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Burial - A Poem by Mfoniso Urua

Imagine what you will achieve

If you say to yourself

My yesterday will not hold me captive

They can write your past

But He can write your future

She was from a land that was cursed

She lost all, yet

Ruth took hold of newness and

graced the lineage of Jesus

She took a step

and was carried in the Arms of Destiny


Imagine what your life will become

If you let His light kiss your heart

If you shake the dust off your feet and run again

Imagine what you will become

If you bury the ghost of yesterday

Take the wings of the morning

and run again


Gather yourself together and smile

Into possibilities

It's time to bury the ugly background

and move to the front ground

Imagine what the sun will sing

If you repackage yourself

Face the night with courage

Knowing the morning will come

It's a new day

It's a new season

Unsung heroes will still emerge.


Mfoniso Urua

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