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One Day They Will Believe

It was a Sunday afternoon, my friend and I drove from Church to a restaurant somewhere in Abuja. We ordered for our meals and waited to be served. At a table not too far from us were a group of men (about 5 of them) who were conversing and laughing. Apparently they were hosting a friend who had just returned from the U.S.

I didn't bother to notice what was going on until I heard one of them reel insults at Christians and the Bible. They called the Bible a book of fairy tales and questioned the sanity of those who believe it.

They all laughed along like hyenas, and funny enough they were intermittently staring at us, perhaps hoping to get a response.


I didn't want to waste my afternoon on frivolities. I sat there and made sure I enjoyed my fish and rice, acting as though I was totally oblivious to everything but my meal. My friend was looking at me thinking I would say something to them. He was surprised I didn't. Actually I enjoyed my meal and we thanked the waitress for serving us well. We picked up our things and found our way to the door.

While in the car, I made a comment about how mild the weather was unlike the usual harsh afternoon sun of Abuja, particularly in the dry seasons. My friend asked me, "Those people...why didn't you say anything to them? You heard some of the disgusting things they said against the Bible." I smiled and I responded, "Don't worry! One day, they will need God. One day they will believe. They will need a miracle and they will believe in the gospel."

"But when?" He asked.

"It's up to them. They hear it every day. But one day, they all will believe. It could be on a sick bed. It could be while in prison. It could be in the face of dense tragedy. It could be that moment when they shall open their eyes in hell; and that will be too late for them, but one day they will believe."

Imagine it was Neil Armstrong who sat in that restaurant, and a group of persons were laughing at him to scorn saying "The moon does not exist. In fact, anyone who says the moon can be explored is an ignorant fool."

Neil would be wasting his breath trying to convince these people who are so proud in their ignorance, when they've already heard the truth. He knows better that the moon exists, not just because he looks at it every night high up in the sky, but because he's been there. He has landed on it. He has touched it.

He might be wondering, "Don't these people watch TV? Or read the newspapers? Why are there so stubbornly ignorant?

The human spirit was designed to believe the Word of God. When a person hears the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is this witness in the heart of the person that the message is true. But some of them make a choice to consciously resist that inner witness and the message, and in a bid to do so they tend to be very hostile whenever they have anything to say about the Bible.

Well, intellectual pride can never subdue the influence of the Word of God. The Word of God is true, and it doesn't need anybody's validation. There have been thousands of persons all through the ages who have spoken vile things against the Bible, and they were given a roaring applause. Perhaps their heads were swollen to the high heavens in pride. Too bad they are dead and gone, but the Bible is still very much alive and very much influential. There have been, and there will be more of such, so whoever is in the habit of speaking about the Bible with disdain shouldn't feel special.

It's sad that just because someone knows '1 + 1 =2', or that 'A is for apple', he chooses to come to the conclusion that the Bible is not true. So sad.

I have read books, and I have read the Bible. There is tangible power in it. You will think that the Bible is just a literary work until you have experienced the power of God in it. That power that is able to change a man completely from darkness to light. Anyone who has experienced the power in those letters will tell you that it can't be fully described with words, you know better when you've experienced it.

How long will you continue to resist that voice in your heart?

How long?

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" - John 3:16

You still think that is a fairy tale?

Everyone has his life to live, but there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end of it are the ways of destruction. Believe it or not, there is eternal damnation to anyone who willfully rejects the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for his redemption.

"He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. - Proverbs 29:1

Pick up a Bible and read it for yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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