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Harnessing The Power of Social Media for Your Optimal Benefit (Part 2) - 1st June, 2017 on Hit 95.9FM

Chibuzor: Wow! It's another cozy Saturday morning. The first one in the month of July 2017.

I am Chibuzor Agomuoh. Welcome to 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

This weekly programme is tailored to provide quality and practical information on your personal life, business, career, and spiritual development.

This Show is brought to you by the friends and partners of The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

To know more about our work kindly visit out website - www.sunrisegospelzone.com. To be part of some of our projects that is transforming thousands of lives in Nigeria and in different parts of the world, please call us on 08188676099.

Last Sunday we were at Hermon City International Worship Centre, Calabar, to donate 400 Bibles in honor of Prof. Christine Ikpeme for her support towards our work.

Special thanks to Pastor Sam Eko.

Today happens to be someone's birthday. The one and only Chinedu Agomuoh, photographer extraordinaire, importer and exporter of all the beautiful pictures we have at SunRise.

Chinedu come closer to say something.

Happy birthday to you. So how does it feel having one year added to you?


Chinedu: It feels good, but it feels normal.

[Everyone laughs]


Chibuzor: Chinedu is my brother, he's amazing. We pray that God's grace will continue to rest strong on your life, you will move forward, you will grow from glory to glory, by the power of the Spirit of God, in the name of Jesus.

[Everyone says Amen].

If today happens to be your birthday, kindly text us on 08139691344, and we'll give you a birthday shout out before the end of the Show.

Last Saturday was the beginning of our 2-part series on 'Harnessing the power of Social Media for Your Optimal Benefit'.

We established the fact that social media can serve as a  tool, as a diversion, and also as a distraction.

I want to thank you all for your amazing feedback. I met a lot of you within the week, and I am humbled to know that the various conversations we've had on the Show has blessed your life tremendously.

I am grateful for your show of gratitude and support. Thank you.

I have with me here Cheerful Light, the man who can speak English more than Barack Obama.

Say hello Mr. Cheerful.

[Everyone laughs]


Cheerful: Hello! Good morning guys.

Chibuzor: Also here with me is the man who taught Steve Jobs how to code, and is currently mentoring Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook matters.

Please make welcome the one and only Patrick Ndifon.

[Everyone laughs]


Patrick: I'm honored.

[Everyone laughs]

Today we'll be looking at the Part 2 of our series on 'Social Media'.

If you missed the Part 1 of our conversation, visit the blog section of our website as we go on this short music break.


So ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for impact.


[Music break- Victor's Crown by Darlene Zsche]


Chibuzor: This is Chibuzor Agomuoh, and the programme is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor.'

This is the Part 2 of the series: Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Optimal Benefit.

To join the conversation, send your text messages to 08139691344.

Like we discussed last Saturday, Social Media is an excellent platform, it has come to stay. Social media has brought out the good from a lot of persons. For some it has revealed the bad and the ugly about their person.

Some have made it a platform to display a fake life, a façade, creating a dissonance in their personality.

This is why I say that Social Media is a good example of what I call a co-constituted entanglement of both technology and human nature.

Today we'll be looking at how some middle-aged persons use social media.

Within the week I got some disturbing text messages and WhatsApp messages from young persons complaining about their parents' increasing extra marital affairs using Social Media.

Social media specialists say that social media has made it easier than ever before to have an online affair. With various platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, where people can slide into your DMs', more and more people have access to anything they could possibly want at their fingertips such as sexts and nudes.

Here is one of the messages I got:

"Please sir, I have an issue I would  like you to advise me on. My dad is somewhat promiscuous, I don't know if that is the right word to use, but all I'm trying to say is that he is having an affair  outside, and all this started when he started using Facebook and since then he has only graduated from one height to another and usually he travels during the weekend.

I feel he goes there to see these women of which is evident from the text messages he receives.

Sir, I may not be able to tell you everything in details but all I need is your advice because I feel I have a responsibility to uphold my family. What should I do?"

I am reading this because neither the identity of the young person and the identity of the person he is referring to,  is revealed in the message.

I was in the middle of a meeting when I got this message. I had to excuse myself so I could treat the matter with urgency.

This text message is from a teenager, and it's quite disturbing.

Cheerful I would like you to say something in that regard. Middle-aged persons use social media just like anyone of us, but I have heard this complaint a lot of times. Many of this people, especially the men, even the women.

Someone recently complained that the mom opened a Social media account, and not too long afterwards she had an online affair with someone, and later on she got duped by the same person. She lost a lot of money in the process.

So I would like you to say something in that regard.


