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3 Indispensable Laws of Success

At the beginning of the year nearly everyone sets goals, has a new year’s resolution or some sort of idea as to what he or she will love to achieve. This is completely normal and important for progress, for no man should wallow in the indignity of stagnancy.

However, it’s six months into the new year already, how are your goals faring? Are you shattering your targets, yet? It is one thing to set a goal and another to achieve it, hence, I will like to share with you 3 absolutely indispensable laws you can apply in pursuit of your dreams.

The Law of Investment


“Garbage in, Garbage Out”

Your impact this year will be directly proportional to the quality of you’ll make in yourself. You cannot live beyond your knowledge base; hence, be clear about what you want to achieve, the kind of information that you require, how and where you will get it.


The Power of Know/Edge

This is very important; knowledge can spell the difference between day and night, an achiever and a non-achiever, a developed and underdeveloped country, the manager and the cleaner and so on. What you know is your value proposition, your unique selling point, your value offering and your comparative advantage. What you Know is your Edge.

It marks the difference in paychecks, bonuses and commissions. What do you have to offer? What is it you know that can’t be found somewhere else? I tell young people, gone are the days of job security, your knowledge base is your job security. You cannot afford not to be in ‘the know’.

Some people find it easy to run off to work every morning unclear about what to do and how to do it and end up frustrated, that won’t suffice in these times and seasons. Smart work pays better than the hard one. I know people who have gotten into trouble with their investments because they didn’t take the time to study what they ventured into, they got into massive debt investing in Ponzi schemes.

Two kinds of knowledge are required.

I.                   The Knowledge of the Word


“My people are destroyed for the lack of Knowledge

Hosea 4:6

God does everything with and through His word. You must locate the word of God concerning what you are working on and impose it on your circumstances, until it gains the mastery. Just because you have a nice dream doesn’t mean it will come to pass, you need to work the word for it to work for you.

Therefore, assemble the scriptures and the messages; what does the word say about what you are working on? Drive them deep into your spirit through meditation and birth that change. This is principle of change by the word of God.


II.                 Specialized Knowledge

Next, you need a specialized knowledge in the area that you seek to make a change. If you want to be promoted to the position of a manager for instance, then you will need to improve your managerial skills. Be detailed about it; how do they operate? How do they function? What do they wear? What are their core competence? What is required of them? I tell people, I’ve never had a problem getting a Job, a raise or promotion, I discovered the secrets early. Assemble the facts and utilize them for your good


Action Exercises

Here are some action exercises to get you started:

1.    What new information or skills do you need to acquire to help you achieve your goals?

2.    What books, audio programs, messages, courses or trainings do you need to help you build that skill easier and faster?

3.    Which 3 persons possess such skills and when will you approach them to ask for their support?

4.    When will you take action on all of the above?


To be Continued…



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