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5 Hindrances to Achieving Sustainable Success - August 5, 2017 on Hit 95.9 FM Calabar

Chibuzor: Wherever you are in Calabar, Uyo, Ikom, Umuahia, Abakiliki, at a filling station, at a restaurant, at home, welcome to 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor'.

This programme is paid for by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. An organisation whose primary focus is centered on youth intervention and youth development. I hope you enjoyed the conversation of last two Saturdays. Patrick did a good job anchoring the show. To get more details about the SunRise Academy for Young Leaders (which incidentally is kicking off next week), go to our website: www.sunrisegospelzone.com to read the transcripts of the two previous shows, or better still stay tuned till the end of today's show.

Cheerful, how are you doing?



Cheerful: I'm fine, good morning listeners!

Chibuzor: You have something to say briefly, don't you?


Cheerful: Yeah...I'd like to say a happy birthday to somebody very special, Mr. Ikake Bassey, the CEO of Skillhub Business School. We celebrate your excellence and innovation, and please do have a blast.


Chibuzor: Alright, God bless you. Patrick, hope you are doing great!

Patrick: Yeah, I'm doing great. I'm having a good time.


Chibuzor: Alright. Today we are looking at 5 hindrances to sustainable success. We are going on a short music break with this song by Bethel Music. It is titled 'Wonder'.


[Music break]


Chibuzor: This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. Today we are looking at 5 Hindrances to sustainable success.

I chose this topic because it has a lot to do with young people. Most young persons are ambitious, with a strong drive to succeed, but sadly there are a lot of things they are doing wrong which could impede their chances of achieving sustainable success.

Please take note of the phrase 'sustainable success'. So today we'll be looking at 5 of such hindrances. Cheerful can you mention one that comes to mind?


Cheerful: Yeah...a quick one, Mediocrity. Accepting the status quo. Being average. Yeah, a lot of people are ambitious, but there is this problem with average. Doing things same old, same old. Not aspiring to excellence. Let me say Excellence, because it's not enough that you have a skill, you have to be great at what you do. Take what you are doing to the next level. That is where the Academy comes to play, because you will be sharing on something that has blessed me personally, 'Excellence-oriented living'.

You know, someone said something, "If you want to be a success, handle the small things first." Clean your room. Take care of your assignment, do you understand? Your work space is a revelation of your mind. A cluttered desk is a clutter mind. This simple things, self-management generally is important. People talk about leadership, change, it begins with you. If you don't change, if you are not an excellent person, stop cutting corners. If you wanna be successful, you've got to go through the process involved. No short corners, and these are the things we'll be straightening out in the Academy.


Chibuzor: Patrick I would like to hear your thoughts.

Patrick: I think one hindrance would be inability for people to reinvent themselves. Now that stems from the fact that many young persons do not understand the difference between success and failure. For me I believe that success is not a destination, it's not a location, it's not a place, it's a journey. You are constantly improving. Failure is temporary.

Failure is a prerequisite for success. Now a lot of people miss this because when they try, when they experience set back in life, when they experience failure, they don't know how to get back on track and improve themselves.

You know, at the Academy we are gonna be teaching about Personal Transformation. Personal Transformation is your ability to turn things around, to turn your life around. It's a very relevant course. And then, there are people who are successful buy they've plateaued. They remain at the same level where they are at. They don't get better, they are just there and they are satisfied with it. No, that has to do with mediocrity like you earlier said, and then again it has to do with the inability to reinvent yourself.

So at the Academy we are going to be handling Personal Transformation. We're going to equip young persons with information on how to advance and set out of any set back they've encountered.



Chibuzor: For me one of such hindrances is arrogance. You discover that a lot of young person’s when they've achieved a level of success, they begin to look down on people, particularly people who were instrumental to their rising.

You see this case especially in churches where.... I find this especially among those who are in the arts, in music. For example, there is this case of a young man who released an album, one album. Then the Pastor announced, "Okay, we are going to have work on Saturday, please help oversee those who would be working." Then this young man said, "Pastor....ah Pastor don't you know I'm a star!"

[Laughter in the studio]


This actually is a real story. This is not cooked up, it really happened some years ago. In some cases, someone had helped you go to school, someone had helped you in life to rise and then just because you've attained a particular level of success you begin to behave like "Excuse me, I just came back from North Korea...I'm a celebrity, duh!!!"


[Everyone laughs]


That's an issue. The Bible says something in Proverbs 11:12. It says, "He that belittles his neighbor lacks wisdom".

If because you've looked at someone's status and you chose to debase, marginalize or discriminate them, that's sheer foolishness.

Young persons don't know that these things can impede their chances of succeeding. Success has longevity. There are persons whose success is short-lived. They experience success and before you know it, it nosedives.

You hear some celebrities who were the rave of the moment, before you know it they are off. It's issues like this, because you don't know that little person you are looking down on could be very instrumental to your rising.

You see in the Bible, Naaman, the war general, it was the little maid in his house who told the wife that hey...’there is a prophet in Israel, his name is Elisha. If you can meet him he can cure your husband of his leprosy’, and that was exactly what happened.

