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Maximizing Your Talent (Part 1) - August 12, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM


Chibuzor: Welcome to the show!

My name is Chibuzor Agomuoh and this is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

This show is paid for by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation: a leading faith-based organisation doing an incredible work in the area of youth intervention and youth development.

To know more about us you can visit our website - sunrisegospelzone.com or you could call us via the number- 08065821693.

We had an amazing time in the studio last Saturday with Cheerful and Patrick as we talked about 5 Hindrances to Sustainable Success.
If you missed it, visit sunrisegospelzone.com. There you can read the transcript.

I want to congratulate every one of you who registered for the August/September 2017 SunRise Academy for Young Leaders.

Your class starts by 10:30am this morning at 65 Marian Road, close to UPS Express, not too far from Glo office.

If you've registered, make sure you go there with your slip. If you need help, call this number immediately: 08139691344.

Today's show is going to be really fascinating and special. I have here with me Echa and his lovely wife Dorcas. What a joy to have you both right here!

Echa & Dorcas: Thank you very much, Chibuzor!



Chibuzor: First of all, I would love me to say congratulations on your wedding. This is one month, right?


Echa: Exactly one month.

Dorcas: Thank you so much.


Chibuzor: So how has it been?

Dorcas: Awesome.

Echa: Splendid.


Chibuzor: Alright. There is a lot to learn today as we will be talking on 'Maximizing Your Talent'.

We're gonna take this short music break. Sit tight, we'll be right back.


[Music break- Let Praises Rise]


Chibuzor: If you are just tuning in, thank you for joining us.
This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

I have with me here Mr. & Mrs. Echa (Dorcas and Emmanuel).

Like I said earlier on, today we are talking on the topic 'Maximizing Your Talent'. We all know that a talent is a natural ability to do with ease what others consider as difficult or very hard. I believe that every single one of us have talent. We are talented to do one thing or the other.

The reason why I brought Echa and his wife on this show is because they are wonderful persons and obviously very talented individuals.

Let me say this, I only knew Echa as a web developer. I wanted him to build a website for me, so I went to him. Then one day I saw him posting pictures on Instagram of some delicacies, and I was like, "Maybe this guy stole one picture somewhere from the internet to post."

And then it was becoming regular. One day I asked him, "Do you make this?" and he responded "Yes".

I was really amazed. He is a web developer and also has this business- Echfield Kitchen. Amazing!

Okay, anyway, I want to ask Echa this question: how did you discover your talent for web design and culinary arts?


Emmanuel Echa: Thank you Chibuzor for this opportunity. Web design for me began in 2002 when I started studying computing. In fact, I was on a programme and I was taught Coral Draw, Microsoft Appreciation and other applications that relate to computing. But then, I was done with that programme and I got into the University in 2006. Now with the desire and with the passion and with the love, I had this desire for computing, so at that level I said " Why don't I study computer science?" to see how I can acquire skills for my passion, which was computing?

So at that point I noticed that I loved design and from Coral Draw, photo shop, fireworks, I got to understand that I had a talent from the passion from design and computing. So while I was in the University, in fact God just has a way, because any skill or talent that is in you has been put in there by God. God drew my attention from having just that passion and having that skill to actually using it to work.

So that was how, in fact, I got employed to work in 300 level in the University till now. My present job from 300 level was as result of that talent I had from the passion I loved in doing web designing and all that.

Chibuzor: The one that intrigues me most is, I want to find out about the culinary art thing, the cooking talent. How did it start? When did it begin?


[Everyone laughs]


It's very unusual. Yeah, men cook. But....okay look at it closely, one is good at web development and at the same time very excellent in culinary arts.


Emmanuel Echa: Now when I was much younger, by the way I am from Bekwarra, Cross River State. It's interesting, our parents would always tell us, the men actually, "You should not go to the kitchen." So while I was growing up, I had loved to go to see how my sisters do the kitchen thing, and my dad would say "Don't go to the kitchen", you get it? So it didn't quite play for me. But it happened that while I was on holiday, my mom said " Alright, come over to Abuja." My mom had a restaurant.  So when I'm in Abuja I'd just sit with my mom.


Chibuzor: Oooh...now I see where it developed.


Emmanuel Echa: Then I started seeing my mom's recipe and when I got back to school, I discover that when I am in the kitchen... my most exciting times are when I'm in the kitchen. I am very daring about food. I don't joke with food....


Chibuzor: When you see his Instagram page, you will know what his talking about.

Dorcas, you run a very successful pastry business.


Dorcas Echa: Yes.


Chibuzor: These two people, na wa for una oh? Una no wan leave small for us make we do!


[Everyone laughs]


Okay, how did it start?


Dorcas Echa: Growing up as a child I've always loved art, I've always loved cake, colors and decorations. But initially I couldn't do that at first because I wanted to go to school. My parents wouldn't even want me to.


Chibuzor: Nah.... Nah.....


