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Excellence Oriented Living (Part 2) - 20th May, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM

​A very good morning to you and welcome to 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

I am Chibuzor Agomuoh.

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Our work has been on for the last five years. Some of our projects include:

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Last week we started an insightful conversation on 'Excellence-oriented Living'. We had Pastor Joseph Blessed of Insight Bible Church discuss on the topic last week. Thank God he is right here in the studio for the concluding part of the series.

Good to have you again Joseph!

Joseph: Good morning listeners. Good to have me here again, Chibuzor.

Chibuzor: But first I have Patrick Ndifon here to discuss on our plans for our SunRise School Tour in Obubra.

Good morning Patrick!

Patrick: Good morning everyone. Good to be here.

Chibuzor: Patrick, yesterday you, Cheerful, and I alongside others met for the final planning of the outing. The commencement date has been shifted to May 30.
Tell us note about it.

Patrick: So yesterday we met, we talked about the school tour, and due to certain logistical changes we shifted the commencement date to May 30. On May 30th we will be going to Obubra, like you said earlier. Now I would like to say a little something about the School Tour: on the sidelines a lot of persons might say things about young persons that young people are rebellious and troublesome, without really knowing some of the things that they go through. We have been to over 15 Schools in the past and we've discovered that a lot of young persons have challenges without anyone to give them the right advice to put them in the right direction.

Because of the School Tour we have been able to make positive impact in the lives of these kids. It has been tremendous, it has been epic, and over the last few years the School Tour has been getting better and better. Obubra is going to be epic. We will be seeing several hundreds of students. We'll also visit the youths of the local community. We're gonna be speaking to them.

We are going to ensure that these kids are being given the right information to make well informed decisions about that lives. We'll be making sure that they are repositioned for greater value.

We have heard a lot of issues concerning young persons in that community being involved in cultism and those kind of things. Our expectation is that by the end of the School Tour, by the end of our visit, they will step away from such ill lifestyle and refocus their lives to produce greater results, and in all our greatest desire is to have this young person's dedicate their lives to Christ.

We want to say thank you to The International Bible Society, we have been able to get a thousand Bibles from them which we will be giving out to the youths in the schools we'll be visiting.

And we would like to say please, our listeners, your support is highly needed for the success of this outing.

You can give towards this work. If you are interested in giving call us on the number: 08139691344.

Thank you.

Chibuzor: Thank you very much, Patrick. I was saying it during the meeting that this is the most expensive outing we have ever done.

We are giving away a thousand Bibles alongside other educational materials, and you can support this work.

Over the week I got to discover that we have a wide range of people tuning in to our programme. We've received dozens of 'Thank you' text messages from Abia State, Port Harcourt, Oron, Uyo, and to be sincere I am grateful for the show of love.

But now, we are asking you to support us in any little or major way you can.
This is not the first outing we have had, this is the 17th outing, am I right Patrick?

Patrick: Yes, you are.

Chibuzor: The 17th outing! This is not a child's play. We have an advisory board of people in the academia who scrutinize our reports and our account books, so our transparency rate is very high.

We are not receiving or depending on any international funding. We depend on community support and it has worked for us over the years. Our work is clearly visible.

So I would like you to pick up your phone and call us to lend your support. The number is: 08139691344.

This morning we welcomed the arrival of over 2,000 Bibles as Donations from the International Bible Society. That is worth over a million naira, so a round of applause for the International Bible Society for this amazing gesture.

[Applause in the studio]

The International Bible Society is an organisation with global headquarters in New York and regional headquarters in South Africa. They are involved in the production and distribution of over 100 million Bibles each year.

But you can help to provide one or two textbooks through your kind donation. The line is open right now.


Enjoy this song by Hillsong. It is titled: 'Inside Out'.
We'll be right back!

[Music break]

Chibuzor: Thank you for joining us!

Today we continue the other half of the two-part series on 'Excellence-oriented Living'. To join in the conversation please send your questions and comments to:


We have text messages from last week's conversation. I'll read quite a few of them:

This one is from Fiona -

"For me, Nigeria won't understand what recycling is until someone makes millions from it. If they know, people will store their trash in their bags."


Here is another one. This one has no name:

"Good morning presenters. I love this section so much. To be honest I have benefited a lot from your discussion. Thank you."

Thank you so much.

"Good morning my brothers in the studio? How are you all there in Calabar?
Please do me a favor by calling out your lines gently and slowly so I can get them clearly. My name is Patrick listening to you from Ozu Abam in Arochukwu L.G.A of Abia State. I am a proud Cross Riverian from Ogoja L.G.A. Thanks."

Yeah, thank you brother.
Well noted.
Well noted.

To enjoy the transcript of last week's conversation check our website for the transcript.

Good to have you again Joseph.

Joseph: Thank you Chibuzor.