Imagine if that child was treated as a pig, do you think that child would have opened her mouth to say anything? You sure understand what I'm saying. This is something a lot of people do not know, and that is why one of the courses we would be handling at the academy is Relationship Management. Talking to young persons on how to relate with people. You don't misbehave or treat people anyhow just because of this or that. Learn to respect people.


Cheerful: People are very important. You depend on relationships to achieve your dreams. When people hear about relationship, what they think about is dating, marriage, no that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about how to network, how to work effectively with people and rise to the top of your game because of the type of people you have around you.


Patrick: Yeah...and that's absolutely true. Change is constant. You might be at one level today; tomorrow someone else will surpass you. If you are not teachable, there is no way you can get to the next level. Success is not a destination; it is not a final bus stop. A time is going to come when people are going to surpass you, and if you are too arrogant, that's where you are going to be. You can't learn, you can't progress.


Chibuzor: So we are going on this short music break. Enjoy this song by Travis Greene, 'You Got Up'. Enjoy, we'll be right back!


[Music break]


This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation.

So Cheerful, we've been talking about 5 hindrances to achieving sustainable success. What else do you think could be a hindrance to sustainable success?


Cheerful: A lack of self-motivation. You must be consistently working on something. It's completely appalling when you talk to a young teenager and ask "What do you want to become in the future," and you hear "Ummmm.... I'm still working on it." Really? No vision to even study.

For some people the problem is the vision. When you come to the academy we are not going to give you a vision, it's not our job, but we can help you acquire one. You've got to have a dream, something you are working towards, you understand! Then we are going to help you break that down into monthly goals. Every month there must be something you are working on. You've got to think about a new skill to acquire, a body of knowledge to acquire, I'm gonna do that...I'm gonna do that.

This is what makes life exciting: self-development, because you have to be competent at something before you can influence others, which is what we are doing at the Leadership Academy. We teach you how to set goals and how to attain those goals. There is something else we are going to talk about which is very important to self-motivation, entrepreneurship. 

Patrick told us something at one time, it's not all about starting a business, maybe you have a job or you have a business. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. An entrepreneur is always at something. He's a go getter. No matter the setbacks, no matter what comes against you, you should always be fighting and being on course. You must always be working on something, that's where self-motivation comes to play.

I am tired.... you know I was talking to you the other day, young people...the recession is really getting to our minds (laughs).

"I cannot do that because of....!",
"Mommy said.....mommy said...!"
"Mommy said I cannot.........!"
"Mommy did not give me money."

Things are changing all around the world. Young people are daring the status quo, achieving a whole lot of stuff, it should not be different around here, because we have the same potential, but we must be driven enough to say "Hey... until I have this result, I ain't backing out!"




Chibuzor: I want to say something to add to what you've just said concerning self-motivation. You see, the mental lethargy a lot of persons have allowed this recession to weigh on them is really appalling, it's really appalling. People are doing things, people are trying to change the modus operandi, changing the status quo, pushing, making effort and you are there wasting time!

I want to say thank you to several parents who have registered their kids for this training. The forms available now, are for the blue certificate which is for Saturdays. I want to commend you.
We've received callsssssssss!

[Everyone laughs]


You receive some crazy calls like "[with a tiny voice] Ah....N3,500 is too much ooooh." What????

Patrick, a 3-day training you attended, how much was it? N30,000.
Imagine! A training that would span several days, the work is going to be really intensive, this is thorough training, it's not like the teaching in your school, it's thorough training. We are drilling these children to have a mindset of excellence.

The interesting thing is, even parents who are sending their children to top schools, who understand the importance of this training, they are the ones registering. The ones that are in public schools and have not yet had a sense of direction, jumping here and there, are the ones who should have taken advantage of this opportunity, they are the ones saying, "Shouldn't it be N1,000?" And I said, "Sorry, shouldn't it be N78?"

[Everyone laughs]

So, it's an issue. You have to push yourself. If you are waiting for someone to do that for you, you may have a problem. Let's consider this, people use to say that Heaven helps those who helps themselves. It's not in the Bible, it's not in the Bible but when you look at it, if you desire to get a miracle from God you have to make an effort. Faith is a step; you take a step. Same thing, if you want to make a change in your life you make a step.

So Patrick, do you have another thing to dish out?

Patrick: You know, at the academy we are going g to be teaching them on certain skills, like digital marketing, public speaking and creative writing.

Now, these are skills we are empowering young persons with, and here is one thing about life: you need skills to get things done. You need skills to make things happen. You can't just dream and expect such success to happen without doing nothing, no! You have to engage your hands and engage your mind. That's a prerequisite for success wherever you go. 

The Bible says there is no food for a lazy man, right? So basically we're going to be teaching on digital marketing, public speaking, creative writing. Young persons need skills these days. We are in the age and generation where people don't ask you about your degree, they ask you, "What can you do?"


Cheerful: Your  'Sabificate'.

[Everyone laughs]


Patrick: It's a very important, a necessity. You've got to get a skill.


