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Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Optimal Benefit (Part 1) - June 24, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM



Chibuzor: Welcome everybody! This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

As always this show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation: an independent faith-based organisation whose primary focus is centred on youth intervention and youth development.

The impact of our work is quite vast, with far reaching effect on young persons across Nigeria and around the world.

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If you have been listening to this show for a long time and you have never visited our website, I'm just looking at you with one eye.

[Laughter in the studio]

Visit the website right now, and yes it is a command -www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

[Laughter in the studio]

Last week we concluded the 2-part series: Desexualizing Your Deep Need For Friendship.

Offiong Akpabio was a superb guest and we had a lot of you texting in within the week about the discourse. Thank you for caring.

Visit the website for the transcript. To the best of my knowledge this is the only show around that prepares transcripts for each episode.

This is to show the amount of effort and diligence we put into our work. Those of you who have seen our blog can attest to that, am I right guys?

[Cheerful and Patrick respond by saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah.....(Laughter)"]

We want to use this opportunity to say congratulations to Mr. Echa Emmanuel and his Cinderella - Dorcas.

The wedding is taking place on the 8th of July 2017 at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Calabar.

We would like you guys to just be around and wish them well.

You know, they are such a perfect match.


Patrick: Absolutely.

Chibuzor: They both have long legs, and they will have children with longer legs that would bless us greatly.

[Laughter in the studio]

Echa is a wonderful and an amazing friend. We know this union is blessed, and we trust God that greater things will come out of this union, in Jesus name.

[Everybody says Amen]

Today we have Patrick and Cheerful.

Hello guys!


Cheerful: Good morning.... Welcome to the Show.

Patrick: Good morning guys!

Chibuzor: So what's popping? It's been a while.

Patrick: Yeah

Cheerful: [Chuckles]

Chibuzor: Last Sunday we were at the Presbyterian Church, Hope Waddell Parish to donate 1,000 New Testament Bibles to The Presbyterian Bible College and The Presbyterian Prisons Ministry.

Like I always say, " The work of God must move forward."

We want to thank the Church, especially the minister-in-charge, for their warmth.

Now, we are ready to discuss today's topic. Last week's topic raised a lot of reactions from different people. Well, the truth is the truth. So those of you listening, draw your seat closer. Raise the volume of your radio, maybe you are in a taxi, just raise it high. Raise it louder again. Can you hear me better now?


Enjoy this song by Kierra Sheard. It is titled: 'When the trumpet blows'.

The topic of today's discourse is: Harnessing Social Media For Your Optimal Benefit.

Send your text messages to 08139691344.

So ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for impact!

[Music Break]

Welcome back!

This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

Visit our website: www.sunrisegospelzone.com

I'm sure you love the song. To know more about it visit our transcript on Tuesday.

So today we are looking at: Harnessing Social Media For Your Optimal Benefit.

Social Media has come to stay. You know, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the rest. It has now become a part of our lives.

To me the positive benefits outweighs the negative. Yeah...there are some crazy things that have happened and people are saying how bad Social Media has become, but to me when I look at the positive impact and how it has grown businesses and organisations, I don't know what they are talking about.

Cheerful I would like you to say something in that regard.


Cheerful: Well....statistics reveal that people are spending twice the amount of time the used to spend online compared to five years ago, and now over half of the world's population are on the digital space. You see, it's like the whole world has migrated to the digital space.

For me the greatest impact of Social Media is, it helps me keep tabs and stay top of minds with what's going on in the world, around my world, talking about my friends and my contacts.

Thanks to Facebook I get update on my friend's birthday so I don't get to give them a shout. And then, man is a social being. You talked about the need for us to desexualize our need, rather, for friendship. Social media has taken socialization to a whole new level.

We want to connect, we want to establish relationships. That's how we thrive, and for me I stay connected to high personalities, role models who teach online so I get to learn from leaders of my industry, so it's educational, it's entertaining for me. Of course I don't read news, so that's way I get to know what's happening.


Patrick: Yeah...Social Media is really an amazing thing actually. The world is no longer a small place. You are no longer isolated to where you are. You can be in Nigeria and be in the United States at the same time. You can be in the UK, and can also be in Australia because of Social Media. You can interact with your friends all over the world, and the best part of social media is the benefits it has given to businesses and organisations. They are now able to reach out to their customers at a more intimate level. 

And as a Christian, Social Media is a platform through which we can spread the gospel to more people. So the benefits are so numerous.


Chibuzor: ...far outweighs the negatives. It's amazing what Social Media has done to our world today, it's quite amazing. For example at SunRise we have raised school fees for dozens of persons via Social Media.

Let me be frank with you, this show is sponsored by some persons on Social Media.

