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A SunRise Convo with Joy Ndifon

Several months ago, Joy and her mom were abducted from their home by a team of kidnappers. They were held in captivity for 8 days. The miracle of their survival is amazing. I met Joy and her mom a few days after their released, and I was indeed amazed by how relaxed and lively they were. I decided to have a short conversation with her. You'll love this convo.


Chibuzor: Thank you, Joy, for choosing to have this conversation. How are you doing?

Joy: The pleasure is mine. I'm doing great.

Chibuzor: You are currently in your 3rd year reading Law. What thrills you about Law?

Joy: Well, Law is a beautiful course. As a law student I am afforded the opportunity of viewing the society from a legal perspective, which I must say is quite thrilling.

Chibuzor: You are born again. Besides the fact that you come from a fervent Christian home, I would like to know how and why you chose to believe in Jesus Christ.

Joy: The importance of coming from a Christian home cannot be overemphasized, but then as a young person I have come to realize that Jesus Christ is my sufficiency. He is all I could ever want, outside Him spells nothing but doom for me.

Chibuzor: Many of us know what happened several months ago. You and your were abducted and missing for 8 days. As a believer of God's Word, what went through your mind on the night of the abduction.

Joy: God's Word clearly states that though we walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, He is with us. Good keeps His Word. I believed He was right there with me.

Chibuzor: 8 days in captivity could be a really traumatizing experience. Being hundreds of miles away from home in a place you can't navigate your way out. Did you pray? Did you choose to be angry at God? Did you give up completely?

Joy: Honestly, it was a traumatizing experience. But I had this strong conviction that I would be back. God's thoughts towards us are that of peace and not of evil. Being angry at God or giving up completely would have been an error. Because, like I said earlier, outside Jesus Christ spells nothing but doom for me.

Chibuzor: How has the experience affected your relationship with God?

Joy: Well now, whenever I'm faced with some sort of adversity, I say to Him, "Lord, you did it before, you can do it again."

Chibuzor: As you know, we are currently on a School Tour and hundreds of young persons will be reading this. I want you to share a word of advice with the teens.

Joy: Stick with Jesus, He is all you want and all you would ever need.


So that was my conversation with the remarkable Joy Ndifon.
Since Joy is still under security watch, SunRise had to make a decision not to post any of her photos for the conversation.

I love you for reading!

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