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How To Unmask A Hypocrite

​Everyone has had an encounter at one time or the other with a hypocrite. Hypocrites are doubled faced people who pretend to be nice to you so that they can take undue advantage of you. A leader at any strata in life who fails to see through the mask of a hypocrite will no doubt pay heavily and painfully for their blindness.

Many persons do not appear to be hypocrites on the face, but in their hearts they are. A hypocrite is someone whose mastery in pretense is dumbfounding. An expert in the game of eye service, gifted liar and one who pretends to be what they are not.

In other to protect your heart and your life generally, wisdom demands that we detect them early enough as to thwart them on time before they eat up the tender vine as they can become dangerous and poisonous to your life or the unity and stability of an organization.

A double tongued person has the same heartbeat of an hypocrite. They would say something before a person only to turn back and say an entirely different thing to another. They are traitors and fierce liars. 

So how do you unmask them? The answer is simple! The same way doctors find diseases in one's liver, stomach, pancreas, and other organs. Mind you, the organs of your body do not speak. 

How do doctors find things out? By learning about symptoms and signs. That means a whole lot. 

Each symptom in the body can lead to an important diagnosis. Similarly, each symptom you notice in a person can lead to the most important diagnosis. In the same way, each symptom you notice in a person can lead to the most important diagnosis that you are dealing with a hypocrite. 

Like the doctor, believe the signs and symptoms, but look far beyond the perfect picture that is presented to you and see the real. 

You must judge by actions and not by presentations. If you allow a hypocrite to flourish in your life, you are growing a potential traitor and murderer. 

Matthew 23:27-28 gives us hints to detect a hypocrite. 

They are people who seem to have two temperaments depending on who they are with. When they are with others they are jovial, chatty, friendly. When they are in your presence, they are quiet, serious, pensive and melancholic. Is it that such a person has two temperaments? Or could it be they are pretending to be something else when they are in your presence?

People who are too perfect and dignified in their presentation of themselves. Such people have a picture of righteousness, perfection, orderliness and holiness. Often times, this is a cover up for hidden and devious agenda. 

You can never tell their wicked thoughts towards you by mere looking at their faces because they will always be smiling. Indeed, their smiles have become face masks. You need to look closer to discover the real feelings within these bland-faced species. 

People who are non committal, watch out for them. We have noticed that people who say 'I don't belong here or there' actually belong somewhere. People who do not say either good or bad. It cannot be that you don't have anything to say. You must have one thing in your mind. 

Hypocrites have things in their background that are not consistent with their claims (Judges 16:15-16). 

You must therefore not take things for granted. Look carefully into peoples background and ask yourself why they would go all out to establish a relationship with you. 

Hypocrites have complete changes in attitude that seem unusual. Watch out for these sudden and unexplained changes in people's attitude. They may be a reason for sudden cheerfulness and exuberance. Always ask yourself why they are eager to do things for you, especially if you occupy a prominent position. Could there be some other reasons that make people so zealous and excited? 

Some needy people are hypocrites (Genesis 38:13-19). People who are looking for promotion, placement and provision tend to bend over backwards to get what they want. They often find themselves pretending and providing "eye service" to their boss and to any important person who can give them the favors they need. Watch out for some poor and needy people carefully. Many of such persons will pay any price and are prepared to "like the vomit" of the boss so they will be liked and be given preferential treatment.

Hypocrites are spotted by their lack of depth of thought, strength, and timing. Hypocrites do not have deep commitment. This account for their reluctance to acquire real strength for the work they have to do. 

Many people conceal their true motives, thoughts, and feelings through hypocrisy. To a great extent, hypocrites disguise their real feelings by a false appearance. Hypocrisy is common among Christians today, and especially in cultures where people tend to show a lot of respect without a corresponding inner respect. In such cultures, people continue to put up a show of fake respect even when they don't genuinely feel that way. Hypocritical characters develop strategies that make them look angelic. 

You must therefore learn not to trust people who cover their dislike for you with deception (Proverbs 26:25-26). 

This does not mean that we should begin to have trust issues with our friends or those who mean us well. We have been instructed by the Lord Jesus to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16). This is to safeguard our hearts from people who are willing to rip it off with a smiley face. 

Hope you enjoyed this. 

I love you for reading.

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