It's amazing the bond it has created with a lot of persons. Space is no longer a limitation. The virtual world has made a lot of things possible. Today we are putting more emphasis on appreciating and harnessing the utility of Social Media. It's quite a blessing.

Still we are going to look at some things about it. We are going to look at Social Media as a tool, we are going to look at it as a diversion, and we will look at it as a distraction as well, because sometimes having too much of a good thing can be bad for your system. Too much of chocolate can run your stomach.

[Cheerful Laughs]

So talking about Social Media as a tool, Patrick I will throw this question to you, how can one use Social Media as a tool, how exactly can one use it as a tool to benefit oneself and others?


Patrick: Okay... Statistics say that if Facebook was a country, it will be the 3rd largest country in the world, and it's incredible because you are being given a platform where you have access to a bunch of individuals. So you can use that to sell yourself as a person, as a brand. Or if you have a service to offer, you could use Social Media to reach out to a numerous number of persons online.

It allows you to connect with friends and family no matter where they are in the world. You are able to keep tabs of birthdays, you are able to keep tabs of events, you are able to reach out to mentors and people like that, like Cheerful had earlier said.

So it's an incredible tool to benefit yourself, to benefit your business.


Chibuzor: Yeah... Cheerful.

Cheerful: Yeah, of course like I said, thank God for YouTube channels and YouTube videos, I get to learn a lot.

Patrick, the other day you were downloading a lot of videos on coding and other stuff, so social media allows us learn too.

You know, you were talking about time and space. Man is continually fighting to diminish the impact of time and space on our work life, you know. Social media is a tool for self expression also. We always want to vent. We have something to deliver, we have something to give. So Social Media is a very good platform. For instance on Facebook you get to see beautiful infographics, nice posts, people talking about relationships, success, wealth creation, and all of that.


Chibuzor: Yes. So right now we'll be looking at Social Media as a diversion. Sometimes when you are burdened with so much, let's say you are burdened with work, and maybe you have been on it for 5 hours and you are like "Oh God....(exhales) let me just switch to Instagram. Let me switch to Facebook."

[Cheerful laughs]


Chibuzor:...and you are looking at what others are posting online, and you are laughing to some of the crazy stuff you read online. 

Or sometimes someone gets you really angry, or maybe you are mourning and you're like "[With a slow and low depressing voice] Let me just go to Facebook and scroll on."

[Laughter in the studio]


Chibuzor: So let's talk about Social Media as a diversion. Is it a good thing in a way, or is it a bad thing, or should we strike a balance in between the two: Work and Social Media?


Patrick: Well, in my opinion I would say it's relative. Okay, let me give you an instance, Let's say a person is being abused or harassed by somebody else, most people who don't have a very strong self esteem what they would do is ignore that, then go on Social Media and begin to talk about it, and vent out their frustrations, and stuff like that. The dangers of that is that, you're not facing the problem. When you finally get off that medium, you are going to have to come back and face reality. I remember at one time we talked about a certain young man who had been obsessed with the things he posts on Facebook and Instagram. I think that was when we were discussing on 'Overcoming Rejection'. 

He now came into the real world and discovered that people didn't like him that much as much as they liked him on Facebook. It was devastating....


Chibuzor: He thought he was Kim Kardashian.

[Cheerful Laughs]


Patrick: So the thing is, Social Media is not your counselor. It's not going to help you go through real life issues the way you should. You have to face them. You have to deal with them. You can't just have a problem and then go on Social Media and start venting.


Cheerful: Yeah...as a diversion it's good. Social Media is not good or bad, it will take on the personality of its user. Yes I get the idea, you are working, and it has happened to me before,  I was working for a long time. There were times when I just went on Facebook and read through.

There were times I didn't make so many posts, but found stuff online. You know there are beautiful and motivational stuff to uplift you. 

Sometimes you just want to cool off, blow steam, it's crazy, but after a while you go back to work. But maturity and discipline has to be exercised.


Chibuzor: Maturity and discipline, absolutely. So we're going to take a short music break.

The number to send in your questions is 08139691344.

Some of you have been trying to call, I have been trying to tell you, please we don't take calls on this show. We only take text messages. I know you have several text messages to send, send them in.

The number is 08139691344.

[Music break]


Chibuzor: This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor', brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. 

The topic of our discourse for today is: Harnessing Social Media For Your Maximum Benefit.

We've talked about Social Media as a tool, we've talked about it as a diversion: a situation where it becomes recreational, or I would say a situation where it becomes a pastime.

So now we'll be looking at Social Media as a distraction.

Social Media can become a distraction, and many persons have transformed it into a world of 'make-believe' to impress people, and it's become a platform where people tell big and gigantic lies about how beautiful their life is. You see post photos of tons of $100 bills on their beds.


Cheerful: That they don't own [Laughs].

Chibuzor: ...and how they are in a Yacht somewhere in Ibiza.