Cheerful: Alright. Firstly like I said last week, it's not really a social media problem, it's a value system problem. The problem is the person. Social media takes on the personality of its user. So, I'll tell you, you don't want to live a dual life, be true to who you are. So if you are involved in this kind of thing, there is no profit in being fake. So that's where maturity and self control comes to play. You want to exercise maturity. You don't want people to perceive you differently from who you are. Besides I think it's a hard work trying to be two persons at the same time. So guys, the temptation is there, but you have to have a good value system, you can exercise self control.

And for that guy, I would say hold your family up in prayer.


Chibuzor: Yes...that's exactly what I told him.

Cheerful: I think that's just the best way. He may not listen to you, but through intercession you can deal with it, so just pray for him.


Chibuzor: I told him that first of all he needs to pray about this matter, then after praying or while in the process of praying, you meet him and say "Dad, I would like to have some time with you."

Talk to him. So Patrick, do you have something to add to this?


Patrick: Yeah...as he's going to talk to his dad he should remember one thing: honor. It's very important because he is a younger person talking to an older person. So you don't want the person to get offended resulting in backlash and all that.

A lot of us out there who use social media to do things like this, you have to think about the consequences this will have on your life, the consequences this will have on the people around you, because the Bible says that there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end of it thereof is destruction.

You are going down a path that is going to bring a lot of hurt to you and to your family. So I think you should really consider what you're doing. Like Cheerful had said, rethink your values, rethink your values, it's very, very important.

Social media is a tool, but it depends on how you use it. You can use it for great benefits, but you can also use it to destroy yourself and other people around you.


Chibuzor: Last Saturday we established that social media is good, it's amazing. It's just like you've said, it takes on the personality of the person using it. It's just like money, money is not good or bad, it's amoral. It depends on the person using it.  If you are living a life of infidelity on Social media, especially some of you grown men, you don't have respect for yourself. You just go into a young girls picture and you begin to say some rubbish. It's so disgusting and disgraceful. Have self respect. You see a young girl post a picture and you comment on it saying "You look so sexy."

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

[Everyone laughs].

Your children are your friends are on Facebook and they'll be seeing your irresponsible comments.

At the same time having middle-age persons can be interesting. You get to learn a lot from them. I have quite a lot of them.

But one funny thing about middle-aged persons on your Facebook or on your WhatsApp list is, the forward some of these creepy religious videos or audios to you. Messages like:

"[In a Samuel L. Jackson's voice] A young angel met a donkey on the way, and the donkey said, 'Angel, what am I"

[Everyone laughs]

Then this is followed by an instruction: "Send this message to 20 people before tomorrow morning and the Lord will bless you."

Cheerful, is that how God blesses people?

[Everyone laughs]


Cheerful: That's crazy! People do that to me and I'm like "Don't ever send me that message again." And most times is threatening. Why would you threaten me to send your message to more persons.

Chibuzor: How can Jesus say, " I am Jesus. Send this message to 50 people or else you will die tomorrow," how?

Cheerful: That is not the way to preach the gospel. Besides, by sending it how am I saved?

Chibuzor: When I see it I say, "No! This is not the will of Jesus for my life", I delete it immediately.

So if you have the habit of sending those kind of messages to people, I would advise you to stop it. It's not right. Stop abusing people emotionally.


Cheerful: It's manipulative.

Chibuzor: Very manipulative.

So send in your comments via text message to 08139691344.

So, since today happens to be Chinedu's birthday, we are going to play this song in his honor. It'd a song by Sinach, and it is titled: 'I fly'. 

And Chinedu you will fly higher, you will soar, in Jesus name.

[Everyone says Amen]


[Music break- I fly, by Sinach]


This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by:

The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

Our conversation today is the concluding part of our discourse on:

'Harnessing the power of Social Media for your Optimal Benefit'.

The transcript of the part 1 is found on our website - sunrisegospelzone.com.

The transcript of today's conversation will be found on the website on or before Tuesday of next week.

So Patrick, let's look at how churches can use Social Media effectively to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last week we talked about how Social Media has made it easy for organisations to grow, and to relate with their customers and partners on a more personal level. So I would like you to talk about how Churches can take advantage of Social Media.


Patrick: Well, like we said last week, a lot of persons spend their time online, on social media - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People rarely look at newspaper ads, people rarely watch television these days. YouTube! YouTube is replacing regular television these days.

A lot of people are online, a lot of people are on social media. 

For churches, I won't say it's like a market for them, I would say it's like an audience for them. It's a tool available for them to use and spread the gospel, as a tool to promote the message of hope.

You have Facebook pages, you can put up your church sermons, your church videos, inspirational pictures. People are looking for all of these things, and that's one way to use social media as a tool by a church to expand its ministry, and to fulfil that one purpose that God has called them to do.


Chibuzor: Cheerful?

Cheerful: You know, of course when you have programmes and events in Church, you could also put up fliers, create links, of course someone was sharing something recently, how to put bots on Facebook.

Chibuzor: Bots?