Cheerful: Skills. You've got to acquire them. We are not talking about raw talent; you've got to refine them. I have friend who makes a whole lot of money from web design, you make money from it, as simple as it sounds. Come and learn something you can monetize and earn a living from.



Chibuzor: To pay for a website the least you can go with is a hundred thousand naira and you will be begging, "Oga abeg.... please na wetin I get nah."


[Everyone laughs]


Cheerful: I have a friend that does it for 6 figures. No negotiation. It's either you pay or you forget it.


Chibuzor: So those of you interested in the SunRise Academy for Young Leaders, the forms available are for the Blue certificate course work only. This training holds every Saturday from August 12 - September 23 from 11am to 2:30pm.

Those of you who have registered, I know you are listening. Your orientation is going to be next Saturday by 10:30am. 30 minutes of orientation, then the class begins by 11am and ends by 2:30pm.

So those of you who want to, those of you who are interested and you are saying "I really want to be a part of this training," don't call this number oh! Because if you call, we are not going to respond. Call ten times, we won't respond. That’s it! Just text.

1) Your name
2) Your age
3) Your gender
4) Your career ambition to the number 08139691344.

When we get the information, we would reach out to you. So that's what we want you to do. Do it now, because the registration is closing on Monday.

Make sure you do that as quickly as possible.

Some of you have started calling. I don't know the kind of English you understand, but I pray you come to the academy so that your understanding can be upgraded.

[Everyone laughs]


We have a few announcements to make, which are very, very important.

I forgot to tell you this, the venue for the training is 65 Marian Road, Calabar (close to UPS EXPRESS, not too far from Glo office).

Please send all the details and we will reach out to you.

Here are some very important announcements -

1.   Mbaise for Christ holds holding their monthly meeting for the month of August tomorrow, by 2pm at 39 Bassey Duke Street, Calabar.


For enquiries call Chuks on - 08030734147.


2.   Classic Kitchen is offering you excellent gathering services.
For tour special events and office meal delivery, call them on 0706 217 4997.


3.   Contact Oluchizagga for your cakes and event decorations on 0809 448 2588

We want to say a special thank you to Nigeria is Green Initiative for the special interview they did with is concerning our work. It's an initiative that celebrates young Nigerians who are effecting a  positive change in their sphere of influence.

Check out their website: www.nigeriaisgreen.blogspot.com to see the interview they did with us.

We didn't mention something. There is a very important course we would be handling: Safety & Security.


Cheerful: Yeah...!

Chibuzor: Some children are very careless. When NEPA takes power, you are to switch off the appliances. Maybe they are playing video games and while they are in it NEPA takes power. All they do is scream "Ooooh....nooooo!" They drop everything and jet out without switching the things off. By the time there is a surge of power, it damages the electronics, especially when there is no special gadget to manage the high voltage.

So we'll be talking about how to manage your appliances, and the security aspect as well. A professional, someone from the Nigerian Military will be handling that session. I was telling you, Cheerful, that if I were a teenager, I would register for this programme.

So send in your details to 08139691344.


Patrick: Very quickly, we just talked about the 5 limitations or hindrances to achieving sustainable success. This should come as a bonus; the company you keep is very important to your success.


Chibuzor: Oh yeah! Definitely.

Patrick: During the training we are going to be talking about relationship management, being aware of the people around you is very important. If you keep thieves around you, you are going to be a thief. But if you keep excellent people around you, at the academy you are going to be in the midst of aspiring future leaders, and you are going to be tutored by excellent coaches. Guess what is going to happen to you?

Cheerful: You're going to be an excellent person.


Chibuzor: One of the interesting thing about this is, some of the children who come to register for this training, we ask them a few question to check how their reasoning pattern is, and I am impressed with the way some of these 13-year-olds, 15-year-olds respond to some of the questions.

So, it's a good time for your child to mingle and make new friends with people that are making plans for their future, and not those who are busy breaking bottles at their backyard.

Let me not say too much.


[Everyone laughs]


I want us to say a short prayer for families who are going through hard times.



Chibuzor: In the name of Jesus. Father we thank you for your grace and your love. It's your will for us to succeed, it’s your will for us to excel. I lift up families. Lord for some of them business have not been moving well. For some of them, salaries have not been paid. Handling their utility bills and solving needs in the home has been a problem. Lord I ask that you would open doors. You are the God of favor. You are able to do exceeding abundantly much more than we could ever ask or think, according to your power that is at work in us. We ask that you would show them favor.

Lord, even young persons that are experiencing challenges, we are that you bring the right persons into their lives that would push them forward. Some of them are thinking about how to pay fees, some of them are yet to pay their departmental fees. Lord we are asking for your provisions upon their lives.

Do this Lord, in Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen!

We live you with this very important verse of the scripture in Psalm 23 which says "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want."

This is 'The SunRise Convo with Chibuzor' brought to you by The SunRise Youth Intervention Organisation. Thank you for being a part of the show. Check out for the transcript of today's show on our website - www.sunrisegospelzone.com

We also leave you with this song by Travis Greene- You Got Up.

I love you for listening.

Bye bye!



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