we were able to go. The event was indeed a full package.

To know what happened just visit our website www.sunrisegospelzone.com for the full report of what happened during the outing.


I want to use this opportunity to thank Pastor(Mrs.) Grace Bassey who happens to be the Lead Pastor of Grace Chapel and Proprietress of Elder Oyama Memorial Secondary School.


Thank you ma'am for your hospitality and for everything, because of you the event was successful. And the students handled themselves in a well cultivated manner.


Cheerful: Well over 250 students were in attendance.


Patrick: No...actually there were over 350 students.


Cheerful: ..and they were so organized.


Chibuzor: Yes, they were really organized. This is the only school we've been to and they've been this organized. Seeing students screaming irritates me, and sometimes I use to climb their desk to scream back at them. This time I didn't have the need to do that, they were very organized. I must commend them. It didn't look like a school in a rural setting. The students were well mannered.


I must as well commend the young man who invited us and was patient enough to get a yes from us. His name is Godwin Egba. I think every teenager should be like Godwin. I remember, June of last year was when we started talking about this, and every time he kept saying, "Please come to Obubra, please come to Obubra." Finally we held the event. I would say we held that event in Obubra in his honor. We went there because of the remarkable work he's done in refurbishing school libraries.


I saw the books in the school library, and most of the books used by the students in that school were made available through his initiative - DTL (Defining True Leadership). He is doing quite an amazing job. To know more about his work you could visit the Facebook page- www.facebook.com/DefiningTrueLeadership.


Young people shouldn't just do things to make an 'impact' (in quote). You should have passion not just to talk, but to solve real problems. You talk and you do.


We've had several persons who have shown interest to partner with us. I have turned down a lot of persons who have come to us for partnership because some people have their ulterior motive. But this young man has a very clear motive, and has sincere love for God.


So our 4-day stay in Obubra was quite a delight and we give God the praise.


Patrick how does Cheerful pronounce the word Obubra? Oboubourol.


Patrick: Obubura

[Laughter in the studio].


Cheerful: [Laughs]Obubra, cool people. Respectful people.


Patrick: Let's not forget the Principal, Mr. Kalu Eme. He really played a great role in the success of the event. We need to give him kudos for that.


Cheerful: And then we had an opportunity to distribute lots of copies of our Reach4Life Bibles for teenagers, and we gave out lots of textbooks, and some motivational books by Mirabelle.


Chibuzor: Yeah... Mirabelle Morah gave two books, one is written by John Mason and the other by Joel Osteen. Thank you Mirabelle Morah, thank you so much.


We'll take a short music break and we'll be right back.


[Music break]


Chibuzor: Welcome back, that was 'Give Me Faith' by Elevation Worship.

This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' and it's brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.


The topic we'll be discussing today is 'Overcoming Rejection.'

This is the conclusion of the two-part series which started last Saturday.

We had lots of reactions like I earlier said. We had lots of text messages.


To join the conversation, if you still have questions you want us to handle, send your text messages to the number: 08139691344.


The topic once again is: Overcoming Rejection. We have some questions here which we didn't treat last week.


Please, our listeners, text don't call. This one says:

Here is a text message from someone who responded to last week's conversation:

"Frustration is a disease, I am being frustrated in my academics just because I know no one. I don't have connections. It's better I die than to be alive and be withdrawn from school."


So this is a case of frustration out of..... I don't know what I'll call it!


Cheerful: First we have to be clear. Is it because you had low grades? Or you're being victimized and you don't know anybody to help you? Or is it that your grades are fine and someone is just stepping on you? We are not sure yet, but  what I think he/she should do is, maybe discuss it with someone, like your Pastor,  someone who can hear you out. Let him have the full story, but I know if your grades are okay generally and you are working hard, you won't have much to worry about.


Patrick: I think, like Cheerful had said, you talk to the relevant authority. Pray as well so that that fear will not hinder you from taking the necessary step.


Chibuzor: Okay, we have another question here. We read it out last saturday. This one is from Derek Ikpe. It says:

"I am a gospel rapper. Seriously I have been rejected by OAPs, DJs, Events, and friends all because I do gospel music. Now I'm addicted to pain killers and I know my liver is messed up, and my days are short."


Anyway, I want to say something regarding this matter. We said last week Saturday that everybody...everybody is susceptible to rejection. It doesn't matter who you are, you'll be rejected at one point or the other. But the thing there is your response to the rejection. Are you obsessing about it? Or are you taking it as a challenge to press forward and be successful?