Patrick: An automated chat...

Cheerful: So that when people go to view the page for your programme, and they ask questions, the bot gets to respond automatically. It's really cool.


Patrick: Yeah...I remember an incident, I think it was yesterday, a guy who runs the social media page of a Church - The Royal Army Mission, he talked about how he put up an advertisement for a church programme, and from the ad a lot of persons came to the church because of the ad they saw on Facebook. So you could imagine the effect social media has had.


Cheerful: And it really gets to work when people find out that the event of the church is in their neighbourhood.


Chibuzor: It's powerful. It's just like what Nathaniel Bassey did with his #HallelujahChallenge. It's quite powerful because you get to see tens of thousands participate in that prayer session, live. After several hours you come to realize that hundreds of thousands have watched that video.

You know, that's a force.


Patrick: You know, the power of God is not limited by space, it is not limited by distance. Personally I have been blessed by going online and looking at inspirational messages, even messages that have been recorded like years ago.

It's a very powerful tool.


Cheerful: YouTube has been a blessing to me personally. I can just sleep there watching messages.

Chibuzor: I remember last year, was it last year October when Benny Hinn first came for the event?

Patrick: Yeah.


Chibuzor: I was thinking: leaving Victoria Island to Ikeja was quite something. Anybody who knows the distance would agree with me that it's like traveling. So I did that the first day and came back very late. Second day I was like, "Mehn...I can't do this today."

The event was streamed live on Facebook, so you know what I did? I sat in the bedroom at home and participated in every single service. 

It was really powerful.

Churches are now streaming their services live. Yes it is important that people come to church, but sometimes because of work, or maybe a woman is heavily pregnant and she can't attend the service, she can sit at home and participate in the service via online streaming on Facebook. There is no crime in that.

Also, I want us to talk about how nonprofit organisations can improve in their work using social media.

Nonprofit organisations are getting more acquainted with their donors, and are able to reach out to them on a more personal way, thanks to social media.

So, Cheerful I would like you to talk about that, because there are some young persons who are passionate about solving problems or meeting needs in their community, just like we are doing at SunRise. Maybe at a small scale for them, how can they use social media to gain support, because you don't need grants for every single project you need to run. Not all the time.

We are not getting any support from any 'oyibo organisation' but from community support. So how can they use social media to gather such amount of support to drive their work forward?


Cheerful: Two important things: social media gives you visibility and credibility. So it's very simple, you have an event or you're doing something, for example I was going through my phone this morning, even in the studio, I saw a couple of my friends. Somebody is doing something with girl children and is distributing pads, I saw someone that was doing poetry with teenagers in school. So they take pictures and they upload them online, on Facebook, then you talk about it. People get to see what you're doing. Now as you keep doing that, you are not asking anybody for support, that's what you did, you know. You just kept posting stuff about SunRise, and we've been able to raise support. We've paid several school fees from that support.



Chibuzor: Is it just school fees, we are paying for this show from that.

[Everyone laughs]


Cheerful: We've gotten Bibles. You said something and I took it, that social media is powerful. When you begin to do stuff like that, you gain credibility. People begin to say, "Those guys are doing stuff...those guys are doing stuff." And if this goes on consistently. People can now trust you. That's what happened with the International Bible Society. They trusted us, they got in contact with is, and that has been a huge blessing. It has taken our work to the next level.

So when you're doing something no matter how little, the Bible says we should not despise the days of small beginning; put it up on Social Media, let people know what's happening.


Chibuzor: That's right. Patrick would you like to add something.

Patrick: Cheerful has pretty much covered it. What I would like to add is, in doing that, integrity is very important.

Chibuzor: Yeah.


Patrick: Don't fake things, be as honest as you can be, and make sure that your profile, whether it's Instagram or Facebook, whatever, let it sell you. Let it tell what you're doing. 

Problem with too many people is that they have too many mixed content on their profile pages, Facebook, Instagram, whatever.


Chibuzor: The consistency is very important.


Patrick: Exactly.

People don't know whether they are into this or into that, like your page, when people go there, they know this guy is into social work and ministry.

It's consistent throughout your page, and that's very important. People will know that this guy is focused on what he's doing. Maybe we can trust him.


Cheerful: Transparency and accountability. Let people know this is what you are doing.

When they send their support, get back to them. They may not ask you, but let them know that this is what we did, that was what we did.


Chibuzor: That's key.

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My name is Chibuzor Agomuoh.

It was such a great time I had with you on the show alongside Cheerful Light and Patrick Ndifon.

Please check the transcript next Tuesday, and be sure to tune in next week Saturday for another exciting conversation.

We leave you with this song by Bethel Music. It is titled 'You Won Me'.

I love you for listening.

God bless you, and bye-bye!

[Song by Bethel Music plays and fades away]

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