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A SunRise Convo with Glory Ekanem of Penzrah School of Fashion

At the morning we arrived at Penzrah, several clothing had been delivered to customers, so we were able to look at a few designs and talk with Glory about her work and drive for excellence. You will find this short interview pretty interesting.

CONVO Begins:

Chibuzor: Nice to meet you once again, Glory! Tell us how you started this enterprise.

Glory: I started my enterprise right after my youth service year, with one manual domestic sewing machine, and a lot of passion and zeal to storm the fashion industry in Nigeria with my clean cuts and unique sophisticated designs, and of course create an opportunity through my fashion school for other creative individuals to learn and have the support to pursue a career in fashion as well.

Chibuzor: Interesting! What's your drive to do this job and be on it consistently? You know, there are young people who do not have the patience to stay on a job, rather they prefer jumping from one job to another at the slight appearance of a challenge. What makes you want to do this?

Glory: How do I quantify my passion now? (Laughs aloud) It's a 10/10. What drives me, is the fact that I will succeed. This industry in Nigeria is still very virgin. Time will come when every Nigerian will rather wear only Nigerian designs and the rest of the world too will demand made in Nigeria garments. But well skilled Nigerians in fashion are still quite a handful, so I'm driven to train and produce laudable fashion designers.

Chibuzor: Tell me about Penzrah, and the fashion school taking place this August.

Glory: Penzrah fashion school isn't actually starting in August, it will actually be a year old in August. However, in August we have a summer basic sewing program for holiday makers (students).

Chibuzor: I believe several young people have been inspired by your work. I look around here and I see some beautiful designs. Have there been some who were under your training and are doing well on their own?

Glory: Last year August 2015, from the 1st to the 31st we started the fashion school with a program like this one. A number of young people signed up, and after the summer program, stayed on to acquire the advance sewing and fashion design skills. Am proud to say 3 students of mine are currently running one of the prominent fashion houses in Calabar, after a short training period of less than a year. The others are still in school, haven't established businesses yet, but make really lovely items for themselves that gets the admiration of friends and colleagues, whom they also design and sew for in their spare time.

Chibuzor: Sounds great! So what would you say to young ladies who are practically doing nothing to earn a living, but are relying on a man to supply all their needs 'according to his riches and pocket'?

Glory: There are lots of opportunities out there. Look for what you have an interest in and are passionate about, pursue it and make something big out of it.

Chibuzor: Trusting in the power of God for greater accomplishments, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Glory: Wow! Way, way bigger than this. In 5 years' time we should own the biggest, most successful clothing retail store in Africa. Penzrah School of Fashion would have become a reputable university of art by God's grace. We would have successfully influenced the thinking of an average Nigerian towards fashion as a career, and towards the consumption of 'Made in Nigeria' clothing.

Chibuzor: It was quite fascinating talking with you, Glory! Thank you for the time.


That was our SunRise Convo with Glory.

To be more acquainted with Glory's work, you can connect with her using these platforms:

Instagram: Penzrah

Facebook: Penzrah School of Fashion

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office number: 08068214368

We love you for reading!
God bless you.

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