Some celebrities have been caught trying to pose a fake life. One of them posted on Instagram that he was flying to New York, actually he posted a photo of a private jet as though he was flying in that plane. Guess what! Someone in the plane saw him, in economy.

[Laughter in the studio]


Chibuzor: ...the passenger posted "[Paraphrased]This man just said he is flying to New York in a private jet, here he is!"

A lot of these persons have been caught.

We know of a Nigerian celebrity that was posting on Social Media and telling us "Oh...my husband bought this for me......my husband bought that for me...my husband did this for me.....he did that for me."

Incidentally we got to know that 'no be true oh....no be true'.

[Laughter in the studio]


Chibuzor: And sadly you finds some persons who watch their friends post these fake pictures of how beautiful their life is, how great work life is, and how they are vacationing somewhere in one of the best tourism hot spots in the world, and then they begin to tear their singlets, and some of them may not even eat for the rest of the day, because they are like "What kind of life is this? I don't understand! I don't understand! Ah....ah! Am I not suffering? This person, what extra thing is he doing?"

[Laughter in the studio]


Patrick: We are in a crazy world. First of all, everyone wants to be a millionaire. Every young person is like "I want to be a millionaire, I want to be a billionaire".

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing people steps on how to be a millionaire, how to be a billionaire.


Chibuzor: Funny thing is, if you check this people, they don't even have anything.

[Everyone Chuckles]


Patrick: ...there is a guy on YouTube who posted a video of how he is 16 years old and became a millionaire. He had dropped out of school. Some other guys busted him. They found out about his scam, and they exposed him. That's the thing. If you go on Instagram you see a lot of beautiful pictures. You see people living crazy lifestyles, and you know it can put a lot of pressure on you. Social Media has increased the amount of peer pressure that is on people. You now find out that people are now trying to be like other people they see on social media.

You know, they are trying to fake that fake-life that they see on Facebook or Instagram, and that's very dangerous.


Chibuzor: That's right. Cheerful?

Cheerful: Sometime ago...is it something I read? Talking about unemployment in Nigeria, he said "Why would Nigerian youths have jobs when everybody is CEO on Facebook.

[Everyone laughs]


Chibuzor: Some of them are CEO of students. Like (writing in the air and speaking slowly) CEO of Student.

[Everyone laughs]


Cheerful: You see, you say you are CEO. The kind of understanding that gives off. The kind of image we try to present, you know, there is pride. You don't need work. You can't take a job of N30,000 anymore, and you're just there roasting.

My fifth value for life is integrity.

I've made up my mind that no matter what happens I want to maintain a singularity of personality. I want to be the same person in and out.


Chibuzor: Another thing is this, there is nothing wrong in posting great stuff about one's self. Sometimes you see people succeed, you see them succeed on social media and then you are like " I want to be this person...I want to be that person."

Young people these days have confused admiration for aspiration. You could see someone do something, you admire the person by thinking or saying "Oh...good stuff," but you can't be that person. You understand what I am saying, do you? You can't live the life that person is living, or you may not be able to go through the pressure that that person has gone through. 

Okay let me give an illustration:

My very close friend posted a picture on Instagram recently. A photo of him walking out of a top law firm somewhere in Central London. So he posted it on Instagram, and of course a lot of persons where commenting. He's a lawyer.

Some persons at the comment section where hysterical, and some were unbelievable. I looked at the comments and I smiled, especially those who said "I want to be like you".

I looked at it, smiled, and said to myself, " This people don't understand the grind this guy has gone through before experiencing this moment."

This people don't know about the pressure he had been through because he did not post those ones on social media. They won't see it. They were times I would spend hours with him on the phone trying to encourage him. There was a time while speaking with him and encouraging him, my Tecno Phantom phone went off. The phone was like, "I can't take this pressure anymore", it went off, and that was the end of that phone. I couldn't use it again. I tried taking it to various places for repairs, but still it couldn't come back.

[Everyone laughs]


Chibuzor: You just see a picture on Facebook or Instagram and immediately you want to be that person? You don't know the years of hard work that person has gone through to be there. So that's the thing. You do what you're doing, and don't get distracted.

Tomorrow you might see someone post a picture on Social Media, about how well her boutique business is doing, and you are like "Me too I want to open a boutique and post on Instagram"

Or you see someone importing and selling shoes, then you immediately shift in your thought and say "Me too, I can import shoes and post on Instagram".

You want to impress, you see some persons wear a certain dress, and made a post on Instagram, and you say to yourself, " Chai...that dress is expensive oh." You take the money your husband gave you to pay your children's school fees. You buy the dress and you post the picture on Instagram #SlayMama #IAmLivingTheLife #PepperDemGang #AllMyEnemiesWillKnowThatIHaveArrived.