[Everyone laughs]


Dorcas Echa: They wanted me to go to school and stay focused. So I decided to go to school first. Then I decided that I would go after fashion (which was my dream) after I had finished University. So in 2012 I decided that I was going to do something about the dream. The cake and the art, they go in hand together. So that was when I started my cake dream. I started off with some trainings, I attended a lot of trainings within Calabar and outside of Calabar. I attended some exhibitions as well. So I thought of taking the cake business to another level. In 2016 I joined the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES), it's a cake platform in Calabar where bakers come together to share ideas. In the baking world you keep sharing, you don't stop learning.

You have to keep sharing, you have to keep learning. So I was always on YouTube, I was always learning new techniques, and with the help of ICES, it has really helped me too to boost up my skills and my passion in the cake business. So that has helped. My parents have also been a very strong support to me. They've been supporting me and pushing me forward up till now.



Chibuzor: Amazing! Amazing! So now I have this question, how do I move my talent from crude to refined? Because this issue of Neymar becoming the most expensive player now, someone calculated the whole money he earns and said "Mommy, it should have been me, but when I was playing football, you refused. You said, Go and read your book...go and read your book, now look."


[Everyone laughs]


So, you know there are different types of talent. There is talent in music, there is talent in different forms of art. In every vocation, one needs to be talented in that field. Even in medicine, you discover that there are doctors, there are pediatricians who are really good with children. Just holding the child, you would see it. But there are some whom you can look and tell that this is not really their thing, parents would agree with me on this.

John Maxwell wrote a book, he called it, 'Talent is not Enough'. I know I have a talent, I can sing, I can draw, I can do this, I can do that. But how do I move it from crude to refined? Echa, I would like you to say something.


Emmanuel Echa: Okay. So I would like to start with you.


[Chibuzor laughs]


Emmanuel Echa: I remember when I first met you some years back, you were asking that I should make you a website. Then you had not gotten to this level of having a radio programme. Then you would gather your children, you would go for your school programmes and all that. That talent was a passion you had then. You get it? I would always tell my friends that if I go to Ikom to buy Cocoa seeds, they are much cheaper than going to spar to buy chocolate. So at the level of crude, we are talking about cocoa seeds, they are crude. You could see cocoa seeds on the road and step on them as you pass by. But those cocoa seeds have to go through a process of refining. Just the same way The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation started from the passion to have a website, the passion of moving to schools in Calabar and as far as Obubra and other areas to reach out to children, up to the level of coming to Hit FM that you could have people listen to you on a wider scale. You get my point? So now, let me just back it up with a small Bible portion, it says in

Proverb 22:29 "Do you see someone skilled in their worked? They will stand before kings. They will not stand before official of low ranks."


Chibuzor: That's right.


Emmanuel Echa: You get it? So if you have seen a skill in you, Neymar, there are pictures of Neymar snapping with Ronaldo like 20 years ago.


Chibuzor: Wow!


Emmanuel Echa:  Now that was Neymar. You would see him then as a kid and you would say, "He's just a kid."

But then there was passion at the crude level. But over time he decided to refine, he decided to get training. He decided to work on his skill, and today he is signing a big deal. If you convert it to Naira it is about.


Chibuzor: It is causing my head to spin right now, it is causing my head to spin.


[Everyone laughs]


To join us in the conversation, send us your reactions via the number - 07030487856. Please do not call, just send a text message. 

Send us your questions, send is your reactions. We would like to hear what you have to say.

We are going to take a short music break.
Enjoy this song by Israel Houghton. It's titled 'Goodness & Mercy". We'll be tight back.


[Music break]


Chibuzor: Welcome back!
This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. With me here is the talent duo: Mr. Echa and Mrs. Dorcas Emmanuel. The topic of our discourse is 'Maximizing Your Talent' and we have said a few things in that regard. To send in your questions and your reactions, do so via the number - 07030487856.

I have another question for you, how do I hone my talent so much that I can begin to earn a living from it? You know it is one thing to have a talent, and it is another thing to be able to earn money from that talent. How do I take it to that level?

Emmanuel Echa:  Okay.


[Chibuzor Interjects]


Chibuzor: Sorry please, some of you are calling. Please do not call, just send in a text message and we'll read them. Thank you.


Emmanuel Echa: Let me go back to refining. Now, if you talk about prospectus, they will find out that there is oil here, and they will get their equipment for the drilling and all of that, and get it distilled to the point where we have petrol, kerosene, and all that. Now, one thing you should know first is to discover your talent. It is easy to discover your talent when you understand that your talent is your passion. I have passion for food, good Lord!!! I love food. I could stare at a picture of food for two hours.


Chibuzor: Hmmmm...madam, you concur?


Dorcas Echa: [Laughs]


Emmanuel Echa:  You can ask my wife. As soon as we get up in the morning and we finish having our morning prayers, she would ask me, "What are we going to eat?"

And then she'll have to go through a whole long list for me. So, looking at what my wife does, she discovered a passion. She loved cake as a child. She loved pastries and all those sweet sweet edibles and the rest. First you have to discover your talent. Like what Socrates said, "Man know thyself". So you should know what is your passion, and what you love.