Chibuzor: Joseph is a leader, a speaker, and a Pastor at Insight Bible Church, Calabar. Last week, we talked about:


-Speech, and

-Space, as some of the parameters used to determine an excellence-oriented life.

So today we'll be looking at:


-Comportment, and


Talking about actions, our work, how can one be excellence-oriented in his actions?

Joseph: Okay. You know I try as much as possible so I could describe actions to people. Actions involve doing something in other to make some things happen. Doing something in other to deal with a situation, is called 'Action'.

Excellence-oriented living with respect to action has to do with taking responsibility for everything you do. If you check across our nation, if you check across us, we have bad roads, we have dilapidating hospitals, things are getting bad by the day because nobody is taking responsibility for all of these actions that is why things are getting bad.

If you are able to take responsibility, it is the beginning of you living an excellence-oriented life. Taking responsibility for the way you live, taking responsibility for your actions is the starting point of living an excellence-oriented life. Now with respect to actions to people, I like what Jesus said, Jesus gave a very good illustration, and one of those things He said was "If they come and they collect your shirt from you, give them your coat."

He said "If they ask you to carry a bag for them one mile, go the second mile."

Now that's why actions are important. Every time you want to take an action, rethink about your action, but make sure than anything you do must go with the second mile principle. Now the second mile principle just like I have explained. It says "If you are asked to carry a bag for someone, go the extra mile." Now the historical background to that story is respect to what happened in Israel. You know, they were governed by the Romans. They Israelites were compelled by law that anytime a Roman calls you to carry a bag for them, you carry the bag. The law was that the moment you've reached a mile, it doesn't matter where it is, just drop the bag and walk away. But Jesus came and changed the orientation. He said, "Go a second mile with that person." That is connected to our actions.

Regarding our business, we have to be consistent and creative. You know, creativity is not just ideas, creativity is the ability commercializing your ideas. And if you are consistent (consistence means when you are relevant every time). Relevance has a lot to do with consistency, so you must be relevant and consistent to commercialize the ideas you generate each time.

Chibuzor: So that means you must be good at what you are doing at each given time. Don't sink into laziness. Now, how about excellence in comportment? I mean, you find some persons ready to pulls out their trousers to fight you in a public square not minding if they were on their way to work. Let's hear about excellence in comportment. Some people are very loose.

Joseph: Paul was speaking to the Corinthian Church in 1 Corinthians 13:11, he said,

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child. But when I became an adult I no longer used childish ways".

Now if you look at the key words, I'm going to call 3 key words from that place: spoke, thought, and reason.

Do you know that children speak before they reason?

Chibuzor: Of course.

Joseph: Now for you to be able to comport yourself at every point in time, don't behave as a child in terms of comporting yourself. Comportment helps you think through whatever you need to do. For example, you woke up in the morning, after praying, you stepped out of the house, and somebody tells you that you are crazy. You become so upset that you want to remove your shirt to fight the person, and you are screaming " I'm not crazy".

Chibuzor: Or you take your scarf and tie it on your waist.

Joseph: That sign shows that you are crazy.

Chibuzor: Some would say "I want show you sey dem use 'Sapele water' take baff me".

Joseph: [Laughs] So that's how children think. Comport yourself as an adult. You have to reason, think through it, before you act or before you speak. In that way, you begin to comport yourself properly. Jesus was telling his disciples that when they attend an event, they shouldn't go to sit at the high table if they are not invited. So many persons mess up this opportunity, because you go to the high table, when the governor of the event comes, you are now asked to leave the high table and go to the low table. So in every point we find ourselves, we must learn to comport ourselves, our sitting position must be well, even in Church. Some people find it difficult to focus. In the presence of God you press your phone, you go on Facebook, on WhatsApp.

Chibuzor: The one that irritates me is, you find some persons, while the service is going on they call sister B and whisper " I want to tell you something," and they go outside and start discussing.

Joseph: No, they are not discussing, they are gossiping. It's gossip.

Chibuzor: [to the listeners] If you are one of those doing that, just know that your days are numbered.

[Laughter in the studio]

Joseph: Comportment is behaving in a civil way. When we consistently chose to behave in a particular way without rethinking our behavior, we find it difficult to comport ourselves properly.

Chibuzor: That's really, really important to take note of. Exercise comportment in your speech, exercise comportment in your actions. You know, you see a lot of crazy things happen on our roads. A taxi driver scratched you, and then you want to fight, you injure yourself, you pluck somebody's eye, and it becomes something else. What's the use of the rubbish?

Let's look at excellence in appearance. Apart from the fact that when we dress we want to look neat, classy and stylish, many persons particularly young persons, now want to look sexy.

At the office they want to look sexy.
At Church they want to look sexy.
Even at a funeral service they want to look sexy.
Well...no heats, no judgments.

Some of these young persons think to be sexy is synonymous with being beautiful or attractive, but that is not true. To be sexy means to evoke a sexual feeling in anyone who looks at you. That's what you want to achieve, am I right Joseph?