Here are your children crying, "Mommy...school fees, we haven't paid", and now behind the Instagram screen you are now thinking " Chai...what am I going to do."

[Everyone laughs]

You are faking everything, just faking everything.


Patrick: One thing I would like to say is, don't let the things you see on Social Media distract you from who you are. Let them inspire you. Don't let them take away your authenticity or originality. That's it.


Chibuzor: People getting depressed about other people. Do you know there is Social Media envy? Social Media envy...Oh God!!!

Before now, when you go on Social Media, you just want to post something, have fun, and go your way. Today you post something that is entirely your business, people will start attacking you, attacking you, and before you know it, it becomes something really serious.

This is something I call a co-constituent entanglement of both technology and human nature. For just an insignificant issue you want to show your ego and pride, all of this and all of that, it's really really wrong.


Cheerful: And sometimes it's a battle of who is the most beautiful, who is the 'dopest,' unnecessary competition.


Chibuzor: Just be honest. You don't need to tell the world everything, but just tell the truth. Social Media is a great platform. You can use it to grow your business, you can use it to grow your career, you can use it to grow your brand, but most importantly just tell the truth. Be yourself. Some persons when they want to post a thing, they begin to wonder if people will 'like' it? You see, now you are making yourself a slave. What stops you from posting what you want to post so far as it is not derogatory and does not have an element of bigotry? Just be yourself.


Cheerful: [Interject] If you are big, you are big. You don't need social media to make you big. It will only amplify it. If you are good, you are good. If you are big, you are big, that's the bottom line.


Chibuzor: So we have a few announcements here. Patrick do we have text messages, several of them?


Patrick: Yeah.

Chibuzor: Okay, we'll read them later. Or better still we'll read them on next week's show.

Here are a few important announcements:

1) Are you busy with work so much that you barely have time to cook?

Do you want a special catering service for your events or you want to have special meal deliveries at your office?

Classic Kitchen is there for you.

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I have tasted their meals, and I am serious when I say those people can cook for the host of heaven and earth.

Their meals are really tasty. So call the number - 07062174997.


2) Mbaise For Christ 

Calling on all believers from Mbaise Community in Imo State residing in Calabar to their monthly genwrla meeting holding on: 9th July 2017.

Venue is at 39 Bassey Duke Street, Calabar.

Time is 2pm.

For inquiries call Chuks on: 08030734147

Come let's join hands and bring our land Mbaise to Christ.


3) Do you have a birthday party next weekend, or a wedding next month_ and you need some well made cakes?

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4) The Royal Army Mission invites you to a special event tagged: Consecration For Another Level (Joshua 5:2-9).

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Date: Thursday, July 8 - Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Time: 5:30pm on weekdays, and 9:00am on Sunday.

Venue: The Royal Army Mission

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But his encounter, you are moving from glory to glory by the power of the Spirit of God.

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5) For comfortable and affordable female footwear's, contact Regiwise shoes on: 07034918123.


Chibuzor: Let's take one question from one of our listeners. It says:


"Good morning. Please my question is, what is the usefulness of social media?"


Oh...that'd exactly what we talked about earlier on on the show. You could use it to grow your business, you could use it to grow tour brand, you could use it to grow your career, and very importantly you can gain vital information from others using Social Media.


We have another one here that says:

"Social Media takes a lot away from reading real good news, books, Bibles, and people keep their jobs, both office work, home chores, and it burns time that should be use to make something important for ourselves, people impersonate others like celebrities, I wonder how they get this celebs pixs, even pastors, pronounce blessings and make people type Amen.Then later ask for seed, the faking is endless."

- From Bassey Asuquo from Mbora.


Chibuzor: Look, it's not difficult to get someone's picture. It's so easy.

Take a close look at this: that there are fake naira notes does not mean that there are no genuine ones.

There are people doing horrible things using Social Media, but that does not change the fact that Social media has been a blessing.

We may likely continue this topic next week. Check out for the transcript on the website - www.sunrisegospelzone.com


Let's say a prayer for our listeners:

"Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray for our listeners. We pray Lord that you will help them maximize Social Media as a tool, and that they would use it for greater benefits to the glory of your name, in Jesus mighty name, Amen."


My name is Chibuzor. With me in the studio is Patrick Ndifon and Cheerful Light. It's been a pleasure having this wonderful time with you.

You could check my Facebook, there is a series I am handling on my Facebook: Chibuzor Agomuoh.

Visit and you'll get to learn a lot about the topic.

And please do not forget to read the transcript. Some persons ask "What is a transcript?"

A transcript is the written version or a printed version of an interview or a conversation. That's the meaning of the word 'Transcript'. 

Everything we've talked about on the show, you can read them. So you'll find it on the website on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for being a part of this show.

I so love you for listening.

God bless you, and bye bye!!!

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