When you are posting your pictures on Instagram or on Facebook, you are probably taking pictures because you like them. We have a brother here in the studio who is also a member of The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. He used to take pictures before reaching this level. Now he is a professional photographer.

I'm not kidding. Back then he would take photographs from his phone, and they will use those photographs to post on the website. Now he is professional because of the passion.

One other thing you need to do is, you have to feed your passion.


Chibuzor: That's right.


Emmanuel Echa:  If you give life to your passion, you push your passion forward. You tell your passion " You can make my dreams come true".
My wife could speak more on that.



Dorcas Echa: Yes, you know yourself, you've discovered yourself, you feed yourself. Now you have to work towards making it a better one for you. Attending trainings, seminars, and going for exhibitions as well.


Chibuzor: Like you did.


Dorcas Echa:  Yeah. It would sharpen your utmost ability, being the best of who you are. Being the servant of your talent sharpens your talent and then that would let your talent grow.


Chibuzor: That's right. We have a text here from Boswell Akanimoh. It says "Talent is not enough. You need to build up consistency, courage, character, tenacity, to be accomplished".


You know you have to be consistent at what you do, by so doing you grow.

You used me as an example, which is true. I never attended any writing class, blogging class.

I discovered something about me early, that I could teach. During NYSC I had an offer to teach at Nasarawa State University, but I turned it down because God had a bigger plan for my life. I discovered that early enough that when I write something, when I say something, even of it is not very polished, it's just like I'm doing this radio thing now, I may not be a polished presenter, but people love this show because they can relate to what we have say. We say it in a way that really appeals to them and it cuts across well.

I discovered that over time that I would write, post it on blog, and it would have 5,000 read, sometimes 7,000 read and even more in a short while. Consistency in the work caused me to grow in it.

We have another text message here. It says, " Good morning Presenter, I am Eggiedi Steven from Bekwarra. Please how do I meet your guest."


[Chibuzor laughs]


Don't worry, we will tell you how to meet him by the end of the show.

Alright! So you guys do amazing things. Dorcas, at your business: Cake Hierarchy and Decor, you do Wedding and Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, smoothies, cocktail drinks, dessert, small chops, decorations, event planning & management, only you?

[Everyone laughs]

There is God oh in everything you are doing.

[Everyone laughs]

To contact Dorcas for her business, please take note of this number- 08038988186. Then there is also this other number - 08075286930.

Now there is something I would like to ask you, Echa, you are talented in web design and also talented in culinary arts. How have you been able to grow the two, because Echfield Kitchen is moving. So far from what I know you guys are doing stuff.


Echa & Dorcas: Yes!


Chibuzor: I saw it in one of the pictures for your wedding.


[Everyone laughs]


Chibuzor: So how have you been able to grow the two? That's a question I wanted to ask before the show ends, web design and the other one.


Emmanuel Echa: Two weeks ago we had a contract with Computer Professionals of Nigeria. Interestingly Echfield Kitchen is a brand name, we are on Facebook, we are on Instagram @echfield kitchen.

So now, Social Media is one of the best ways to sell your brand, to show case what you have these days.


Chibuzor: Tell me that again.


[ Everyone laughs]


So when I am in the office I get to do 8am - 4pm. Now, my wife can easily cover up. If we have a contract to supply food, we check the time, we call in people, they handle it, you know.

Most events fall on the weekend, and of course on weekends I don't work, so I have the weekend to cover up.

And if this event is supposed to be during the weekday, my wife and I we wake up, we make preparations, we get everything in place, we get hands, those who are going to work with us, and we pay them, and then we make the supplies.

Now the thing you should understand is, the Bible says that when you wake up in the morning, put your hands on the plough, and in the evening let not your hand relent, for you do not know which one the Lord is going to use to bless you.

So you can work before your main work, during your work, and after your main work, and God can bless you from any of them.


Chibuzor: Growing your talent is very important. I would say it's what will put food on your table. I can say that looking at my parents. It's my Mom's hand, my Dad's skill, that is what sent us to school, not even the paper. If you are a young person and you are talented, seek ways to grow your talent. When you know better you do better.

We have a few announcements here:

1) For web design services contact Mr. Echa Emmanuel on 07030487856.

2) Spectacle Rentals is offering you rental services. You can hire generators of different sorts.
They even have the latest wedding gowns for rent at just N7,000.
Venue is at 95 Mayne Avenue, and the number to call is 08069372354.

3) For event decoration services call Oluchizagga on 08094482588.

4) Classic Kitchen is offering you excellent catering services for your event.
Call them on 07062174997.

5) For top-notch bulk SMS services call solidrocksms.com on 08139691344.

6) Recently several of you have called for counselling. Counselling for yourself and for your children. Please call this number- 08188676099.
Call us as soon as the show ends.

7) If you want to advertise on the show, please drop me a message on WhatsApp. Here is the number- 08065821693.

Please Dorcas, kindly pray for our listeners.

[Dorcas says a prayer in Jesus name].

Thank you!

I am Chibuzor Agomuoh.

Check out for the transcript next week on our website.
We leave you with this amazing song.

I love you for listening.
See you next week!

Bye bye!



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