If you were rejected by OAPs, maybe they feel you are not yet a successful artiste, or you were to perform at an event and they turned you down because you were not an A-list artiste, that should spur you up and keep you on your toes, working hard to be the best. It's not something you'll say "Oh...I'm rejected. Let me swallow pills", no, no, no, no! That's not the best because in a way you are accepting those people's opinion of you. You are saying "Yes it's true."


You know yourself. See, you are doing gospel, you are a messenger of Christ and that's powerful. You shouldn't do this to yourself. Even those singing secular would not do this to themselves.


There was something Wendy Williams said at one time, she said something about her encounter with a certain artiste, I've forgotten the name. The artiste brought his CD to her in the studio. This was during the 90's. In his very presence she flinged the CD off the window. She said she regretted the act, but today that guy is richer than her. Wendy Williams is worth more than $60 million, but the guy is richer and he is a successful A-list Act in the US, so that's life.


Cheerful: The question is, where is your faith? You see the Bible says that if you faint in the day of adversity that your strength is small. That is when you should have shown them that "I am a gospel artiste". You should put your faith to work. Go for it, keep at it, you understand. Until Frank Edwards and Sinach and the rest of them tell you what they've been through, you may never know. You ought to have continued what you were doing. But for now I'll ask that you stop taking those pills. This young man needs counselling and spiritual help. If he goes further than this, that might just be it for him. Already he's told us that his liver is messed up so…


Chibuzor: I would really want to see this guy because after the show I tried his number he didn't pick. Though we spoke briefly later on, the week has been busy. So to the gentle man, please I would like you to reach out to us, it's very, very important.

Someone sent a text saying:

"Why is the world rejecting gospel music? An OAP told me he can't play my song because it is a gospel track."

[Laughter in the studio]


Cheerful: It's in your head. The world needs Jesus. They may be fighting him, but they can't stop him. I mean, who has faced more rejection than Paul? So it's until you get there. I don't think the world can stop Jesus. You might have a need and not be conscious of it. They may not even know. So change your mind. They might be fighting him, but they need him and you are the best person to take him to them.


Patrick: And to add to that I think there are lot of opportunities, lots of platforms for gospel music to be promoted. It depends on where you are going. You may be checking in the wrong place. You need to seek put gospel platforms because they are everywhere. Seek out these platforms to promote your music, start from there and it may now spread out to other parts of the region.


Chibuzor: Yeah... We also need to look at the reason why people use rejection as a tool on others. Yes, people feel rejected, but something a lot of persons don't know is that some persons use rejection as a tool.


Last Saturday we talked about racism as one of the reasons why people  reject people, we mentioned pedigree, health status, etc. The truth of the matter is: not everybody will be your friend.


You don't need to do business with everybody. For me if I notice someone is egocentric or have some traits that mock my personal code of conduct as a Christian, I give the person some space. But I will not make you feel horrible.

If I need to point it out to you, I would, but I will not make you feel less about yourself. But for some persons, they don't see it that way. They use rejection as a tool for mind games, control, manipulation. The people who usually fall a victim of this are approval addicts like we talked about last week. They allow themselves to be tired to the apron strings of this people. Because the people who do this are narcissist.


As a narcissist you feel you are very important, and when someone does not do as you want, you use rejection like "I don't want to talk to the person." You stonewall the individual by saying "I don't want to have anything to do with that individual". You could hear some of them say things like,

"I don't want you because you are poor".

" I don't want you because you have HIV/AIDS"

"I don't want you because your family is of a low social status"


The annoying one is, "I schooled in Princeton, in Yale, in Harvard, but you...you schooled in a Nigerian University".


You know, that kind of nonsense. Cheerful I don't know of you have anything to say in that regard.


Cheerful: My response to this is this: There is a T-shirt in town, it says " Kill them with success".


[Laughter in the studio]


I don't mean that your success should kill somebody, but I like the mentality. You said last week that the best form of revenge is success. I mean, kill them with success [Laughs].


Patrick: Les Brown said something, he said "Never let another person's opinion become your reality." Then again I feel those people doing this have a problem themselves. They too are approval addicts.


Let's look at it: They are doing this because deep down inside they want your approval. They want you to see them as 'high flyers', 'big guys', and all that. In a way they are approval addicts. Last week we talked how we should put ourselves in other people's shoes. When we see people treating us that way, when we see them trying to manipulate us with rejection. Let us also consider that, those guys, they are going through almost the same issue we are going through, so you don't have to take it seriously.


Cheerful: I was thinking about it this morning, a lot of things we do and say is actually a reflection of who we are. Some people put a stonewall façade, the truth is the person is struggling with insecurity, low self-esteem, trying to make you conform and contort, and you were trying to say something about the devil last week, he came to kill to steal and to destroy. He is not coming to make friends with you. You are going to look him in the eye and say, "Give it your best shot and when you're done I'll be here standing."