Joseph: Yeah...that's true.

Chibuzor: So I want us to talk about excellence in appearance. Is it all about being sexy?

Joseph: Not at all. You know, many people misunderstand this issue of appearance. There is internal appearance and there is external appearance. Your internal appearance is seen in your attitude, your external appearance is seen in the way you dress, in the way you walk, in the way you do things.

Now let me lay this foundation: In Genesis 3:21 Adam and Eve had an issue which was the first fall, the first disobedience. They then discovered they were naked. That is the first time you would see the word 'clothe' in the Bible. God slayed an animal and clothed them, that's to show that clothes are meant to cover our nakedness.

Now also in Numbers 28:2 God told Moses, He said "Talk to the artisans. Ask them to design garments for Aaron and his sons...." because they were priests. He called the clothes 'holy garments'. He said they are for two things: For beauty and for glory.

Ask yourself before you wear that clothe: "Is this clothe going to make me beautiful? Is this clothe going to bring glory to God?"

Those are the two questions you need to ask yourself. Solomon was given a wise counsel in Proverbs 7:10. It says:

"And behold, there met him a woman with the attire of a harlot, and subtle of heart".

So many persons put on attires of harlots.

Chibuzor: And walk on the streets.

Joseph: Even guys. These clothes do not bring glory to God. These clothes do not bring the beauty out of you.

Chibuzor: And people looking at them won't take them serious.

Joseph: Absolutely.

Chibuzor: They won't know.

Joseph: The way you are addressed is by your dressing.

Chibuzor: Usually it's been said that it's not the mad person who feels the shame, it is the people who look at the mad person that feels the shame.

[Laughter in the studio]

And the one which saddens me the most is that you find some of these young ladies with leggings. There is a way to wear it. You wear a long top to cover your hips. But they annoying one is that you find some of them, they are not in the gym, they are walking on the streets. They will wear a short top and then put on these leggings. Everything is seen. All the contours of their hips is clear, and if they have a boil on their buttocks one will be able to detect it. As crazy and as disgusting as that can be.

Excellence in appearance is something a lot of young persons have overlooked. It's not that you have to be dressing in suits all the time, we are not sayjng you should be wearing garments all the time. Try to take note of what you wear, that's what we are saying. Take note of what you wear.

We are going to take a music break. Enjoy this song by Jamie Grace titled 'God Girl'.
But first to join in the conversation send in your questions and comments to the number - 08092617255.

We'll be right back.

[Music break]

Chibuzor: Thank you for joining us. The discussion we are having is on excellence-oriented living (Part 2). This show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

Insight Bible Church has a programme, so Joseph please tell us about it.

Joseph: Alright! Insight Bible Church Calabar is hosting a programme. It is called:
Seed of Greatness Seminar, and the theme is Enforcing The Covenant.

It holds every Thursday to Sunday in May 2017. Sunday (28th of May) by 5pm is a special event tagged 'Evening of Worship'.

The ministers Ministering during this event are:
Pastor Adedayo Oladimeji
Bishop Mike Laju
Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo, and my Pastor, Pastor Kelechi Chibuzor.

Ministering in Music are:
Simeon Douglas
David Elias
Godwin J. Godwin
Bernice Great.

Venue is at No.1 Offiong Ekpo Close, off Ndidem Usang Iso Road, by Glo office, Calabar.
For enquiries call: 07060953733, 08136715267.

Chibuzor: Thank you, Joseph.
I have a few announcements here:

1) Special thanks to Calabar blog for a feature article they did about us. For news pertaining Calabar visit Calabarblog.com.

2) Penzrah is hiring - 08068214368.
If you are an experienced tailor, then this is your opportunity.
Venue is at 40 Spring road, Calabar.

3) For event decoration, wedding and birthday cakes, call OluchiZagga on 08094482588.

4) The Royal Army Mission is inviting you to a special service this Sunday.
The venue is at 3 Saint Mary Street off Howell or off Ekpo Abasi, Calabar.

You could call: 08188676099.

5) To advertise on the show you can call my number - 08065821693.

This show is brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.
To send your support towards our May edition of the 2017 SunRise School Tour, please call the number: 08139691344.

Today we are ending the 2-part series on 'Excellence-oriented living', the feedback has been excellent.
Joseph thank you so much.
It's been a great time having you on the show. Let's say a short prayer. I would like you to say a short prayer for our listeners, please.

Joseph: Father in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the time, we thank you for understanding. Lord we thank you for insight. As many that have listened to this programme we pray that you reconfigure their minds, you renew their minds with your word, help them Lord to live excellence-oriented lives all to the glory of your name, in Jesus mighty name we pray.

Chibuzor: Amen.
It'd been a great time with you our listeners, till I come your way again next week Saturday. I am Chibuzor Agomuoh.

Please do not forget to visit the website. www.sunrisegospelzone.com.

I love you for listening

Bye bye.

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