Chibuzor: Someone sent a text message here saying:

"Please, what is rejection?"


Well you didn't tune in to last week's conversation. If the transcript was ready, I would have referred you to read the transcript, but I will answer that.


To be rejected means to be marginalized, to be discriminated against, to be given little or no recognition just because of your pedigree, your social status, or tour health status, or your ethnicity, or your race, or for other crazy reason like we've highlighted here.

We live in a wicked world. The world is wicked because people are looking for whom to use for their selfish gains. And why I said the world is wicked is because the devil is here, and he is looking for people through which he can express his wickedness. But like we said last week, don't let anybody put you down.


Overcoming rejection means taking rejection as a challenge to succeed. Taking it as a challenge to move forward.

There is nothing in this life that can stand against the man who is determined to succeed.


Patrick: You know, the scripture says:

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Like you said, don't let anyone put you down. It doesn't mean you should go fighting them. You have to have strong values, a strong belief system. What are your core values? Everyday when you wake up in the morning tell yourself "This is who I am: I am blessed, I am favored, I am loved, loved by God."


Like you said, man's love is always changing, but God's love never ends.

So you've got to keep telling yourself positive things, and never let anyone's opinion become your reality.


Cheerful: Yeah...absolutely. I agree. The thing is you need to understand that things change. That person you thought was an authority figure may not be. You see, if they told Joseph that he was going to be Potiphar's boss, he may not have believed. If Joseph spent his time trying to please his brothers, he wouldn't have been Prime Minister, and if they knew that their life depended on his dream they wouldn't have messed up.


Chibuzor: Absolutely. That's what a lot of persons fail to understand. Like I shared in the Wendy Williams story, I always says this, "When people turn their backs on you, tell yourself " I'm going to tell a story someday, because it's not going to be the same a year, 2, 3, 5 years down the line." So continue with whatever it is you are doing. Maybe you were given a sack letter, that's not the end of the world. At the end of the show we are going to pray for several persons. Maybe you were in a relationship and the person ditched you, it could be very heartbreaking after about 3 or 4 years of investing in this person, and now he or she is saying, "Anyway, I don't want you."


It's heartbreaking, especially when your whole heart is in it. So we would be praying.


Those of you who go to Church, when you have issues like this, don't just sit down and bottle it up, share it with your Pastor. Share it with your leader in Church, someone you can trust. One thing with these things is that if you keep bottling them up, it could erupt like a volcano one day. It's very dangerous. Don't bottle those things up, meet your Pastor, tell your Pastor about it. God has a word for you through him. He will help guide and lead you in the right path.


We are going to take a music break. Enjoy this song by Mairo Ese, it is titled: 'You are the Reason'.

We'll be right back.


[Music break]


Welcome back.


That was a beautiful one by Mairo.


We have a few announcements here:

1) For wholesale or retail supply of peanut snack, meatpie, Fishpie, contact EstySnacks on 09035130152.

2) For event decoration, birthday and wedding cakes, contact Oluchizagga on 08094482588.


3) The Royal Army Mission is holding a special event from the 6th to the 9th of July 2017, I.e about 4 weeks from now.


It's a 4-day event which will witness a profuse effusion of divine revelation from God's Word.

Some of the guest ministers include:

a) Rev. Thomas Esu

b) Rev. Imah Imah (of Treasure House Missions)

c) Pastor Iwa Ebeten( of Gospel Glory Ministries Int'l)


Date is July 6-9, 2017, so mark your calendars.

Venue is The Royal Army Mission, 3 Saint Mary Street off Howell or off Ekpo Abasi, Calabar.


Thursday - Saturday the programme starts 5pm prompt.

The grand finale holds on Sunday by 9am prompt.

Host: Pastor (Mrs.) Regina Wisdom.


4) If you have an event in this month of June which you intend to announce, call me on 08065821693.


Patrick and Cheerful I would Luke us to say a short prayer for our listeners. Some of them are going through heartbreak as a result of a broken relationship. Some have been served sack letters, some have gone for a job interview and they weren't picker, now it's beginning to affect their emotions. I want us to pray for them that the grace of God would rest upon them, and that God would launch the forward.


Cheerful I would like you to pray.

Cheerful: In Jesus name, Father we thank you for our listeners. Those who have gone through the things we've mentioned so far. We pray that by your Spirit peace would be ministered to their hearts, in the name of Jesus. Every challenge, every heartbreak, is turned around for their good, in the name of Jesus. We declare that they receive strength receive an increased level of your grace and everything have in store for them, in the name of Jesus.



Chibuzor: This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' and it's brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

To know more about our work please visit www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

I love you for listening.

Bye bye!



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